Martin EBERT and Roxey WALLER
Martin came from from York, Pennsylvania, United States
to the Ottawa, Ontario and Gatineau Quebec area

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Source: This material is from the extensive database of the late Mr. Robert Sample.

Descendants of Martin Ebert
Generation No. 1 1. MARTIN EBERT (JOHAN MARTIN, JOHAN MICHAEL, HANS MICHAEL) was born 1780 in ??? Christened April 9, 1780 at Christ Church Lutheran, York, Pennsylvania, USA, and died 1873 in Bangor, Hastings County, Ontario, Canada. He married ROXEY WALLER 1808, daughter of TRUEMAN WALLER and MARTHA HITCHCOCK (see some Waller family information on our Philemon Wright page). She was born 1790 in Hull, Que. Info says born Sept 15, 1789 in the USA ????, and died November 17, 1863. More About MARTIN EBERT: Burial: Sec. A, Plot 65, Bangor Union Cemetery, Purdy, Ontario Children of MARTIN EBERT and ROXEY WALLER are: i. JOHN5 EBERT, b. March 10, 1809, Hull, Gatineau County, Lower Canada; d. August 24, 1873, Campbell's Bay, Quebec. ii. ANNA? EBERT, b. Abt. 1811. iii. NANCY EBERT, b. Abt. 1813; m. SAMUEL HAYCOCK5; b. Abt. 1810, RR has Haycock with an "s". iv. ELIZABETH CATHERINE EBERT, b. 1815, Utica, Oneida County, New York, USA; d. 1873. v. ESTHER EBERT, b. 1818; d. August 09, 1849. vi. MARTHA EBERT, b. Abt. 1821. vii. MELINDA EBERT, b. 1824, Hull Township, Gatineau, Quebec; d. Bef. 1863. viii. ABIGAIL LOUISA EBERT, b. 1827, Hull Township, Que; d. September 25, 1895, Sidney, Hastings, Ontario. ix. ROXANNE 'ROXY ANN' EBERT, b. 1829, N. S. says 1830. RR says 1830. Doubtful because brother born in Oct 1830; d. March 01, 1893, Ebert material says April 19, 1893. x. HENRY CORNELIUS EBERT, b. October 06, 1830, Bristol, Quebec; Christened Feb 7, 1834 at Clarendon by Rev. J. Brock. Generation No. 2 2. JOHN EBERT was born March 10, 1809 in Hull, Gatineau Co, Lower Canada, and died August 24, 1873 in Campbell's Bay, Quebec. He married ANNE-JANE ARMSTRONG,10 January 24, 1832 in McNabb Township, Renfrew, Ontario, daughter of GEORGE ARMSTRONG and ANNE NIXON. She was born August 04, 1816 in Teernahinch Clones, County Monaghan, Ireland, and died October 06, 1878 in Campbell's Bay Que. More About JOHN EBERT: Burial: Union Cemetery, Campbell's Bay, Que. More About ANNE-JANE ARMSTRONG: Burial: Union Cemetery, Campbell's Bay, Que. Children of JOHN EBERT and ANNE-JANE ARMSTRONG are: i. ROXEY ANNE EBERT, b. April 19, 1833, Clarendon, Que. Christened Aug 1833; d. March 01, 1893; m. (1) SOLOMON HAYES, Abt. 1853; b. 1831; d. 1860; m. (2) NATHANIEL NESBITT, January 01, 1862; b. 1821; d. Aft. 1898. More About ROXEY ANNE EBERT: Burial: Methodist Cemetary, Ladysmith, Quebec More About SOLOMON HAYES: Burial: Otter Lake Reindeau Cemetary, Now Union. More About NATHANIEL NESBITT: Burial: Ladysmith, Quebec ii. ELIZABETH AMELIA EBERT, b. January 02, 1834, Clarendon, Quebec. Goulb. Baptized Jan 23, 1835 1901 census say born Jun 5, 1834; d. September 14, 1906, Goulbourn Township, Ontario; m. (1) JAMES ANDREW STARR, February 21, 1855, Huntley Township, Carleton County. Ont.; b. Abt. 1830; d. 1873, Huntley Township, Ontario.; m. (2) WILLIAM SAMPLE, 1874; b. 1815, County Antrim, Ireland; d. January 08, 1899, Goulbourn Township, Ontario. More About ELIZABETH AMELIA EBERT: Burial: Shillington Cemetery, Goulbourn Township, Ontario More About WILLIAM SAMPLE: Burial: Shillington Cemetery, Goulbourn Township, Ontario iii. MARTIN EBERT, b. November 17, 1835, Clarendon, Quebec. Christened Sep 13, 1836; d. October 08, 1913, Campbell's Bay, Pontiac County, Quebec; m. ELIZABETH JUDD, April 30, 1868, Portage-du-Fort, Quebec (Double Wedding); b. May 19, 1841, Conflict--Headstone says 1837-1901 cencus says 1841 (bro. b.1837); d. October 08, 1915, Campbell's Bay, Pontiac County, Quebec. More About MARTIN EBERT: Burial: Campbell's Bay United Church Cemetery More About ELIZABETH JUDD: Burial: Campbell's Bay United Church Cemetery iv. MARY JANE ANNIE EBERT, b. December 04, 1836, T.T. says 1837; d. December 04, 1886, Stone says died Dec 4, 1886 49 yrs. m. GEORGE B. SMITH, December 01, 1857, Clarendon, Pontiac, Quebec; b. July 1828, Ireland. JH says 1824. E.G. says 1829. RR says George E. ???; d. November 01, 1918, I had 1881. JB says Nov 1, 1918. More About MARY JANE ANNIE EBERT: Burial: Village Cemetery, Shawville, Quebec More About GEORGE B. SMITH: Burial: Black Creek, Yarm, Quebec. v. JOHN EBERT, b. 1841, T.T. says 1940; d. February 06, 1927, Campbell's Bay, Que; m. (1) ALBAN ANN FROST, July 18, 1870, Portage-du-Fort, Quebec; b. 1845, JH. says maybe 1836. He also has 1845; d. May 13, 1877, Pontiac County, Quebec.; m. (2) MARY CARSON, January 08, 1879, Litchfield Wesleyn Methodist Church; b. 1863; d. November 19, 1917, 54 yrs. More About JOHN EBERT: Burial: St. Andrew's United, Campbell's Bay, Que. More About ALBAN ANN FROST: Burial: St. Andrews United, Campbell's Bay, Que More About MARY CARSON: Burial: Sturgeon Falls Cemetery see scbk vi. SUSAN ABIGAIL EBERT, b. 1842; d. November 10, 1912; m. JOHN BAIRD, February 07, 1861, T.T, says Feb 2. & so does RR who also says Portage-du-Fort; b. 1835. More About SUSAN ABIGAIL EBERT: Burial: Norman Cemetery vii. GEORGE BENJAMIN EBERT, b. March 28, 1844, Fitzroy, Ontario. Baptized Sep 27, 1844 Methodist; d. ??? Was in Comberland Wisconsin in 1888; m. (1) ELIZABETH BUCHANAN; b. Abt. 1845, May be related to Archibald Buchanan who married the Starr sisters; m. (2) JANE ELIZABETH BUCHANAN, Bef. 1866; b. Abt. 1844, May be related to Archibald Buchanan who married Starr Sisters. viii. JAMES ARMSTRONG EBERT, b. October 31, 1845, Clarendon, Pontiac County, Quebec; d. January 23, 1920, Campbell's Bay, Pontiac County, Quebec; m. MARY CONTENT JUDD, April 30, 1868, Portage-du-Fort, Quebec (Double Wedding); b. 1846, Thorne Township, Quebec. jb says 1845???????; d. February 18, 1890, Pontiac County, Quebec. More About JAMES ARMSTRONG EBERT: Burial: Campbell's Bay, Que. ix. W. EBERT, b. October 31, 1845, I had heard of a 13th child. This may be it. (Is this correct?); d. ???? Born same year as brother James who was born Oct 31, 1845. x. MARTHA EBERT, b. July 20, 1848, Clarendon, Pontiac, Quebec E.G. says 1846; d. September 26, 1906; m. DAVID PEEVER, March 07, 1868, Portage-du-Fort, Quebec; b. Abt. 1842, Ireland; d. July 20, 1948, Litchfield, Que. 106 yrs? More About MARTHA EBERT: Burial: Campbell's Bay Que xi. ANDREW PHILLIP EBERT, b. April 25, 1849, Litchfield, Quebec. T.T. says b. Apr 10, 1849, Chr. Mar 29, 1855; m. (1) SUSAN ANNE MCKECHNIE, Abt. 1870; b. November 15, 1855, Quyon District, Quebec; d. July 15, 1876; m. (2) LAURENCIA WARREN (WIDOW) PICHE, November 04, 1885, Ottawa, Ont.; b. Abt. 1855, Bapt. March 29, 1855. More About SUSAN ANNE MCKECHNIE: Burial: Norway Bay Cemetery xii. CAROLINE ESTER CATHERINE EBERT, b. September 23, 1851, Litchfield, Quebec. Bapt. Mar 29, 1855; d. Abt. 1870; m. WILLIAM RILEY JUDD, April 07, 1868, Thorne Township, Pontiac County, Quebec; b. 1837, Thorne Township, Que.; d. 1917, Portage La Prairie, Manitoba. More About WILLIAM RILEY JUDD: Burial: Bog Alley Church, Portage La Prarie, Man. xiii. ABIGAIL LOUISA EBERT, b. March 04, 1855, Thorne Township, Que. Bapt. Mar 29, 1855; d. March 01, 1901, Thorne Township, Quebec; m. BENJAMIN ESTE JUDD, July 05, 1870, Thorpe, Pontiac, Quebec; b. September 30, 1840, Thorne Township, Quebec; d. October 21, 1915, Thorne Township Quebec. Fell from an apple tree. More About ABIGAIL LOUISA EBERT: Burial: Greermount, Pontiac, Que. More About BENJAMIN ESTE JUDD: Burial: St. Stephen's Anglican Cemetery, Greermount, Quebec. 3. ELIZABETH CATHERINE EBERT was born 1815 in Utica, Oneida County, New York, USA, and died 1873. She married MATTHEW MURPHY June 27, 1842, son of THOMAS MURPHY and JULIA MURPHY. He was born 1814 in Port Arlington, Kings County, Ireland, and died January 18, 1887 in Nepean Township, Carleton County, Ontario. More About ELIZABETH CATHERINE EBERT: Burial: Bellevue Center Section, Aylmer, Quebec More About MATTHEW MURPHY: Burial: Bellevue Center Section, Aylmer, Quebec Children of ELIZABETH CATHERINE EBERT and MATTHEW MURPHY are: i. WILLIAM HENRY MURPHY, b. November 12, 1843, Nepean, Carleton County, Ontario; d. December 03, 1920, Woodruffe, Ontario; m. MARY JANE RAMSAY, October 31, 1867; b. July 10, 1842, Ireland; d. February 05, 1922, Ottawa, Ontario. ii. ELIZA HARRIET MURPHY, b. November 18, 1845, Pakenham, Fitzroy Township, Carelton County, Ontario; d. September 20, 1869, Lanark, Ontario; m. REUBEN McEWEN, Abt. 1867; b. 1843; d. March 12, 1924, Nepean, Ontario. iii. JAMES CORNELIUS MURPHY, b. August 03, 1847; d. 1927; m. FRANCES ANN (FANNY) MCCONNELL; b. 1852; d. 1939. iv. ESTER LOUISA MURPHY, b. January 02, 1850; m. CHARLES W. HALL; b. Abt. 1850. v. CAROLINE AMELIA MURPHY, b. January 15, 1852. vi. EDWARD ARMSTRONG MURPHY, b. December 21, 1854; m. (1) 'MARGARET' JANE STARR; b. May 13, 1856, I believe this is the correct Starr. The one shown as EA Murpy's second wife I believe did not mother these children; m. (2) MARGARET L. STARR; b. 1864. vii. JOHN ALBERT MURPHY, b. January 12, 1860, Dates from stone; d. 1939, Dates from stone RR says 1941; m. MARGARET MILNE; b. 1854, Scotland, Date from stone; d. 1935, Date from stone. RR says 1939. More About JOHN ALBERT MURPHY: Burial: Stone in Bellevue Centre Cemetery, Aylmer, Que More About MARGARET MILNE: Burial: Stone in Bellevue Centre Cemetery, Aylmer, Que viii. MATHEW MURPHY, b. 1862, M.R.M. says 1862; m. MARY COLLINS; b. 1857. 4. ESTHER EBERT was born 1818, and died August 09, 1849. She married JOHN "THE-PENMAN" MURPHY December 25, 1837, son of THOMAS MURPHY and JULIA MURPHY. He was born 1808 in Port Arlington, Kings County, Ireland M.R.M. Says 1809, and died 1881 in Ottawa, Ontario. More About ESTHER EBERT: Burial: Bellevue East Section, Aylmer, Quebec Children of ESTHER EBERT and JOHN "THE-PENMAN" MURPHY are: i. HARRIET MURPHY, b. 1836; m. WILLIAM H. DICKSON; b. Abt. 1830. ii. WILLIAM H. MURPHY, b. 1840; m. MARY JOHNSON, October 31, 1867; b. Abt. 1845. 5. MELINDA EBERT was born 1824 in Hull Township, Gatineau, Quebec, and died before 1863. She married BENJAMIN K. KELLY March 12, 1844, son of THOMAS KELLY and ELIZABETH FORD. He was born 1824, and died November 13, 1893. Children of MELINDA EBERT and BENJAMIN KELLY are: i. BENJAMIN EBERT KELLY, b. December 31, 1844; m. ELIZABETH KILBY; b. Abt. 1843. ii. WILLIAM ALEXANDER KELLY, b. April 06, 1847, Baptized Sept 12, 1847. iii. ELIZABETH ROXY KELLY, b. May 09, 1850, Baptized July 27, 1852 Methodist Church, Portage (-du-Fort), Quebec; d. August 22, 1920. iv. JOHN HENRY KELLY, b. April 13, 1852, JB says Apr 14. Baptized July 27, 1852 Portage-du-Fort, Methodist Records. 6. ABIGAIL LOUIS5 EBERT was born 1827 in Hull Township, Quebec, and died September 25, 1895 in Sidney, Hastings, Ontario. She married THOMAS ALFRED KELLY February 15, 1844 in Bristol Township, Quebec. T.T. says 15 Feb 41, son of THOMAS KELLY and ELIZABETH FORD. He was born July 05, 1823 in Montreal, Quebec, and died December 24, 1902. Children of ABIGAIL EBERT and THOMAS KELLY are: i. CORNELIUS KELLY, b. November 10, 1844, Horton Township, Ontario. Baptized Nov 12, 1845, Portage-du-Fort, Quebec. Methodist Records; m. (1) MARY JANE HUNT, Bef. 1867; m. (2) MARY JANE FLINT, March 12, 1867; b. Abt. 1848, m. (3) LIZZIE LAKE, Aft. 1868; b. Abt. 1850. ii. BENJAMIN KELLY, b. January 16, 1847, Clarendon, Quebec. Baptized Sept 12, 1847, Clarendon, Quebec; d. 1868, Killed in Bush at Burk's Falls. iii. CAROLINE KELLY, b. September 14, 1848, Eaganville, Ontario. Baptized Mar 18, 1849, Clarendon, Quebec; d. 1927, JB says d. 1895; m. GEORGE THOMAS, September 13, 1864, Clarendon, Quebec; b. Abt. 1845. iv. ELIZA JANE KELLY, b. January 31, 1850, Douglas, Ontario; m. WILLIAM GLENN; b. Abt. 1845. v. HARRIET KELLY, b. August 28, 1851, Bromley Township, Ontario; m. HARVEY LAKE; b. Abt. 1850. vi. JOHN KELLY, b. April 09, 1853, Wilberforce Township, Ontario; d. 1917; m. SARAH JANE MCDONALD; b. Abt. 1855. More About JOHN KELLY: Burial: Combermere vii. MELINDA KELLY, b. January 02, 1854, Douglas, Ontario JB has b. 1855; d. October 01, 1941, Douglas, Ont.; m. WILLIAM ROBERT STURGEON, March 18, 1873, Mar 18, 1873, Portage-du-Fort, Quebec; b. March 24, 1848, Clarendon, Que.; d. October 07, 1925. viii. ANNIE ISABELLA KELLY, b. Abt. 1857, Wilberforce Township, Ontario; d. August 24, 1927; m. JAMES TWA, August 16, 1874; b. July 1850. ix. SARAH KELLY, b. 1860, Wilberforce Township, Renfrew County, Ontario; m. JAMES MCGREGOR WILSON. x. THOMAS KELLY, b. 1862, Clarendon, Quebec; d. Sudbury, Ontario. xi. GEORGE KELLY, b. 1864, Clarendon, Quebec; m. MAUDE YOUNG; b. Abt. 1865. xii. WILLIAM ALFRED KELLY, b. May 23, 1866, Clarendon, Que; d. 1946; m. ANNIE ROBILLARD; b. Abt. 1870. 7. ROXANNE 'ROXY ANN' EBERT was born 1829 in N. S. says 1830. RR says 1830. Doubtful because brother born in Oct 1830, and died March 01, 1893 in Ebert material says April 19, 1993. She married JAMES KELLY February 06, 1844, son of THOMAS KELLY and ELIZABETH FORD. He was born 1811 in Ireland, and died July 01, 1892. Children of ROXANNE EBERT and JAMES KELLY are: i. EMILY KELLY, b. 1846. ii. SARAH MELINDA KELLY, b. 1848. iii. CAROLINE KELLY, b. 1850. iv. WILLIAM KELLY, b. Abt. 1852. v. HENRY KELLY, b. Abt. 1854.

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