John DOYLE and Mary RYAN
County Wicklow, Ireland to Syracuse, New York in 1851

New April 21, 2011:

Hi All,

I drafted an email to you all last week, though I cannot find it or know if it was accidentally sent. 
However, your article, "A Story of Emigration: Southwest Wicklow to Ontario" has been so very 
helpful as I try once again to trace our family roots back to Ireland. I am leaving for Dublin on May 16th and will be visiting 
my daughter who is a third year History & Politics major at Trinity College Dublin. I will have full library & copy privileges there – 
but I hope to have a bit of research direction from one of you so that my library search will be more productive and my visit to 
Wicklow more specific. 

Just this morning, I was thrilled to discover the 1851 Glenlyon ship record from New Ross to Quebec, which listed the two 
family names (separately) that we have been searching for: John Doyle and Mary Ryan! According to the 1900 census in Syracuse, New York, USA, 
we know that "our family's" Mary Ryan Doyle immigrated in 1851 and that she was born in 1835, had 9 children/8 living. 
The Mary Ryan on the Glenlyon was from Coolafancy, Wicklow and was listed as 17 years old – which works depending on which month 
she was born. (She was listed with Mick 56, Mary 55, Denis 23, Pat, 21, Mick 19, Mary 17.) There were several Doyle families 
who also sailed on this ship, and one was a John Doyle from a neighboring town of Coolboy, who was 20 years old-listed with 
Thomas 56, Biddy 56, Biddy 22, Mary 18 Catherine 16 Ann 12.

As for "our family's" John Doyle, all we know is that he died when my great, grandfather Lawrence Allen Doyle b. 12/08/1867 in 
Silver Creek, NY., was a young boy. The family was said to have worked in logging , and we have photos from 
Manistee, Michigan and family stories of an uncle coming back to Michigan from the Civil War – many years after it ended. 
The Doyle family then moved to western NY to work on the railroad – documented towns such as,  Evans, Angola, Silver Creek, Clyde, Syracuse .

I need to see if I can link the John & Mary on the Glenlyon with our family's John & Mary Ryan Doyle of Michigan / NY. Previous 
general "Doyle" searches in Michigan and NY have not been fruitful. 

How can I search in Canada? For instance,  Mary Ryan's parents (of the Glenlyon) were said to have settled in York, (Toronto), Ontario. 
Is joining for the world vs just U.S.. the best resource?

Have you run across any of the names listed above in your Canadian emigration research?
The Doyle's were Catholics but I am not sure about the
Ryan's. When searching in Ireland, there seem to be different church 
sources depending upon religion – any suggestions? 
Thank you in advance for your help. If there is anything that I can look up for you in the Trinity library – 
I would be happy to return the favor!

MaryEllen Sherry

Thanks to Anne Burgess for the following reply to Mary Ellen:

Hi Mary Ellen, 

Thanks for writing again. I had searched a bit on your case, and found those two, but thought Toronto (York) was a bit far 
to guess at a later settlement in Syracuse. About the Doyles, I was looking on the Fitzwilliam CD for an Edward  (none listed), 
and did consider that John, son of Thomas. I haven’t found that Doyle family in Canada yet. 

But I have a few baptisms from Tomacork parish (which covered Coolfancy and Coolboy. I think this is the Doyle family: 

1833 Aug 11
Mary, d/o Thomas Doyle and Bid (Bridget) Byrne of Drimingle (abt. 2 kms from Coolfancy)
Sp: Din Ryan and Anne Ryan 

1837 Sep 3
Catherine, d/o Thomas Doyle and Biddy Byrne, no residence listed
Sp: Mick Byrne and Biddy Currin and Curran 

1840 Mar 19
Anne, d/o Thomas Doyle and Biddy Byrne of Drimingle
Sp: Pat Toole é O`Toole and Catherine Fox 

There was a Ryan family from Coolboy that may have been related to yours: 

Fitzwilliam Tenants - Family Group Source: Companion CD to the book Surplus People, by Jim Rees
    ID:  922
 Parish  Carnew
 Year Listed:  1849
   Surname    Ryan
          Reference No.    75
   Group Members:
   Thomas 45, Nancy 45, John 12, Mick 10, Nicholas 7. Sister Biddy 40; Bess Doyle,
niece 27; Mick Doyle, nephew 25. Both Bess and Mick scratched from list.
      As spelt in the Emigration
  New Ross, County Wexford, April 18th
  Quebec. June 1st
   Other Information
   Chest/Graves in side column.
  5.5 acres from Lord Fitzwilliam

I haven’t found your Ryans’ baptism really, but Coolfancy is so close to the Wexford border that they might 
have been baptized over there, I suppose. Attached are the Ryan baptisms I have for the relevant time. 
(Loggan is just over the border.) 

... Anne Burgess

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