William ENGLISH and Catharine WALLACE
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also James ENGLISH and Mary HOOD
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 Have been roaming around your site. 

 My ggggrandfather:

 William ENGLISH          Born Abt. 1802      Motehel, Motehel Parish,
 Kilkenny CO., IRE.       Died     1829      Probably Hogs Back at the canal
 Married                                                    Kilkenny
 Catharine WALLACE      Born Unk. Castlecomer, Kilkenny CO., IRE.
                        Died        1829      Ottawa, ON. CAN.
 Catharine died "after" her husband, of grieving it was thought.

 A date of Wlm's death has been narrowed down to after June 4, 1929. We
 only know that he was brought home from work one day dead.

The couple owned property in March Twp. which they sold March 1829. They
were in the process of purchasing more land.

They left three sons orphaned:

 William Jr.               B 07/01/1822           Bytown/Ottawa, ON.,
                              D  Unk.
M a Christina, resided in Chicago, IL., but have never been able to
 locate the and his family again.

John Wallace           B 06/25/1823            Bytown/Ottawa, ON., CAN.
                              D 1901                     Carroll CO., Iowa,
 I have John's complete history with the exception of 5 to 9 years after
 parents died. He was given an apprenticeship at the age of 10 to go to
 Palmyra, N.Y. to learn the trade of a saddler. He went on to become a
 self made millionaire.

 Edward                   B 07/07/1825            Bytown/Ottawa ON., CAN.

 I possibly have located him on a Wisconsin census record.

 There are two things of paramount importance to me that I am searching
 for in Canada:  When the boys were christened the same couple were
 witnesses; William & Catharine HALL, as they lived in the 4th concession
 by Wlm. & Catharine in the 3rd Concession in March Twp.

Either the HALL'S or possibly a Darby & Ann KELLY took the boys to raise
 after the parents death. John Wallace went to N.Y. when he was 10 on the
 apprenticeship. Does someone have to sponsor an entity in CAN, for an
 apprenticeship as they do in the US? Are there any records of such?

 He later came back to Niagara, ON. to open in partnership a saddle shop.
 He then met his future wife Jane Hannah FRY B 1828 at sea from Ireland
 to CAN., and married in 1845 in Niagara. Their first two children were
 born in CAN., in 1847 they moved to WI.

 Again I am searching for who cared for the boys and information
 regarding a sponsored apprenticeship. Any other information would also
 be immensely appreciated. I have Wlm's property and military

 Dixie Lee English

Hi Dixie: Thanks very much for your e-mail regarding William English and Catharine Wallace. William English signed the "McCabe List" (early 1829). Do you have this info? I'd like to have a further look and see what I can find on this family. Do you mind if I put the information from your e-mail on a new page on my website? I'd put your e-mail address as a contact to share information with other people researching this family. Thanks again! ... Al Lewis Hi Al, So very nice to hear from you. Yes I have the McCabe list 1829, June 4, 1829, listed absent. I also have two census records from March Twp., (one being the first in 1823), town meetings. I have searched until I'm blue and am at a very sturdy brick wall. Since so much new information is now available in Canada I am in hopes of someone giving me some new info or clues. My "assumption" is that both William, (yeoman), & Catharine were buried on a friend's property since they had sold their property on March 2, 1829 to a William Matheson, gentleman. No listings have been found on cemetery listings thus far. On Dec, 28, 1828, (an earlier record), was listed, 27 yrs., a matter of significance; as he was listed at Hogsback, working on the Rideau Canal construction 1828/29. It is felt that he and his family must have lived near the line of the canal, through the Nepean Twp. A copy I would dearly love to have from the Natl. Archives is: RG5 A1 pp48554-9, "emigrants of the Canal," which I am told he is listed on. I believe it contains the second petition by Wlm. & Catharine requesting that her brother Edward, wife and family to be brought to Canada from Castlecomer, Kilkenny CO., IRE. This petition was also rejected. The Brockville Gazette, RG5 B3, Vol 8 pg.1007 dated 03/28/1829 did not list any Williams on it. The "only" clue I may have is that a John ENGLISH, bachelor, Stanley Twp., Huron Dist., CAN. W on August 23, 1852 M Elizabeth HALL, spinster, Buckingham Twp., Ottawa, CAN. E. Witnesses: W.T. MCCONNEL & James HALL. "Perhaps" relatives to the HALL'S I believe cared for the boys? I am searching for the Edward WALLACE family in Castlecomer since only one Mary ENGLISH was listed in Motehel at that time. Of course many records were burned for that time period in Ireland as is the same in Chicago, Cook CO., IL. for his brother William and wife, as that is when the great Chicago fire occurred. Yes, I certainly accept your offer of entering my query on your site as I know there is more information that I have missed or do not know how to acquire. I thank you so much for this offer. Cheers, Dixie Lee English
October 7, 2002:
James ENGLISH and Mary HOOD
My family carries the surname of English. James English apparently worked on the Rideau Canal . He was married to Mary Hood in Antrim County, Ireland. However, he eventually goes to live in Dubuque, Iowa with his son Anthony. (see below, dated February 6, 2003 ... Al) Is there anything you can tell me about this family? I heard they lived in Pittsburgh Township before he worked on the canal. Where did he live while working on the canal? Did his whole family move with him. Were there others by the surname of English that also worked on the canal. Thank you. Wendy from San Antonio, Tx. USA PS: I lived in Ottawa 13 years and loved it. I can't believe I am just now finding out that my heritage was right under my nose. I only wish I had known. I loved skating on the Canal. And to think my relatives had something to do to build it. Any information would be appreciated.
February 6, 2003: This is for Wendy on your web site and I do have more: Anthony English( b. 1819 Canada) was married to Lydia Green (b. Sept 6, 1835 d. Nov. 1, 1864 daughter of Alfred Green from Venago County, Pennsylvania) in Iowa was the uncle of Mary English who, in 1957 in Dubuque, married Andrew Erskine. Anthony English and Andrew Erskine bought property together in Dubuque in 1856 which became the family cemetary. Lydia Green English is buried there as are two of the Erskine children and perhaps Andrew Erskine as well. The monument is pictured on the rootsweb site. They were involved in milling. Anthony's parents, James (stone mason) and Mary English who were from Ireland, were listed on the 1860 US census in Concord Township, county of Dubuque. I would also like to know more about this family and appreciate the knowledge of James and Mary Hood and where they were from in Ireland. Do you know anything about Anthony's brothers and sisters? Carolyn
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