Births, Marriages and Deaths of early Bytown and Ottawa Residents
Recorded in International Newspapers

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Thanks to Sue for the following transcriptions from (mostly) International newspapers:

From the British Colonist (Toronto) of August 15, 1845

DIED:  It is our painful duty to record the decease of Dr. John George Bridges, for some time Editor and joint Proprietor of the Ottawa Advocate, 
which melancholy event took place at his residence, Helensville, Township of March, on Saturday evening, the 2nd instant.  
Dr. Bridges had been suffering under impaired health for several months.  He was the son of the late John George Chandars Bridges, a captain 
in the Bengal service, he has been in Canada for several years and favourably known as the author of several works of no mean repute.  
He was cut off in the prime of life, having only reached his 43rd year.

From the British Colonist (Toronto) of August 26, 1845

DIED:  At Bytown, C.W., on the 10th instant, Jane, wife of E. McEwen, and daughter of Mr. M. Blackstock, late of Bradford, Yorkshire, England, 
in the 23rd year of her age, leaving a husband and two children to lament their loss.

From the British Colonist (Toronto) of February 10, 1846 

BIRTH:   At Bytown, on the 16th ultimo, the lady of Robert Hervey, Esquire, junior Barrister-at-Law, of a son.
From the British Colonist (Toronto) of May 1, 1846 
DIED:  At Bytown, on the 4th ultimo, after an aillness of three months, Mr. Pierre Lamoureaux, painter, late of Montreal, aged 58 years.
From the British Colonist (Toronto) of November 3, 1846

DIED:  At Bytown, on the 6th ultimo, Mr. T.A. Doyle, aged 27

From the Montreal Gazette of December 17, 1827

DIED:  At Bytown, on the 9th instant, John Burnett, Esqr., engineer on the Rideau Canal, 
son of the late Thomas Burnett, Esqr., Engineer of the Lachine Canal, aged 23 years.

From the Montreal Gazette of February 25, 1828

MARRIED:  At Bytown, on the 18th instant, by the Revd. Mr. Annesley, Mr. Robert Tomkins to Miss Ann Naylor,  both of that place.

From the Portsmouth Journal of Literature and Politics (Portsmouth, NH) of Oct 12, 1850 
MARRIAGE: In Dover, Mr. Robert J. Shaw, of Bytown, Upper Canada, to Miss Ann Ryan of Dover. 
From the Salem Register (Salem, Massachusetts) of October 9, 1854 
MARRIAGE: In Bangor, Md, 5th inst, by Rev. Mr. Maltby, Mr. John A. Winn, of bytown, (C.W.) to Miss S.E. Maltby, daughter of the officiating clergyman. 
From the Evening Post (New York) of November 14, 1846 
DIED: At Bytown, Canada, on the 27th ult. John O'Brien, aged 103 years. 
From the Charleston Courier (Charleston, South Carolina) of December 1, 1855 
DIED: Old Dr. Barry, a member of the Royal College of Surgeons, died a few days since in the hospital in London, Upper Canada. 
For five days before his death, he had taken nothing but whiskey. HIs habits of intemperance had reduced him to rags, but he 
retained the manners of a gentleman. He was once Mayor of Bytown. 
From the Spectator (New York) of April 25, 1828 
DIED: Mr. Joseph Charles was killed a few days since at Bytown, Upper Canada, by the explosion of gun powder. 
From the New York Herald Tribune of Thursday, July 1, 1897

MARRIED:   The marriage of Miss Celia Saenger, daughter of Mr. Mrs. Gustave Saenger, to Adolph Rosenthal of Ottawa, Canada, 
took place at 5 o'clock yesterday afternoon at the home of the bride's parents, No. 117 West 97th St. .......................
Harry Rosenthal, of Ottawa, attended his brother as best man.................Mr. and Mrs. Rosenthal will make their home in Ottawa.

From the New York Herald of January 12, 1895

MARRIED:    At Ottawa, Canada, on January 9, 1895, by the Rev. W.T. Herridge, Alizon, daughter of Mrs. Thomas Flett, to Frank Crowell Smith of New York.

From the Trenton Evening Time of April 3, 1888   

MARRIED:  In St. Mary's Cathedral, on the 21st inst., by Vicar General Smith, Eugene Martineau of Ottawa, Canada, to Mary J. Ward, of this city.

In the San Francisco Bulletin of November 26, 1870

MARRIED:  In this city, November 21, by Rev. H. Stebbins, William Borthwick and Jane Blyth, both of Ottawa, Canada.
From the Grand Forks Herald  (North Dakota)  of October 24, 1895

MARRIED:  Forest River, Oct. 23. - The matrimonial fever has attacked our picturesque town today.....In the morning the Presbyterian church was 
the scene of a very pretty marriage ceremony which was witnessed by a large number or our citizens.  The contracting parties were 
Miss Lottie D. Warren, youngest daughter of Mr. William Warren, of Forest River, and MR. W. A. Mason, of Ottawa City, Canada.  
The ceremony was performed by Rev. T.M. McKibbon.........Mr. Joseph Warren, brother of the bride, acted as best man.....................

(NOTE: - W. A. Mason is William Alanzo Mason)

From the New Hampshire Patriot (Concord, N.H.) of June 27, 1866

MARRIED:  In this city, Wednesday, June 20, by Rev. Dr. Flanders, William G. Perley, Esq., of Ottawa, Canada, to Miss Georgia M., 
only daughter of Col. Perkins Gale, of this city.

From the New York Herald of November 25, 1858 
MARRIED:    At St. Michael's church, Bloomingdale, on Wednesday, Nov. 24, by the rector, Rev. T. Peters, Gustave de Macarty to Elizabeth Black, 
youngest daughter of the late James Duncan Gellie, Esq., M.D., of Ottawa City, Canada, member of the Royal College of Surgeons of London and Dublin. 
From the Boston Journal of June 3, 1891 
MARRIED: A wedding service of special interest at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross was that which took place this morning when the Most Reverend 
Archbishop Williams, a long and intimate friend of the family of the bride, united in marriage Mr. Edwin Sanders of Ottawa, Can., and 
Miss Mildred E. Tuckerman, second daughter of Mr. Samuel Tuckerman of Roxbury. 
From the Daily Inter Ocean (Chicago, Illinois) of June 12, 1896 
A Chicago Bride Who Will Reside at Ottawa, Canada 
MARRIED:   Miss Anna Miriam Carleton, sister of Mrs. William M. Alister, and Mr. Matthew Macdougall Pyke of Ottawa, Ontario, were married on
Wednesday at 7 o'clock at the home of the bride's sister, No. 174 East Forty-Seventh street.....The best man was 
George P. Murphy of Ottawa. 

From the New York Herald of April 29, 1891 MARRIED. A fashionable but quiet home wedding took place at the residence of Mr. Charles Osborn, No. 153 Remsen street, Brooklyn, yesterday afternoon. The contracting parties were Miss Ada Sayre Harrison, sister of Mrs. Osborn, to Mr. Stephen sneden Thorne, of the Civil Service, Ottawa, Canada.....In the evening, Mr. and Mrs. Thorne left for Ottawa where they will reside. The groom is a prominent member of Ottawa society and a lineal descendant of Stephen Thorne, the loyalist, who, at the time fo the Revolution, founded in Nova Scotia the Canadian branch of the New York family of that name. _________________ From the New York Herald of May 1, 1879 MARRIED: On Tuesday, April 29, at St. Anthony's Roman Catholic Church, Sullivan st., New York city, by Father Anacletus, O.S.F., Hugh Corrigan, Dublin, Ireland, to Julia Francis, third daughter of Francis and Matilda Friel, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. _________________ From the New York Herald-Tribune of April 22, 1892. MARRIED: On April 19th, at the Congregational church, Montclair, N.J., by the Rev. A. H. Bradford, D.D. Elfric Drew Ingall, of Ottawa, Canada, to Josephine Freeman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jasper R. Rand. _________________ From the New York Herald of April 9, 1893 MARRIED: The marriage of Mr. Charles Downing Fripp, of Ottawa, Canada, to Miss Emma Kaye, of New Orleans, La., took place at "high noon" in Ottawa, Canada, on March 28, 1893. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. T. Garrett, M. A. The bride is the youngest daughter of the Southern writer, Emma Thacker Kaye. _________________ From the New York Herald of June 29, 1890 MARRIED: At All Saints church, Ottawa, Canada, June 25, 1890, by the Rev. George Jemmett, assisted by the bride's father, Isabelle, eldest daughter of the Rev. Archibald Lampman, of Ottawa, to Ernest Voorhis, of New York. (the poet or his father?) _________________ From the New York Herald-Tribune of August 22, 1895 MARRIED: Ottawa, Ont, Aug 21 - In St. Joseph's church this afternoon, Miss Dora Richardson, daughter of the Hon. Justice Richardson, of Regina, N.W.T., was married to Joseph Henry Warren, of New York. They left for the East this evening. The bride is the prettiest and one of the most talented ladies in Ottawa society. _________________ From the Irish American Weekly (New York) of April 2, 1859 MARRIED: Feb 28, at St. Mary's church, Dublin, Thomas Borbidge, Esq., of Ottawa, Canada West, to Fanny, second daughter of John M'Cullagh, Esq., of Dublin. _________________ From the Boston Post of March 12, 1863 MARRIED: At Fitzwilliam, N.H., 7th inst, by Rev. G.W. Cutting, Mr. Charles A. Lee, to Miss Margaret J. Borland, both of Ottawa City, Canada West. _________________ From the New York Herald of September 11, 1870 MARRIED: In Jersey City, on Thursday, September 8, at the residence of the bride's parents, by the Rev. Spencer M. Rice, Mr. Walter de F. Smillie, of Ottawa, Canada, to Miss Mary B. daughter of Mr. B.F. Town. _________________ From the Sun (Baltimore, Maryland) of May 3, 1898 MARRIED: On April 12, 1898, at Memorial P.E. Church, by Rev. Dr. W. M. Dame, Lucy Wright, daughter of Pere Wilmer Hanson, to Paul Weatherbe, of Ottawa, Canada. _________________ From the Irish American Weekly (New York) of September 19, 1857 MARRIED: August 20, at Dunmurry, Edward Griffin, Esq., of Ottawa, Canada West, to Maria, daughter of George Major, Esq., of Lisburn, County Antrim, Ireland. _________________ From the Duluth New-Tribune (Minnesota) of November 3, 1899 Miss Mullin of Ottawa and Mr. Gibb of British Columbia Married. MARRIED: There was a pretty wedding at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W.P. Waste, 502 Fifth avenue East, yesterday afternoon at 4:30 o'clock. The principals were Miss Aramenta Mullin of Ottawa, Ont., a sister of Mrs. Waste, and H.J. Gibbs, of Grand Forks, N.D............ Tonight Mr. and Mrs. Gibbs will leave for Winnipeg and other points before going to their future home at Grand Forks, where the groom is employed on the Canadian Pacific. __________________ From the New York Herald of June 15, 1884 MARRIED: At the residence of the bride's parents, on the 11th inst., by the Rev. R.B. Kelsey, Samuel A. Snead, son of Robert Snead, Esq., of Ottawa, Canada, to Belle, only daughter of Edward Courtlandt, of Brooklyn, N.Y.

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