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January 1, 2003:

Dear Al     
I have come across your website. It appears that you have done 
research in the area of Aylwin, Quebec. I am desperately seeking info on the 
Draper family (JohnDraper/Mary Stanley) I know many of the family lived and 
died there,or near there.I see that some were buried at St John's in the 
Wilderness Cemetery.Can you tell me if there is a church attached to 
this, what is the name, phone number--etc. I need to see if there is a marriage 
recorded there for one of the Draper daughters,(Elizabeth Draper), to a 
George Mccallister approx 1901-1902 perhaps. I heard they went to the USA, but 
does anyone know where? or when? Do you know if this is the local church that 
the Draper 's attended or were married at? Any info in researching this 
daughter's life is sincerely appreciated!!!!! Hope you can help.     
my E-mail is       
Have a very Happy New Year!!!!

Hope I have your correct e-mail address.
Ken Armstrong is familiar with the families and cemeteries in the Aylwin area.
You can reach him by e-mail at
... Al
Also posted on January 1, 2003:
Hi Regina and Al;
If you read the Memorial Plaque for the St. John's in the Wilderness Cemetery, 
the actual church building was physically removed to another site in Quebec, 
therefore the church building (Church of England, Anglican), no longer exists. 
However the church records still do exists, and I am presently trying to contact 
the person who might know where they are or who actually holds the records, they 
also might be available at the Ottawa Anglican Church repository. Hold tight, as 
I continue my research, and Regina, as I indicated when I sent you the Draper 
FTM file, I am continually updating the file.  Hope to be able to access the 
actual church records for most of the churches in the Aylwin/Kaz area within the 
while. Perhaps I should post the Draper FTM file on Al's website, as the original 
John  Draper first settled in the March/Huntley area, and married his second wife 
there, Margaret McEwen, and she was also originally from the Huntley area.
Ken Armstrong
August 27, 2009: Hi Regina - I'm hoping your email address is still current - I just acquired a chunk of the Draper family tree the other day, after having nothing more than my 3rd great-grandmother's surname for many years to show I had a Stanley family tree connection. Mary Stanley (m. John Draper) was the daughter of my 3rd great-grandmother Eliza (Stanley) Mooney's brother Samuel. I have a bit of information on your Elizabeth that shows she married George McAllister - unfortunately that is all I have but the information I received also shows that Thomas Stanley, brother of Samuel and (my) Elizabeth, moved to Mississippi in the 1850's, so that might be worth checking out. If you are a descendant of that line then we are cousins! Sincerely, Don Lowe
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