St. John the Evangelist Church at Enniskerry, Ontario
A Pioneer Church in Osgoode Township, Ontario, Canada
2540 Stagecoach Road

June 6, 2012:

St. John the Evangelist Church at Enniskerry, Ontario - Original Wooden Church, c. 1880
St. John the Evangelist Church at Enniskerry, Ontario
My grandparents and Uncle Frank Burns are buried here. Also an infant daughter, named Teresa, died in 1915, aged 16 hours. In the summer of 2013 we added the body of Brian Stanley Burns to this plot. (Son of Frank Burns and Lucille Stanley). Grave Marker at Enniskerry Church, Ontario, Canada Road Map from Manotick (west) or South Gloucester (East) to the Cemetery. Map to St. John's Cemetery at Enniskerry, Ontario, Canada
Mr. Michael Daley has written a book about St. John's (Stage Coach Road) and St. Brigid's (River Road). It is called 150th Anniversary, 1854-2004, An Historical Sketch. This is a very complete history of the two parishes. ... Al

December 19, 2013: Mr. Lorne McEvoy has a new web site for St. John's Church at Enniskerry (originally called "Dawson"). We are trying to raise money to repair the Church Bell and Steeple which are deteriorating. There will be a fund-raising auction to support this cause. The web site also includes some interesting church history. ... Al
February 23, 2015: Reverend John Francis MCEVOY passed away recently. He will be interred in St. John's cemetery in the spring. Read his obituary in today's Ottawa Citizen.
New July 30, 2016: There are some Foubert folks buried at St. John the Evangelist RC Church at Enniskerry in Osgoode Township, now part of the City of Ottawa. Here is a note from Michael Daley: Hi all, the Foubert family along with some other French families came into Snake Island and bought a number of farms . At the time of the first world war. .just east of us here . ... Michael

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