Joshua ELLARD and Mary Ann FOLEY
from County Cork, Ireland to the Picanoc River in Western Quebec
also John FOWLER

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

November 4, 2005: (added photograph of the Hotel)

The Gracefield Hotel (Ellards) See larger photo with more detail in posting dated November 30, 2013, below
Gracefield Hotel Ellard Farm Ellard Farm
August 16, 2001: Thoroughly enjoyed your web site, very informative. I am looking for Josh ELLARD who was known as "King of the Gatineau", supposedly. He and his brother left County Cork, Ireland, I don't know when, think they landed in the USA. His brother stayed in USA, Josh went to Canada. I believe he resided in Pickenock. (Now spelled Picanoc, a small river in the Gatineau Hills near Ottawa ... Al) Had a son William John Ellard who was born in 1850, don't know where. He is my gg grandfather. I reside in Minnesota, USA, and am considering a trip to Ottawa. Any suggestions as to where I would find info.? Also looking for John Fowler who was born in 1840 in Enniskillen. Thanks Pat Ellard Pearson ========================= Pat: Go to Then click on "Boards" (I think). What you want is to find the boards for 1. Pontiac County, Quebec, Canada, and 2. Outouais, Quebec, Canada. Search the archives of these two boards. If you don't find anything on ELLARD, then try posting a message to both boards. There are still Ellards in the Ottawa area, but I'm not sure if they're yours or not. Also, go to my main link below and do a search (using your browser) for UOVGEN. Try posting a note to the Uovgen (Upper Ottawa Valley) board. ... Al Lewis
January 31, 2003: I came across your posting while searching for something entirely unrelated. I am from Aylmer, Quebec, which is right across the river from Ottawa. I have a cottage right near the Picanoc...I know the area. I did some digging around on the net and found out that there is a town/village/place in Bouchette, Quebec (which is on the Picanoc River) called ELLARD. I'll see if I can dig up something for you. I know some people who live in the area. Anne Richard
November 3, 2005: An interesting obituary from the Buckingham Post, March, 1916: "One of the best known men in the Ottawa Valley died on Saturday when Mr. Joshua Ellard passed away at his home , 14 Delaware Avenue. Born in Tipperary, Ireland, Mr. Ellard came to Canada from Troy, N.Y., USA, over sixty years ago. He became connected with the lumbering firm of B. Hall & Co. and was engaged in work at their depot in Pickanock Township in Wright County. For half a century he was known throughout the Gatineau district as farmer, lumberman, mill owner, and general merchant. He was for many years warden of the county of Ottawa and filled many other public positions. The remains were taken to Pickenock Township for interment this afternoon." Does anyone know about this company: B. Hall & Co.? Was it a U.S. company working on the Gatineau River or was it local? Cathy Cummings
November 4, 2005: Here are two Joshua Ellard families in 1881 in the Gatineau Valley: 1881 Census Place: Wright, Ottawa, Quebec, Canada Source: FHL Film 1375861 NAC C-13225 Dist 97 SubDist LL Page 8 Family 29 Sex Marr Age Origin Birthplace Occ Religion Joshua ELLARD M M 42 Irish Ireland Merchant Church of England Helen ELLARD F M 25 Irish Ontario Church of England Josh Wright ELLARD M 3 Irish Quebec Church of England Herbert Miller ELLARD M 1 Irish Quebec Church of England Nelly Needein ELLARD F 1 Irish Quebec Church of England Born: Jan; 3/12 Joseph GAUTHIER M 50 French Canadian Quebec Servant Roman Catholic Albert HOTTE M 24 French Canadian Quebec Clerk Roman Catholic Napoleon LAHAISE M 24 French Canadian Ontario Clerk Roman Catholic Robert ALLAN M 11 Scottish Quebec Weslyan Methodist Barron Oscar VON KRASKIN M 27 German Germany Clerk Fran MEUNIER M 23 Irish Ontario Laborer C. Presbyterian AND 1881 Census Place: Portland West, Ottawa, Quebec, Canada Source: FHL Film 1375861 NAC C-13225 Dist 97 SubDist HH Page 5 Family 23 Sex Marr Age Origin Birthplace Occ Religion Joshua ELLARD M M 40 Irlandais Ireland Cultivateur Eglise d'Angleterre (farmer) (Episcopal / Anglican Church) Mary Ann ELLARD F M 30 Irlandais Ontario Eglise d'Angleterre
November 5, 2005: Hi Al, I wrote to you in 2001 and through the web posting made contact with Cathy Cummings. Cathy has done a lot of digging and we have learned that Joshua Ellard was not "King of the Gatineau" as I had thought. Alonzo Wright was "King". Joshua married Mary Ann Foley who was married to a Wright and thus the connection to our family. Joshua Ellard was the brother to our relative John Ellard. Would it be possible to correct the information or remove it? Thank you, Pat Ellard Pearson ____________________________

Hi Al, Everything looks fine. Pleased to see the 1881 censuses for the 2 Joshuas. We believe that the 2nd Joshua was a son (from first marriage) of James Ellard, and probably sister to Ann Ellard who married Garrett Fortune (Camp Fortune?) in the Chelsea area. We have the first Joshua's naturalization papers (not original but from a website) from Troy, N.Y. for 1857. Thus the first Joshua came North to Gracefield after that time. The other Joshua was on the 1851 census for Hull Township and was living with James Ellard in 1851. I am sure the two are related but we have not been able to get the connection. Cathy
September 9, 2008: I have four plates dated 1915-16,17,18 compliments of JOSH ELLARD - General Merchant, Pickanock, WRIGHT,QUE. They were part of my grandmother's estate. My grandparents would have done some purchasing in the General Store. If you are interested, I can take a photo of each and send them to you Pat. Regards - MG Wilson And thanks to Mrs. Wilson for the following terrific photograph! ... Al Plate from Joshua Ellard, WW1 Thanks Al, I would love to see a photo of the plates. By the way here is another Ellard.... I have found Fanny Ellard's grave marker in Kemptville Public Cemetery. Fanny Ellard was Joshua Ellard's niece. She was married to Whyman Allen (sometimes Wyman Allan), son of Thaddeus and Sophia in the same cemetery. Here is Scott Naylor's website and address for Kemptville Cemetery..... Wyman Allen, at the beginning of the 20th Century, was the hotel keeper for the Ellard Hotel in Gracefield, Quebec (Wright, QC). Love your site. ... Cathy P.S. Pat Ellard Pearson has a new email address. (added to the list below ... Al)
March 17, 2009:
Wilson POWER and Catherine QUINLAN
Hi, I am also searching the Power Family, specifically Wilson Power born January 24, 1853 in Ireland and married to Catherine Quinlan who was also born in Ireland, 1860. Their daughter Henrietta Mae Power was my grandmother; she married Allan Ellard in 1906 in Ottawa; my grandfather, Allan, was born in 1878 Pickenock, Quebec. If anyone has any information, I would appreciate hearing from you. Pat Ellard Pearson
New November 30, 2013: Thanks to Mary Gail Wilson for this terrific photograph of the Picknoc Hotel: Here’s an excellent photo of the Picknoc Hotel . My estimation of the time would be in the mid to late 1930’s judging from the automobiles. One of them is a touring car[convertible] , at that time my Uncle owned one. If my memory serves me right he was the only one around with one. I have a photo of it with licence date 1929. It had white wall tires. At this time I think the Newton’s owned the hotel . Little gas bar to the right was in the 1940 owned by Bob Thayer, and the large store/residence by Doug Stevenson . You will also notice the roads were unpaved. Giving you a generalized map, to your left of the hotel was towards Cayamant,Que, to your right past gas bar/store Gracefield. Then coming up to all three business’s was the road from Aylwin/Kazabazua. If you have any questions,just e-mail. The time period of building the Picknoc Hotel was in the early 1900's by the Ellard family who had ownership of the hotel & several businesses in Picknoc. It burnt and was rebuilt by Ellards upon which the Ellards had a grand ball to celebrate the new hotel,some years later the hotel was purchased by the Newton family. [My grandparents were invited to the Grand Ball as they lived near by.] In the early 1900 Picknoc was quite a little village somewhat of a hub which was about 2 miles from Gracefield. I enjoyed both of you on your visit here to pick up the 150 Anniversary of Aylwin/Kaz Mary G. [Stanger] Wilson
Pickanock / Picknoc Hotel, Gatineau Valley, Quebec, Canada, 1930's

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