Sergeant John DUNBAR and Jane CAMPBELL
County Down, Ireland to Richmond, Ontario (99th Regiment) in 1818

New May 3, 2003:
JOHN DUNBAR, according to his tombstone was a native of County Down, Ireland, who 
died July 2, 1842, age 60 years. He was a Sergeant of the 99th Regiment of Foot 
(Prince of Wales Tipperary Regiment) The 99th Regiment saw action on the Niagara Frontier 
in the War of 1812 -1815 and were disbanded at Chatham, Ontario, but those who 
wished to stay in Canada were discharged in Quebec City, where John was discharged at 
Quebec, July 11, 1818, with an advance of pay until Sept. 24, 1818. Those who chose to 
stay in Canada left Quebec by bateaux and came up the St. Lawrence River to Montreal and 
then used the Ottawa River to come to Bytown (Ottawa) Ont., they cut a road through the 
forest toward Richmond, Ontario, where they settled in the military settlement.

As a Sergeant he was eligible for 200 acres of land. Sgt. John Dunbar and his bride, 
Jane Campbell together with another couple were the first to be married in the settlement 
at a public ceremony performed by Rev. Michael Harris of Perth. There they raised a 
family of five boys and five girls. 

1.  WILLIAM DUNBAR (1824-1898) m. ANNE JANE JOHNSTON (1827-1904)
2.  THOMAS DUNBAR (1827-1904) m. (1) MARY ARBUCKLE (1838-1864) and 
      m. 1867 (2)  ANNE ISABELLA BROWNLEE (1841-1881)
3.  MARGARET DUNBAR (1829-1861) 2nd wife m. ROBERT STANLEY (1833-1879)
4.  FRANCIS DUNBAR (1830-1849)
5.  ELIZABETH DUNBAR (1832-1858) 1st wife m. ROBERT STANLEY (1833-1879)
6.  JOHN DUNBAR (1835-1881) m. ISOBEL McBRIDE
7.  MARIA DUNBAR (1836-1915) m. THOMAS ROE (1825-1903)
8.  GEORGE DUNBAR (1837-1915) m. ANNA McCORDICK (1846-1907)
9.  MARY ANNE DUNBAR (1838-       ) m. (1) GEORGE BROWNLEE (1840-1868)
     m. 1878 (2) ROBERT MURPHY
10. RACHEL DUNBAR (1840-1912)

We published in 1984 a DUNBAR FAMILY TREE and there is a copy filed in the 
National Archives, Ontario Genealogical Society, Goulbourn Archives and North Gower 

Helen Dunbar
October 15, 2011: Thomas Dunbar was born approximately 1827 in The Village of Richmond, son to John Dunbar and Jane Campbell. He married Ann Brownlee on March 25th, 1867 in Carleton County. Together they had Anna Maria born 1867, Jane born 1868, Thomas born 5 August 1871, Ida born 1873, Nellie born 1875 and the last child and reason for my report, George Harrison Dunbar. It was a newspaper article that I read from the Winnipeg news paper regarding George Harrison Dunbar. Not only was he a teacher, business owner, he fought for our country in WWI, became a politician and left a legacy in Ottawa, The George Dunbar Bridge that crosses the Rideau River at Bronson Avenue was named in his honor. ... Taylor Kennedy George Dunbar Newspaper Clipping 1 George Dunbar Newspaper Clipping 2 George Dunbar Newspaper Clipping 3 George Dunbar Newspaper Clipping 4
George Dunbar Newspaper Clipping 5
Keywords: George Drew, Thomas Kennedy, Leslie Frost, Pembroke, Lucy Coxford, Willis Business College, Dunbar Bridge, Hurdman's Bridge _____________________________ Taylor: They knew how to do things back then. Today, about a mile from where I live in Nepean, there is an excellent new bridge being constructed over the Rideau River on Prince of Wales Drive in Chapman's Mills. The name of the new bridge .. wait for it .. The Strandherd Bridge. No one in the universe knows the origin of the name "Strandherd". Strandherd Road is the name of one of the main east-west arteries through Barrhaven, but it's origin has long been forgotten. ... Al

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