Thomas DONOVAN and Sarah CURLEY
County Cork and County Clare to Renfrew County

January 8, 2004:

I have been researching the Donovan family tree for a couple of years and so 
far have been able to trace and verify the existence of 131 descendants of 
the original couple.  Thomas Donovan and his wife Sarah Curley of Eganville, Ontario.  
I have been unable at this point to find the exact names of Thomas' parents, the 
names in the church record are blurred, his father's first name could be Richard, 
Ronald or any other darn thing.  His mother was Mary Garin.  Thomas and his wife 
Sarah were both born in Ireland.  I am aware that Thomas had two brothers at 
least and that they emigrated to Tennessee, USA, in the 1860s.  Where?  We think 
around Grand Ol Opry country but we are not positive. We don't know their names either.
Thomas is listed as a shoemaker in the '62 census.  
Are you interested in receiving a copy of the family tree?
Joyce Donovan

1881 Census Place:	Gratton, Renfrew South, Ontario, Canada
	Source:	FHL Film 1375870  NAC C-13234  Dist 113  SubDist E  Page 69  Family 266
	Sex	Marr	Age	Origin	Birthplace
Thomas DONOVON	M	M	40	Irish	Ireland
	Occ:	Shoemaker	Religion:	Catholic	
Sarah DONOVON	F	M	40	Irish	Ireland
			Religion:	Catholic	
Mary DONOVON	F		17	Irish	Ontario
			Religion:	Catholic	
Matthew DONOVON	M		16	Irish	Ontario
	Occ:	Shoemaker	Religion:	Catholic	
John DONOVON	M		12	Irish	Ontario
			Religion:	Catholic	
Thomas DONOVON	M		9	Irish	Ontario
			Religion:	Catholic	
Margaret DONOVON	F		6	Irish	Ontario
			Religion:	Catholic
October 18, 2004: Hey Al: Here is an update on our Donovan Family Tree. It is the short list, because beyond this point almost everyone is alive. I am still trying to find the Donovans in Tennessee....but the Brennan, Curley and Farrell cousins have pretty well all been found. Ireland has proven to be a brick wall. Ronald Donovan, b. Abt 1795 d. Abt 1845 Ireland + Mary Garin Ireland 2)Thomas Donovan 1840 Cork, d. Eganville 1896 + Sarah Curley, b. 1841, County Clare Ireland, d. Eganville 1896 3) Matthew Donovan, b. Brudenell 1864, d. North Bay, May 9, 1952 +Sarah Durick b. Cobden 1865, d. North Bay, 1927 Ellen Donovan, Eulalie Donovan, Mary Donovan, Ann Donovan 3) Mary Donovan b. 17-05/1863 Eganville, m. George Harris Hough (Howe ?) Eganville 1884, d. Eganville, 1885 3) Rev John Patrick Donovan, b. 13/05/1865 Eganville, d. 10/10/1895 Pembroke 3) Thomas Ronald Donovan b. 24/03/1872 Eganville, d. Ottawa 1940 + Mary Moylan b. 19/12/1866 Ottawa, d. Chelsea, Gatineau County, Quebec, 1952 4) Ronald Donovan, b. 1900 Ottawa, d. Guelph 1949 + Elizabeth Voight, b. NY 1892, d. Old Chelsea, PQ 1955 4) Esther Donovan, b. 1897 Ottawa, d. 1970 Ogdensburg, NY, USA + Jack Sabourin, b. 1896 Rouses Pt NY, d.1987 Ogdensburg, NY 4) Bernice Donovan b. 1901 Ottawa d. Winnipeg, Manitoba, 1956 + Frank Jobin b.1888 Winnipeg, d. Wpg 1945 4) Norbert Donovan, b. Ottawa 1902, d. Montreal 1956 + Mary Duquet b. 1901 Richmond PQ, d. Montreal 1980 4) Edward Donovan, b. 1904 Ottawa, d. 1970 Ottawa + Kathleen Calcutt b. 1903 Ottawa, d. Ottawa 1972 After 1897 the only Donovan left in the Eganville area was Margaret who remained as housekeeper for the Archbishop in Pembroke until her retirement. She died at Marionhill. ... Joyce Donovan
New September 23, 2005: My name is Peter Connors and my grandmother was Esther Moylan, the sister of Mary Moylan, who was married to Ronald Donovan. I read your file dated 18 Oct 2004 on Bytown or Bust and am concerned about dates. This is a photo of the Donovan tombstone in St Stephen's Church Cemetery in Old Chelsea, Quebec. Photo Source: Scott Naylor's Grave Markers web site: This is definitely the family plot as it is directly across from the Donovan / Voight house in Old Chelsea. As a child I used to visit there and attended church in St Stephen's. I don't know the source of your information but I assume the tombstone should be accurate as their children would have entered their parents dates. I would be grateful if you could advise which is correct and if you have any info on the Moylan girls parents. Peter Connors

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