Early Settlers in Goulbourn Township, Ontario, Canada
Also the surname MERRITT / MARRIOTT

October 26, 2008:

Al can you help us?  Where are Baker and Elizabeth Castle / Cassel buried in Goulbourn twp?  
She is alive in the 1881 census there.  How can we get a death certificate on her or even an
obituary? Her maiden name was Merritt.  Thank you for whatever you can do for us!

A James Dowdall Married an Elizabeth Castel. Here's the marriage record:
 "James Dowdall, 56, widower, farmer, born at Bathurst, living at Bathurst s/o Samuel & 
 Mary Dowdall married Elizabeth Merritt Castles, 53, born at Goulbourn, living at Goulbourn, 
 daughter of James Baker Castles & Elizabeth Merritt.  On December 28th, 1892 at St. John's 
 Church in Smiths Falls, Lanark Co."

BUT who was his first wife? Another Castle?

Found these birth records:  George Marritt  Dowdall, born Apr 8, 1873, Bathurst Twp, Lanark, 
parents James Dowdall, Elizabeth Cassells.(Al, Elizabeth Castle was not married to James 
Dowdall until 1892.  what happen here?  George Marritt / Merritt is our ancestor from England. 

That's why he got this name. 

I hope you can find a death date for Elizabeth (Merritt) Castle, the mother and where buried 
(Husband Baker Castle). Then we will go after an obituary! Thank you from the whole state of 
Minnesota for helping us!
Albert Dowdall, born Feb. 1, 1882, Lanark, parents James  Dowdall and Elizabeth Cassells.
Jemima Dowdall born May 7, 1885, parents James Dowdall, Elizabeth Castle.
John Dowdall born Nov 29, 1875, parents James Dowdall, Elizabeth Castles.
Mary Elizabeth Dowdall Born Dec. 25, 1879, parents James Dowdall and Elizabeth Castles.
Al, this is so confusing.  
Edith Gertrude Dowdall: born Oct. 2,1899, parents James Dowdall and  "Mary Ann Cassells"
We are lost with these names. Elizabeth Castle in the marriage record above could not be 
the mother of these children.  Can you figure it out? 

... Randy Wall

Randy: Here is some research done by the late Mr. Robert Sample regarding James Dowdall and
Mary Ann Cassells:

Some Descendants of James A. Dowdall
Generation No. 1 1. JAMES A. DOWDALL was born 1853 in Lois D. says James came from Perth area., and died 1938. He married MARY ANN CASSELL, daughter of JAMES CASSEL and MARY SIMPSON. She was born 1858, and died May 29, 1920 in 62 yrs More About JAMES A. DOWDALL: Burial: St. Augustine Anglican Cemetery, Prospect, ON (Beckwith Township) More About MARY ANN CASSELL: Burial: St. Augustine Anglican, Prospect, ON Children of JAMES DOWDALL and MARY CASSELL are: i. SARAH ANN3 DOWDALL, b. 1879; d. September 25, 1963; m. GEORGE GARLAND; b. 1873; d. 1944. More About SARAH ANN DOWDALL: Burial: Pinegrove, Section A, Plot B 2, United Cemeteries, Cemetery Rd., Beckwith Twp., Ontario More About GEORGE GARLAND: Burial: Pinegrove, Section A, Plot B 2, United Cemeteries, Cemetery Rd., Beckwith Twp., Ontario ii. SAMUEL DOWDALL, b. September 4, 1880; d. December 12, 1966; m. (1) LILA PEARL MCCAFFREY, Bef. 1916; b. April 25, 1884; d. 1916; m. (2) MILDRED MAY SMITH, Aft. 1916; b. May 9, 1887; d. April 24, 1974. More About SAMUEL DOWDALL: Burial: Christ Church Ashton Cemetery, Ashton, Ontario More About LILA PEARL MCCAFFREY: Burial: Christ Church Ashton Cemetery, Ontario More About MILDRED MAY SMITH: Burial: Christ Church Ashton Cemetery, Ontario iii. MARY ELIZABETH DOWDALL, b. 1883, DC says b. May 20, 1882.; d. 1975; m. WILLIAM DIXON; b. 1882; d. 1959, Lived in Perth, Ontario, area iv. JAMES EDWARD DOWDALL, b. October 4, 1885, DC says b. 1884; d. December 4, 1975, Appleton, Ontario; m. EDNA MAE CASSIDY; b. April 19, 1887; d. August 1, 1958. More About JAMES EDWARD DOWDALL: Burial: United Cemeteries, Cemetery Rd., Beckwith Twp., Ontario More About EDNA MAE CASSIDY: Burial: United Cemeteries, Cemetery Rd., Beckwith Twp., Ontario v. ROBERT ERNEST 'ERNIE' DOWDALL, b. June 24, 1888, Goulbourn Twp, Ontario; d. 1975; m. LILA PEARL CRAWFORD, June 20, 1923, Presbyterian Church Ashton, Ontario by Rev A.D. Fraser; b. February 4, 1900, Goulbourn Twp, Ontario; d. 1984. More About ROBERT ERNEST 'ERNIE' DOWDALL: Burial: St. Augustine Angl. Prospect, ON More About LILA PEARL CRAWFORD: Burial: St. Augustine Angl. Prospect, ON Marriage Notes for ROBERT DOWDALL and LILA CRAWFORD: 8536-23 (Carleton Co) Robert Ernest DOWDALL, 34, farmer, Goulbourn, Goulbourne, s/o James A DOWDALL (b. Bathurst twp) & Mary Ann CASSELL married Lila Pearl CRAWFORD, 23, Goulbourne, Goulbourne, d/o Hugh CRAWFORD (b. Goulbourn twp) & Maggie J. MOORE, witn: Henry HOBBS & Lola N. DOWDALL of Ashton, 20 June 1923, Goulbourn vi. LOLA DOWDALL, b. October 3, 1899; d. July 28, 1971; m. THOMAS HENRY HOBBS, June 24, 1925; b. June 16, 1901; d. May 11, 1959. More About THOMAS HENRY HOBBS: Burial: Buried in Oshawa, Ontario. ________________________________
The surname Merritt / Marriott from England to Eastern Ontario
Here is little more history on the Merritts. Perhaps you could add this to the web page. This is great to get the word out there on the internet. I'm glad you put this up on the internet. This is a decade worth of work! My work is on the family of Merritt's which the Dowdall's and the Castles and the Stewarts married into. Thank you Al, Randy Wall. Anne Merritt’s family. Her parents were George Merritt, English spelling Marriott, and Jane Newmarch and they married July 1st, 1794. Here is the actual record:“George Marriott of this parish, a Blacksmith and Jane Newmarch of this parish, a Spinster were married in this church by banns this first day of July in the year 1794 by me John Dixon Minister. This Marriage was solemnized between us - George Marrit - Jane Newmarch (X) her mark. In the presence of Jane West and Richard Jackson in 1794 at St Augustine Church, in Hedon, Yorkshire County, England.” Banns of Marriage between George Marriott the younger and Jane Newmarsh were published the 15th, 22nd & 29th of June (1794) by John Dixon Minister. " Also found this birth record of one of their daughters: Ann Marriott (Wall), Birth: Dec 21st, 1806. Christening: Jan 4th, 1807 at the Old Chapel on Saint Peters Street-Wesleyan Methodist, Leeds, Yorkshire, England. Parents: George Marritt and Jane (no last surname listed for mother). George and Jane Merritt with their family, emigrant from England on the sailing vessel Maria, which arrived at the port of Quebec on Aug. 7th, 1817 (It took 76 days for the ship to arrive at Quebec, Ontario, Canada from England, with 121 settlers on board). The family first located on Sept. 17, 1817 to Bathurst Township, in Lanark County, Ontario, to section C4 SW 13. The family located later to 100 acres at Beckwith Township, Lanark County, to Concession 4, Northeast 1/2 Lot 14. Settling duties had been performed by December 1822 (improvements to the land was required by the government). In the 1820, 1821 and 1822 census of Beckwith Township the family is there. Where is George and Jane Merritt-Marriott-Marritt BURIED? Does anyone know? Please make our day!!!!! It has be somewhere in Beckwith Township in Lanark County, Ontario, Canada. Found marriage record of First Presbyterian Church at Perth, Beckwith Twp, Lanark Co, Ontario: a double wedding on Nov 5th, 1817. Elisabeth Marritt (born 1800 England) married (James) Baker Castle/Cassell/Casel (born 1806 England) and Jane Marritt (born 1799 England) married Charles Stewart (born 1794 England). Children of Jane Merritt and Charles Stewart that we found so far: Charles, George, Joseph, Jane, Caroline and William Henry. Children of Elisabeth Merritt and (James) Baker Castle that we found so far: James, Rachel, Charles, Henry, Elizabeth, and Robert. There might be more. The Castles lived their lives in Goulbourn Township in Carlton County, Ontario. Found marriage record for: William Henry Stewart, 30, farmer, born Montague, living at Warwick, son of Charles Stewart & Jane Merritt, married Ann Jane Phillips on June 4th, 1872 at Merrickville. Also found in Lambton Co. Ontario, 1870-William Francis Phillips, 25, farmer, Watford, same, s/o Christ. & Ann married Caroline Stewart, 25, Montague, Warwick, d/o Charles Stewart & Jane Merritt, witnesses: William H. & Jane Stewart (brother to the bride and his wife) of Warwick, 14 April 1870 at Forest. This marriage record is confusing for us: James Dowdall, 56, widower, farmer, born at Bathurst, living at Bathurst s/o Samuel & Mary Dowdall married Elizabeth Merritt Castles (never married before??), 53, born at Goulburn, living at Goulburn, daughter of James Baker Castles & Elizabeth Merritt. On December 28th, 1892 at St. John's Church in Smiths Falls, Lanark Co. Was this child born to this couple? George Marritt Dowdall born on April 8th, 1873. We are lost here! Moses Wall and Anne Merritt marriage record: Franktown Anglican, Perth, Lanark County, Ontario, Marriage Register-Married on Monday February 17th, 1823 Moses Wall and Ann Marriott. Witnesses: Jane Marriott and Charles Stuart (Anne’s sister Jane and her husband Charles Stewart). Who is William Merritt that we found in land records? George Merritt received as a Crown Grant, the property of 100 acres of Beckwith Concession (Con) 4 lot 14 on May 19th, 1824 and got the final deed on Oct 16th, 1826. Of that, he sold 50 acres to a William Merritt for 10 pounds. Then on Mar 13th, 1832, George Merritt turned around and sold his property of 50 acres to James Burrows for 50 Pounds. Then on Aug 1st, 1832, George Merritt bought in Beckwith Con 3 lot 10 for 5 pounds and registered it on Mar 7th, 1836. Then William Merritt sold his property in Beckwith Con 6 lot 15 on Jan 10th, 1841. William turned out to be Anne’s brother. William Newmarch Merritt was born 1805 Sheffield, Yorkshire Co, England and died Dec 2nd, 1883 Kincardine, Bruce Co, Ont. He married Margaret Salter on July 18th, 1826 at Richmond, Goulburn Twp, Carleton Co, Ont and they settled in Beckwith Twp, Lanark Co, Ont. Margaret was born on April 18th, 1805, Co Wexford, Ireland and died on Jan. 13th, 1893 at Kincardine. The family moved to Merrickville, Leeds Co, Ont after 1841. In 1853 they moved to Kincardine, Bruce Co, Ont. Their children were: Rachel (born on Oct. 10th, 1830, married Joseph Carley on Jan. 13th, 1848, New Dublin, Leeds County, Ontario. She died on Jan. 31st, 1905 and is buried at Union Cemetery, Merrickville), William (Maria Robertson), George (Sophia Baldrow), Jane (Thomas Stewart), Elizabeth, Margaret (George Publow), Mary Ann (John Sellery), John (Sarah Anderson) and Alice (Oliver Cole). ... Randy Wall
October 27, 2008: Thanks very much to Sue for the following research: I found online a family tree that shows James Dowdall (5 Feb 1831 - 7 Apr 1912) marrying Sarah Eliza McWilliam in 1853, then marrying Elizabeth Cassel (7 June 1839 - 26 Jan 1928) in 1865. James and Elizabeth are in the 1881, 1891, 1901 and 1911 Lanark censuses, so I don't know what that other 1892 marriage is unless they renewed their vows. NOTE: son Edward was the informant for his mother's death and gave her father's name as Edward Cassel, so either he didn't know or the person taking the information copied down son Edward's name by mistake. She is buried in Brooke Cemetery. I don't know when the first wife died, but James and Elizabeth had the following children: 1) Henry Baker, 7 June 1864 - 2 Jan 1902, married Sarah Cassels (daughter of James and Molly Cassels) in 1889 in Perth. 2) Edward James, abt 1868, married Alice Caroline Dowdall (daughter of John Dowdall and Jane Fournier) in 1889. 3) Thomas, 1870, married Sarah Matilda Lackey (daughter of Robert Lackey and Anna Bennett) in 1897 in Richmond, Carleton county. 4) George Merrit, 8 Apr 1873, married Maud Ackers (daughter of Thomas Ackers and Laura Anne Catrina) in 1893 in Perth. 5) John 29 Nov 1875 (in 1891 census with parents) 6) Mary Elizabeth, 25 Dec 1879 7) Albert 1 Feb 1882 - 8 Oct 1901 (never married) 8) Jemima May, 7 May 1885, married George Dixon (son of John Dixon and Elizabeth Ketchum) in 1910 in Lanark. _________________________________________________________ James Dowdall was a son of Samuel Dowdall (born England in late 1700's) and Mary Green (born Quebec), Known children of Samuel and Mary were: Richard, born abt 1824 married 1848 to Ellen Kehoe (he converted to Roman Catholicism for the marriage at St. John the Baptist Church in Perth). Thomas John, born abt 1818 and died 1898, married 1844 Isabella Cameron (1824-1860's) Nancy (married in July 1833 Mr. Larkins or Leckie) Julia David Lucy, born abt 1824 - 21 Nov 1914 and married Robert McLaren before 1852. Caroline James***** _____________________ James Baker Cassels and Elizabeth Merritt's son James was the father of Sarah Cassels who married Henry Baker Dowdall. Son James was born 14 Feb 1824 and died in Smith's Falls 9 Sep 1909. His death registration says that his father was born in England and his mother in Ireland. HIs wife Mary (Molly) Simpson died 18 Mar 1908. She was born abt 1829 in Ireland and emigrated to Canada in 1838. Hope this helps, ... Sue
New February 2, 2009: Dear people: I am doing some research on the Samuel Dowdall ABT 1785 line and Mary green. Any info on their children would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely Jaimie Pratt

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