James DOYLE and Mary QUINN
County Wexford to Trois Rivieres, Quebec, to Goulbourn Township
also McCARNEN / McCARNEY / McKERNAN of Manotick (from Belfast area)

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

June 21, 2007:

Hi Al- just found your site!  Interesting read, as I've been looking for local 
information regarding families in the Bytown vicinity.  Would like to put my 
family names out there so that perhaps someone can fill in some missing information 
for me.  

Looking for Doyle and Quinn in Richmond (Doyles from County Wexford); and McCarnen / 
McCarney / McKernan of Manotick (from Belfast area).  Looking forward to hearing from you.
... Paul 
HI Al- yes, that James Doyle and Mary Quinn are my ancestors- thank you for that 
record- I don't think I have it.  Hopefully tomorrow or Sunday I will have time 
to dig out all of my Doyle material (I haven't been working on this line for some 
time).  I'm not sure if my Doyles are related to your Doyles: briefly,  James Doyle 
was born abt 1805 in New Ross, Co Wexford.  Apparently, he came over with his 
mother, Catherine, and two brothers-( no one is sure what became of them)- 
they first settled at Trois Rivieres in Quebec, then to Richmond- I'm not sure 
of the dates though.  I do know he left Richmond for Phelpston, Ont in 1864.  
I still have many relatives there- most of the Doyles went west, though. 
    James Doyle married Mary Ann Quinn in Jan 1836 at the Basilica of Notre Dame 
	in Bytown.  I have a fairly complete tree of their descendents.  
	Bishop Emmett Doyle put together a Doyle family tree, but he died a couple of 
	years ago.  He visited Richmond and Ottawa about 15 years ago, but didn't have 
	much luck in his research.
    When I was doing my McCarnen research a few years ago, I contacted Larry Ellis 
	and asked him if he knew anything of this family;  he then told me the story of 
	"Barney McCarney" and the park named after him across from the Mill in Manotick.  
	Barney would have been my gr gr grandfather's brother.  Barney also was the mail 
	driver from Manotick to Manotick Station around the turn of the century.
I'll provide more info in the next few days.  
... Paul
Hi Al- This James Doyle in the Ottawa area in 1829 from Newtownbarry- is he my 
James Doyle?  Unfortunately, it's a bit of a common name.  But it may be:  
my grandmother said there were 4 boys and no girls who came from Wexford with 
their mother (not sure what happened to the father, but it was said he fought 
with the Wexford Boys in the Revolution of 1798).  
    I found the notes on the Doyles:  as I mentioned previously, James Doyle 
	married Mary Quinn on Jan 10 1836.  Their children:  Mary Doyle (1837-1910), 
	Margaret Doyle (1839-1926), Michael Doyle (1842-1928), John Doyle (1844-1918), 
	James Doyle (1846-1932), Philip Doyle (1848-1931), and Teresa Doyle (1850-?).   
	James and Mary Doyle left the Manotick / Richmond area (I don't know where 
	their homestead was) in 1864 due to Mary's failing health (consumption)- 
	they arrived in Toronto where she died and is buried in St Michael's cemetery at 
	St Clair and Yonge Street.  James continued north with his family and settled 
	in a little village called Phelpston where he farmed and lived till his death.   
	No Doyles remained in the Ottawa Valley consequently.
    As I mentioned, the oldest daughter, Mary Doyle (1837),  married 
	William McCarnen - a carpenter from Manotick.  In 1871, they also left for 
	Phelpston, - this is the line I come from.
    William's younger brother, Barney, also married a Doyle(!):  the widow of 
	Peter Doyle who ran the Doyle House Hotel in Manotick.  Barney was a bartender 
	there, but ended up running the establishment for a time when he married the 
	widow.  They had no children.
    I've sent a few emails so that I may track down Bishop Emmett Doyle's notes 
	regarding the family history- this may take a while.  But briefly, this is all 
	I know of my Doyles.  Information which I would be interested in would be the 
	location of their farm (and the McCarnen's), information on Mary Quinn's family, 
	and what year James arrived in Richmond.  As I acquire more information 
	I'll pass it along.  
	... Paul

Hi Al- I was wondering whether you are related to that Peter Doyle of Manotick - he owned the Doyle House Hotel. And that census image you sent me is very helpful. It would be interesting to know whether my Doyles and yours are related. I still can't find out who has Bishop Doyle's notes on our family- he actually went back to New Ross, Co Wexford, but he died before I could find out anything. Still working on it, though. On another note: the McCarnens of Manotick. My gr gr grandfather, William McCarnen (b1837), was a carpenter in Manotick and left with Mary Doyle in 1871; his brother Barney lived across from the Mill (Watson's Mill); twin sisters Jane and Eliza Jane ended up in Simcoe Co.; his sister Ellen married Patrick Dolan; but I've found absolutely no trace of two other sisters: Mathilda (abt 1841) and Margaret (abt 1848)- and the youngest brother Anthony (abt 1851): aside from the 1851 and 1861 census, there appears to be not a trace of them and I've been looking for years. If you see any reference to any of these McCarnens, would you please let me know? The name was also spelled McKernan and McCarney (and McKernin in the 1851 census). And of course, the Quinns- is there anyone else researching the Quinns from Richmond? If so, I'd very much like to get in touch with them, as I have no information on them. ... Paul ______________________________ Hi Paul: Just to let you know that we have a new web page for your ancestors at www.bytown.net/doylejames.htm Hopefully, we will hear from other researchers. If there is a plaque commemorating McCarnen Park, across from the mill in Manotick, I'll get a photo of it and add it to the web page as well. Someone will probably be researching this family as well. I've definitely seen the name McCarnen somewhere but can't find it in church records, etc. However, I'll keep an eye out. I'm not sure if Peter Doyle who ran the Doyle House is related to me. My Doyles lived across the Rideau River from Manotick in Osgoode Township. There is a Doyle Road just south of Manotick and a Catholic Church between Manotick and the Doyle Road. I'll check the cemetery records and see if anything shows up there. ... Al ____________________ Paul: Here are your McCarnens, buried at St. Brigid's Cemetery. This cemetery is located on the eastern side of the Rideau River, just south of Manotick. (66) In memory of Patrick DOLAN died Dec. 26, 1909. Also his wife Ellen McCARNEN died Dec. 7, 1909. Ann M. Dolan 1866-1952. Margaret DOLAN 1876-1952 (dau. Maggie) (97) McCARNEN Eliza wife of James McCarnen died Nov. 13, 1877, aged 65. Source: Ottawa Branch, Ontario Genealogical Society, Publication No. 79-5 Transcription of St. Bridgid's Cemetery, River Road, Osgoode Township There is a Francis Dolan buried close to the other Dolans here. He was born in County Cavan, Ireland in 1788 and may be the patriarch of these Dolans. His wife was Ann McGovern, also born 1788 in County Cavan. ... Al

Bernard McCarnen / McCarney Death Registration
New August 31, 2007: Hi Ai and Paul - I have a little information regarding the Quinn's from the Manotick and Richmond area. I do not think my Quinn's from Bowesville are related to them but over the years have gathered some info in my records regarding this family. St. Philips Richmond Church Records James Doyle and Mary Quinn's Childrens records Baptism June 23, 1837 Mary Doyle sponsors Patrick Tuley and Bridget Kelley Baptism Dec 22, 1839 Margaret Doyle born Nov 25, 1839 Sponsors Bernard Tooney? and Margaret Cullin Baptism May 8, 1842 Michael Doyle born April 3, 1842 Sponsors Patrick Casserly and Johanna Lochlin There were many families of Quinn's in early Richmond records. I have a lot of them written down but do you know any other names in your Quinn/Doyle connection i.e. Mary's brothers or sisters or parents? Let me know and I'll send additional stuff if I think it links in. Thanks Mary Quinn
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