Elder Care in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and area in the year 2011

New October 10, 2011:

Here is something to think about. Hugh Adami writes a column for the the Ottawa Citizen and today's subject
is one person's experience with the treatment of her aunt in a Long Term Care facility in Ottawa.

We have just recently gone through the process of trying to find suitable accomodations for a 90-year-old aunt who
is beginning to exhibit symptons of dementia. This is not a an easy process. Here's what it boils down to:

We looked at 8 long-term facilities in Ottawa and area. CCAC was our guide. They co-ordinate placements among the carious 
care facilities. We were completely dissatisfied with the facilities offered to us for my aunt. Visit any one and you
will get the picture.

We finally found a very good place for her. There are lots of well-run private sector places which provide safe and secure 
living conditions, but be prepared to pay three times the cost of an inferior government-run home.

Read Mr. Adami's article below. Then visit the link below it for a story about the shortage of reasonable elder care in
the town of Arnprior. Both urban and rural areas in the Ottawa Valley are becoming crisis centres for elder care.

The Public Citizen: A Frightening View of Senior Care

Below is the article by Pauline Tam, also in today's Ottawa Citizen.

Wait for long-term care now four years

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