The Colonel By Estate Wrapped Up ?

New November 18, 2014:

Squatters removed from the Colonel John By Estate in downtown Ottawa Article in the Ottawa Citizen of February 12, 1927. Image file created by Taylor Kennedy "About 1872, the By Estate began evicting squatters" Matthew Kehoe, to Ottawa from County Wicklow, Ireland in 1844 Map Source: Part of Nepean Township in 1879 (Extracted from Belden's 1879 County Atlas) No Sign of Colonel By property here in 1879 Dow's Lake is in the north-east corner of this map The Experimental Farm is south-west of Dow's Lake There is "Government Land" shown to the south of Dow's Lake -- possibly purchased from the By Estate Ottawa's Experimental Farm (Nepean) in 1879
Here is an excerpt from my paper on a working class neighbourhood, including Ashburnham Hill on the By Estate: Demographics This working class neighbourhood began to be urbanized in the 1860's by Irish famine immigrants who had originally settled close to the docks where Rideau Canal meets the Ottawa River and in the By Ward Market area between 1846 and 1854. Ottawa's first slum clearance program soon displaced these Irish Catholics to make way for Major's Hill Park and the Governor General's property before Confederation in 1867. Many of these Irish families moved to the Ashburnham Hill neighbourhood (Bronson Avenue and Nepean Street). The second flood of Irish into the area began in the 1880's and resulted from a population shift consisting mainly of descendants of the Irish Catholics who had worked on the Rideau Canal starting in the 1820's and who, by now, mostly lived on farms in the neighbouring rural townships (which are now part of the City of Ottawa, themselves). The industrialization and urbanization process pushed and pulled excess adult children from their family farms into the neighbourhood from nearby rural townships including the Manotick Station area in northern Osgoode Township, from the South Gloucester area and from Jockvale in Nepean Township and also included descendants of the 1823 Peter Robinson Settlers from west Huntley Township. ... Allan

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