Drummond Township, Lanark County, Ontario, Canada
Early Settlement and History

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

New January 3, 2021:

This photograph is from the book Lanark Legacy: Nineteenth Century Glimpses of an Ontario County, by Howard Morton Brown and Glenn J. Lockwood, 1984, ISBN 0-9690289-2-X, page 117. Keywords: Shift from wheat to dairy farming, haying Haying in Drummond Township

December 15, 2008:
Map and list of settlers Source: McGill University Digital Atlas Project Map of Drummond Township, Lanark County, Ontario, Canada, in 1879
Keywords: Perth, Balderson, Mississippi Lake, Mississipi River, Innisville / Ennisville, Ferguson's Falls, Armstrong's Corners, Tennyson, Clyde River
List of Settlers and their Occupations c. 1879
Name County Township Town Occupation Birthplace Allan, Andrew Lanark Drummond Farmer Bayfield, Ontario, Canada Allan, F.& W. Lanark Drummond Perth Proprietors of Steam Saw Mill Anderson, Henry Lanark Drummond Farmer Roxburgh, Scotland Andison, Nicholas Lanark Drummond Farmer Scotland Bell, Christopher J. Lanark Drummond Farmer; Stock Raiser Perth Co., Ontario, Canada Bell, James Lanark Drummond Perth Registrar, South Riding, Lanark Perth Co., Ontario, Canada Bresee, Moffatt F. Lanark Drummond Balderson Farmer; Cheese Manufacturer, Balderson Leeds Co., Ontario, Canada Brooke, Thomas Lanark Drummond Perth Clerk of Lanark Co. and Perth Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada Burke, T.M. Lanark Drummond Farmer Munster, Ireland (Timothy Michael Burke) Burns, John Lanark Drummond Farmer Lanark Co., Canada Byrne, Owen Lanark Drummond Perth Hotel Proprietor Burgess Tp., Lanark Co., Canada Cairns, Thomas Lanark Drummond Perth Postmaster in Perth; Ireland Chairman of Board of License Commissioners Cameron, Ewen Lanark Drummond Farmer Canada Campbell, A. Lanark Drummond Campbell, Archibald Lanark Drummond Perth Campbell, D.F. Lanark Drummond Farmer Drummond Tp, Lanark Co., Canada Campbell, Donald J. Lanark Drummond Farmer; Breeder of Berkshire pigs Lanark Co., Canada Campbell, J.G. Lanark Drummond Perth Lumber Dealer Lanark Co., Canada Campbell, James Lanark Drummond Farmer Lanark Co., Canada Campbell, John Lanark Drummond Farmer Lanark Co., Canada Campbell, Peter D. Lanark Drummond Farmer Drummond Tp, Lanark Co., Canada Clark, Andrew Lanark Drummond Farmer; Book Agent Lanark Co., Canada Collings, Edward Lanark Drummond Farmer Sussex Co., England Couch, John Lanark Drummond Farmer Carleton Co., Ontario, Canada Cunningham, George Lanark Drummond Farmer Lanark Co., Canada Devlin, Charles Lanark Drummond Tennyson Farmer Lanark Co., Canada Devlin, Hugh Lanark Drummond Farmer; Manufacturer Lanark Co., Canada Devlin, Michael Lanark Drummond Douglas, John W. Lanark Drummond Perth Barrister; Perth Co., Ontario, Canada Captain of No.3 Co.42nd Battalion Dowdall, Lawrence Lanark Drummond Farmer Bathurst Tp, Lanark Co., Canada Drummond, R.J. Lanark Drummond Perth Manager, Bank of Montreal, Perth Ottawa, Canada Elliott, Edward Lanark Drummond Perth Barrister-at-Law; Lanark Co., Canada Mayor of Perth Ewart, Thomas Lanark Drummond Farmer Lanarkshire, Scotland Farmer, G.B. Lanark Drummond Perth Boot and Shoe Manufacturer Perth Co., Ontario, Canada Finlayson, Robert Lanark Drummond Farmer; Township Councillor Lanark Co., Canada Frizell, Charles H. Lanark Drummond Farmer Lanark Co., Canada Geddes, John Lanark Drummond Balderson Presbyterian Minister Forfarshire, Scotland Gray, James Lanark Drummond Perth Manager, Merchants' Elgin, Morayshire, Scotland Bank of Canada, Perth Haley, Richard Lanark Drummond Farmer Lanark Co., Canada Hands, Thomas Lanark Drummond Farmer; Reeve of Drummond Tp. Henderson, J.T. Lanark Drummond Perth General Merchant Belleville, Ontario, Canada Hendrick, William Lanark Drummond Farmer Scotland Herbert, Samuel Lanark Drummond Farmer Hull, England Hicks, William Lanark Drummond Hicks William Lanark Drummond Perth Proprietor, Hicks House, Perth Ireland Hogg, D. Jr. Lanark Drummond Perth Undertaker; Furniture Dealer Perth Co., Ontario, Canada Hope, Peter Lanark Drummond Perth Tinsmith, Proprietor of Lanark Co., Canada Livery Stables, Perth Houden, Robert C. Lanark Drummond Perth Physician and Surgeon Montreal, Quebec, Canada Jameson, Charles Lanark Drummond Farmer England Jackson, John Lanark Drummond Farmer Wicklow Co., Ireland James, John Lanark Drummond Farmer Lanark Co., Canada Jamieson, R. Lanark Drummond Perth Division Court Clerk, Perth Kellock, John Dickson Lanark Drummond Perth Physician, Surgeon, Coroner; Perth Co., Ontario, Canada Proprietor of Drug Store Kelly, Thomas P. Lanark Drummond Perth Parish Priest, Perth Kingston, Ontario, Canada Kennedy, J.F. Lanark Drummond Perth Dentist, Perth Ancaster Tp., Wentworth Co., Canada Kippen, Duncan Lanark Drummond Perth Contractor and Builder Perthshire, Scotland Lillie, Robert Lanark Drummond Perth Foundryman and Machinist Perth Co., Ontario, Canada Malloch, E.G. Lanark Drummond Perth Barrister-at-law Perth Co., Ontario, Canada Mattheson, A.J. Lanark Drummond Perth Proprietor of Perth Expositor Lanark Co., Canada (Matheson) McAllister, J.A. Lanark Drummond Perth Merchant Tailor, Perth Wigtonshire, Scotland McArthur, Peter Lanark Drummond Perth Retired Merchant, Perth Dalesville, Argenteuil Co., Canada McDonald, Henry Lanark Drummond Farmer; Township Treasurer Scotland McGarry, William Lanark Drummond Farmer; Fanning Mill Lanark Co., Canada Manufacturer,Justice of the Peace McGregor, Duncan Lanark Drummond Farmer Perthshire, Scotland McIlquhan, James Lanark Drummond Farmer; Stock Raiser; Scotland Justice of the Peace, ex-Councillor McIntyre, H. Lanark Drummond Drummond Tp, Lanark Co., Canada McLaren, David Lanark Drummond Lumber Merchant Lanark Co., Canada McLaren, Duncan Lanark Drummond Farmer Perthshire, Scotland McLaren, Peter Lanark Drummond Lumber Merchant, Perth Lanark Co., Canada McLaren, Peter Lanark Drummond Perth Lumber Merchant, Perth L anark Co., Canada McLeod, William Lanark Drummond Perth Justice of the Peace; Scotland Town Councillor, Tin Plate Worker McLonaghan, William Lanark Drummond Farmer Lanark Co., Canada McNee, Duncan Lanark Drummond Farmer Scotland McNeice, John Lanark Drummond Farmer Lanark Co., Canada McPhail, Donald Lanark Drummond Farmer; Proprietor of Lanark Co., Canada Dexter Cheese Factory Meighen, Arthur & Bros. Lanark Drummond Perth Wholesale and Retail, Dealers in Dry Goods and Groceries Montgomery, Oswald Lanark Drummond Farmer; Justice of Cavan Tp., Durham Co., Canada the Peace Montgomery, W. Lanark Drummond Perth Merchant Tailor Lanark Co., Canada Moore, W.S. Lanark Drummond Murphy, Hugh Lanark Drummond Farmer Drummond Tp, Lanark Co., Canada Northgraves, William Lanark Drummond Perth Watchmaker and Jeweller Lanark Co., Canada Radenhurst, William Horatio Lanark Drummond Perth Barrister; ex-Mayor York Co., Ontario, Canada Richardson, James Lanark Drummond Farmer Roxburghshire, Scotland Richardson, Thomas Lanark Drummond Robertson, A. Lanark Drummond Perth Dealer in Dry Goods Scotland and Groceries Robertson, John Lanark Drummond Robertson, John Lanark Drummond Glasgow, Scotland Rudd, John Lanark Drummond Perth Merchant Tailor, Perth Ireland Rugg, E.C. Lanark Drummond Perth Physician, Surgeon, Druggist Haverhill, Mass., United States Ryan, Hugh Lanark Drummond Perth Railway Contractor Ireland Ryan, Patrick Lanark Drummond Perth Railway Contactor Limerick County, Ireland Senkler, W.S. Lanark Drummond Perth Judge, Lanark Co. England Shaw, James Lanark Drummond Farmer; ex-Deputy Reeve Lanark Co., Canada Spence, P. Lanark Drummond Perth Proprietor, Livery Ireland Stable, Perth Spence, Patrick Lanark Drummond Stanley, Charles Lanark Drummond Farmer Lanark Co., Canada Stedman, Reuben Lanark Drummond Farmer; Stock Raiser; Lanark Co., Canada Tp. Councillor Lanark Co., Canada Stewart, J.H. Lanark Drummond Perth English Master, Perth High Scool Scotland Stewart John W. Lanark Drummond Balderson Contractor and Builder Drummond Tp, Lanark Co., Canada Sym, F. Petry Lanark Drummond Perth Presbyterian Minister Tatlock, George Lanark Drummond Lanark Co., Canada (also spelled Tetlock, see posting below, dated April 16, 2009) Templeton, George Lanark Drummond Perth Tanner and Currier Perth Co., Ontario, Canada Thompson, James Lanark Drummond Perth Sheriff, Lanark Co., Ireland Thornton, George Lanark Drummond Perth Sewing Machine Agent Meath Co., Ireland Tullis, Sinclair Lanark Drummond Farmer Scotland Walker, A.C. Lanark Drummond Perth Merchant Tailor, Perth Perth Co., Ontario, Canada Walker Bros. Co. Lanark Drummond Perth Proprietors, Perth Courier Napanee, Ontario, Canada Walsh, Daniel Lanark Drummond Farmer Lanark Co., Canada

April 11, 2009: Here is a bit not covered in your early settlers in Drummond. Hope you find it useful.
WHITMORE and EDGE Surnames
There are many Whitmores buried at Curraghlawn which is right on the border of Wexford and Wicklow in Ireland, and only about 4 miles from Tinehaly. The majority come from the townland of Clonroe which is about another 3 miles to the south through Wicklow Gap. The Thomas Whitmore family must have emigrated quite early to Drummond Twp. in Lanark where a number of children were born between 1824 and 1843. John Hobson Edge, who they might have known from Ireland, lived in Drummond in about 1835. He later moved on to Grey County as did his Irish relatives. The Whitmore family also moved on to Glenelg in Grey Co, where there where a number of other Edges. Thomas received a Crown Grant for Lot 2 NDR1, Glenelg on Nov 1 1849. On Dec. 30, 1865, a Thos. Whitmore was Worshipful Master of the Glenelg Orange Lodge #1192. This may have been Thomas or his son. ... Ross Hopkins
April 17, 2009: Hi Al, I hope all is well since we last spoke and again thank you for posting my query about John Green McNee / McNie and wife Margaret- parents of my 1st greatgrandmother Isabella who married Archibald Gillespie Cameron- still no further info from anyone but I am sure it will come in time. I do however have another query with respect to the Edward Cavanagh(s) that married into the Currans, Tetlocks, etc of Huntley and area- does anyone know if they are related to my Cavanaghs of the area - I descend through John Cavanagh (son of William Cavanagh and wife Elizabeth) who married Jane B Rivington / Revington / Remington ( daughter of Michael of Huntley who was born 1777 and is buried at Huntley Christ Church in 1852). John's siblings William, Eliza and Denis / Dennis all married into my line as well of the Barbers ( John Barber and wife Mary nee Rivington / Remington / Revington of Fitzroy- suspect at this time that Mary was familial to Jane B Rivington/Revington/Remington in some capacity). My greatgrandfather was Michael James Barber - known as Mick - whose parents were Richard William Barber(son of John and Mary and wife Eliza nee Cavanagh ( daughter of John and wife Jane B.) Yes- Debbie Prince whose Mulligan tree is posted on your site is my cousin just in case you saw the connection. Anyway as there was an Edward Cavanagh in the area at the same time as the rest of the Cavanagh clan, it would seem likely that the two groups may possibly be connected and I am hoping someone out there knows. His parents were William Cavanaugh/Cavanagh born abt 1777 at Ireland and Ann nee Tetlock. Edward married Harriet nee Tetlock and on the 1842 census for Drummond Township it shows Edward and family along with a John Cavanagh and family residing at the same lot Con 4 , Lot 18. By the 1851 census Edward is still there but the John Cavanagh family is not and a search shows the only John Cavanagh family anywhere even close is that of mine discussed above at Huntley hence my belief the familes are connected. As well Edward's father appears to be a William Cavanagh of Wexford Ireland who died in May of 1874 as recorded in the Perth Courier ( it identifies a brother of Edward's called Benjamin who married Elizabeth nee Radford). Other documents show that William held the land in 1822 at Con 4 Lot 18. The connection also seems plausible aside from the evidence of a John Cavanagh on the same lot in 1842 in that my John Cavanagh's father has been identified as a William as well and the age of this "William" fits nicely with that of John's father. Thanks very much Kim Cameron-Friel Alberta

February 16, 2011: Hi Al, Thanks for the reply. Yes, I would be interested in your help with the people mentioned in my previous email. The following paragraph has been transcribed from a binder that a family member compiled many years ago: Thomas Williams was of Welsh descent, born in Wales and resettled in England. He came to Canada at the turn of the 19th century, changing his name en route from Walker to Williams to avoid conscription. He was a very good friend of the Hall family while in England, and as they had recently emigrated to Canada with their five year old daughter Mary, he took up residence with them. They lived on the Lanark Road, Township of Drummond, West Half of Lot 1, Concession 5. When Mr. Hall was dying he asked Thomas to take care of his wife and child. Eventually Thomas married Mrs. Hall and they had one child, Thomas George. He married Ann Lee and Mary Hall married William Devlin. My wife is a descendant of Thomas Williams. I have amassed a huge amount of information about the family from Thomas forward, but nothing further backward. I have the information on my website, www.dwaynemeisner.com (use the Search Family Tree Database link to search for Thomas b. 1780) and here: http://www.dwaynemeisner.com/historywilliams.php which is a large group of notes I have compiled over time. (I plan to make sense of them at some point...) . I also have the census records for Drummond Twp. listed here: http://www.dwaynemeisner.com/censuswilliams.php . Please feel free to have a look. You will have to register though. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks, Dwayne Meisner
August 13, 2012:
The Holiness Church in Drummond Township, Ontario, Canada Photo Source: A History of Drummond Township, by John C. Ebbs, (Descended from Simon Ebbs from County Wicklow ?) General Store Publishing House, 1999, ISBN 1-894263-14-6, page 54 The Holiness Church in Drummond Township, Ontario, Canada
Keywords: Holiness Movement, McCreary, Boyd's Settlement, Scotch Corners and Innisville
May 20, 2016: Source: Nepean-Barrhaven News, May 12, 2016
Heritage Day in Drummond Township, Lanark County, Ontario, Canada, 2016

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