Some Descendants of Edward DAVY / DAVEY and UNKNOWN
from Thurles, County Tipperary to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, 1820's
also John DAVY and Bridget WALSH

ML# 282 on the McCabe List

	1  	Edward Davy	1800 - ?, Tipperary, McCabe List
.......	2  	Edward Davy	1840 - 1875
...........		+Elizabeth Larkin	1835 - 1914
................	3  	Martin Davy	1869 -
....................		+ Elizabeth Collins	1876 - 1963
................	3  	Catherine Davy	1874 -
................	3  	John Patrick Davy	1870 -
....................		+Sarah Craig	
................	3  	Thomas James Davy	
Al: By the way, I went into my multi-branched family tree and extracted the branch for the Davy clan. It is attached as Davy.GED. I wouldn't post it - as I need to do more work before I am confident of things. However, I thought you might be interested on a casual basis. Kevin Collins (Kevin's .GED not posted here, but you can e-mail him below ... Al)
Al: You asked about what I had on the Burns/Byrnes side. There are a fair number of Burns names. Many of them come from the Joe Burns / Anna Downey union. The others I have seem to connect to the DAVY clan. For example, Sarah Burns, 1886-1960, was married to Barnett Davy, 1883-1963. I have two children down for them - a Wilbur Bernard Davy (born 1920) and Gordon Davy. I also have another group of Burns names with no dates at all: a Lawrence Burns married to Bridget Ann McCabe with six children: Marie, Veronica, Muriel, Evelyn, James and Herbert. Bridget Ann McCabe's parents were Patrick McCabe and Elizabeth Davy.
August 31, 2011: Hi Al Lisa Mills has a baptismal records of family Davey at St-Colomban concerning children born from 1845 onward I don’t think it is my St-Columban. It’s probably St-Columban near Gatineau. The 8 février 1831, Edward Davey, farmer of Bytown bought lot 281 of St-Colomban (Two-Mountains). He sold this place with a wooden house the 14 march 1834. At this moment Edward, farmer, lived in Bytown. It is possible for you to verificate with Lisa the localisation of the Lisa’s St-Colomban. Note : I am interested by Edward Davey and direct family. Thanks Claude ______________________________ Thanks to Sue for the following: From the records of St. Philip's church in Richmond, Ottawa, Canada: On the 27th of July, 1864, after the ban of marriage has been once published, a dispostion of two bans granted by the Bishop of Ottawa between Edward Davey, son of age of John Davy and Bridget Walsh deceased on the one part, and Elizabeth Larkin, daughter of age of John Larkin and Catharine McCormick on the other part, no impediment having been discovered, the undersigned Priest have (sic) received their mutual consent to marriage and have (sic) given them the nuptial benediction in presence of James Larkin and Elizabeth Davy. P. O'Connell, Parish Priest February 14th 1841, baptized Edward, born 8th Jan of the lawful marriage of John Davy and Bridgit Walsh. Sponsors Patrick Walsh and Bridgit Corrigan. From the records of Notre Dame in Ottawa. (Note: The actual entry looks like it says he was born 8 Jan, however the index it looks like Feb 8 and the index also list the mother as Bridget Welsh, so take your pick (I lean towards the actual entry at the time of the baptism and the year-end alphabetical index could be rife with human errors.) ... Sue more from Sue: From Notre Dame church records in Ottawa: March 3, 1840, married after one publication at the parochial mass at Bytown, John Davy, yeoman, to Bridgit Walsh, both of this place, (declared? decreed?) their mutual consent & gave them the nuptial benediction in presence of John Barry and Margaret Cullen & several others. The following children were born to John and Bridget Walsh / Welch according to various church records and censuses (birth years given): EDWARD, 1841 (baptized at Notre Dame), married Elizabeth Larkin in 1864 MARTIN, 1842 (baptized at Notre Dame), married Eliza Dunn in 1881 and died in 1933 PATRICK, 1844 (baptized at Notre Dame) ELIZA, 1845 (baptized at Notre Dame), married Patrick McCabe in 1872 and died in 1931 JOHN, 1848 (baptized at Notre Dame, married Margaret McKenna in 1881 and died in 1921 CATHERINE, abt 1850 (no record of birth) and died sometime after June 1881 - she was a witness to brother John's wedding) Mary, abt 1852 (this name only appears once, in the 1861 census - no record of birth or death). I believe this was the census-taker's mistake and should be son JAMES, who was born in 1852 (baptized at South Gloucester) BRIDGET, according to her death registration, she was born Apr 27, 1858 and died in 1935. She never married. ... Sue

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