Patrick EARLY and Ellen O'HORA / O'HORO
and their daughter Ellen, married to Thomas BURNS
Concession 2, Lot 13, Osgoode Township
also Hugh McGUIRE and Mary EARLY

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

May 16, 2007:

Here's another mystery, partially solved, but as usual, more questions.

Below is the death certificate for an Ellen Burns who died in 1915, aged 77
years (born c. 1838). Ellen lived on 25 acres in Concession 2, Osgoode Township 
(west side of the Manotick Station Road). Directly across the road
    were the farms of Lawrence Burns and James Burns.

There is a grave marker at St. John's in Enniskerry (on the Stagecoach Road).
The name in large, at the bottom of the stone reads "BURNS". The writing on the 
stone is as follows:
"BURNS -- In memory of Patrick EARLY, died June 1871. His wife Ellen O'HORO
died Nov. 1887, aged 83 years".

Ellen was born in Oxford Township, lived part of her life in
Osgoode Township, died in the hospital in Brockville in 1915.

These are the parents of Ellen Burns; their names are also given on the
death certificate.

Now, here's something curious. The elder Ellen was born in Oxford Township
in 1838. Was she connected to the Lawrence and James Burns families from
across the road in Osgoode Township? Oral tradition in my Burns / Byrnes
family has it that before coming to work on the canal in Bytown, 1827,
our Byrnes ancestor had settled south of Osgoode Township, closer to the
St. Lawrence River.

1881 Census Place:	Osgoode, Russell, Ontario, Canada
	Source:	FHL Film 1375865  NAC C-13229  Dist 104  SubDist G  Div 1  Page 59  Family 258
		Sex	Marr	Age	Origin	Birthplace	Occ	Religion
Thomas BURNS	M	M	34	Irish	Ireland		Farmer	Catholic
(son of Ellen Early O'Horo)
Ellen BURNS	F	M	36	Irish	Ontario			Catholic
(daughter of Ellen Early O'Horo / Hora / Horan)
Ellen BURNS	F	W	80	Irish	Ireland 		Catholic
(1804 - 1887)
October 29, 2008:
Hi Al,
I'm wondering if the Ellen Burns, age 80, in 1881 Osgoode above, was actually the 
widow Ellen O'Harra Early, and the enumerator got it wrong. We know from the Burns/Early 
marriage record that Ellen Early Burns's mother was Ellen O'Harra Early.
I have an old email from you describing the tombstone at St. John's Enniskerry, and you 
say it "has the name Burns in large letters at the base of the stone. Ellen O'Horo Burns 
is buried there. Also on the stone is the surname EARLY."
Unless the widow Ellen O'Horo Early then married a Burns? Is that likely?
... Anne

Hi Anne:

I think that you are correct. Ellen O'Horo Early was at no time a Burns. She was an O'Horo 
(as spelled on the tombstone) and the widow of Patrick Early.

Here's something more, a wife for William Early:

	1  	Patrick Early	1797 - 1871 Con. 2, Osgoode (buried at St. John's, Enniskerry)
..		+ Ellen O'Horo 	also spelled "Horan" or "O'Hora"
.......	2  	William Early	1841 -
...........		+ Ellen Mantle	1840 - 1905 (PR descendant ?)
.......	2  	Thomas Early	1842 -
                + Ellen Burns 
... Al

These Burns ancestors will be the end of me!
December 3, 2008: Hi Al, Re: the Patrick Early / Ellen O'Hora page: Perhaps I'm just handing you another puzzle, but here (from B or B) is a listing for the St. Patrick's marriage of Thomas Burns to ANN Early, giving her father's name as RICHARD. 16 Jul 1877: Married, Thomas BURNS, 30, son of Patrick Burns and Ann Burns, to Ann EARLY, 30, daughter of the late Richard Early and Ellen O'Hara Maybe the 1881 enumerator got a few things wrong! And, here's the death cert. for Thomas, Al. Not a very useful document, except that it gives his lot and concession number, so that you can maybe match that up. Death of Thomas Burns ... Anne _________________________ Hi Anne: Thanks for this. The Early / Burns farm was directly across the Manotick Station Road from my Grandparents' farm (John GEORGE BURNS and Catherine THERESA CHRISTOPHER). The witness was Thomas HERBERT. Hi to my HERBERT cousins: Marian, Shirley, Vincent and Brad. ... Al
December 12, 2008:
Hugh McGUIRE and Mary EARLY
Do we know the names of any other children of Patrick and Ellen – I have a Mary Early born about 1849 married Hugh McGuire. (McGuire Road ?) I have no info other than that provided on the statement of death for their daughter Mary McGuire (who married Thomas P. Whelan) which states the following parents are listed as Hugh McGuire and Mary Early place of birth is listed as Nepean, Ontario the informant was my grandfather Thomas Hugh Whelan. According to the stone at Notre-Dame Cemetery, Mary McGuire's years are 1849-1919. According to a death in the Ottawa Free Press a Hugh McGuire died March 18, 1881, I have also found Mary McGuire in the city directories after her husband Hugh’s death as owning a grocery store on Dalhousie Street, Ottawa. The McGuire / Early are still my brick wall. Thanks ... Gail O'Neil _________________________________

Good morning, Gail: I don't think that I can provide any more information except for the following record of Mary's birth in 1847: 24 Jan 1847 Baptism of Mary, born the 2nd of the marriage of Hugh McGuire and Mary Early of Bytown Witnesses: Matthew O'Rourke & Catherine Dolan Oops, here's some more: 1 Sep 1848 Baptism of John, born 25 August of the marriage of Hugh McGuire and Mary Early of Bytown Witnesses: William Mullen & Bridget Dowling 23 Jun 1851 Baptism of Brian, born 7 June at Bytown, son of Hugh McGuire and Mary Early Brian McGuire & Margaret Kean / Keane / Cain 25 Aug 1851 Funeral service for Barney (Bernard) McGuire who died yesterday, aged 2 mos., son of Hugh McGuire and Mary Early Philibert Bastien (a church official) & Louis Foubert 4 Jul 1852 Baptism of Hugh, born 28 June of the marriage of Hugh McGuire and Mary Early / Hurley? Philip Clifford & Jane Murray The above records are from Notre Dame on Sussex Drive and the original documents can be found in the Drouin Records at ... Al
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