Francis DOLAN and Ann McGOVERN
County Cavan, Ireland to Osgoode Township
Also Michael Patrick DOLAN and Anne McGOVERN
to Pontiac County, Quebec

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

January 14, 2008:

Hi Al,
I've just recently found this web site, and I've browsed thru the 53 hits I got for 
Dol*n! I found a few very interesting connections, and hope that somebody can pull 
me thru a little further. 
I, too, found the St Brigid's (River Road) tombstone inscriptions on Scott's 
great site, and feel that the elder Francis Dolan is the dad of Michael and 
the younger Francis. Though the age span of the sibs is a bit of a spread, 
I feel that John is also the son of Francis, sib to Francis and Michael. 
I have accumulated many birth marriage and death registrations/church records, 
but never found any clues to their townland in Ireland, and County Cavan has 
so many! I'm wondering if anyone here has found that out, and I missed it?  
Pieces still missing are:
Funeral record 9/25/1855 for Francis Dolan
Funeral record 12/26/1861 for Ann McGovern Dolan
Funeral record 2/18/1865 for John Dolan
Funeral record 11/5/1854 Jane Dolan
Since all of the above were prior to civil registrations, they might include the 
only other possible clues to townland of birth unless someone has already identified it. 
I've tried the Drouin films for St John's, Notre Dame and I spot checked St Patrick's.  
These people were all born in Ireland. 
Also not found, but which COULD help are: 
I found John and Ellen in North Gower for 1851. I have traced most of 
the kids listed on that census, and knew of a few that came to Chicago, 
Illinois, USA. However, I never found some of the others. There is a 
record of church baptisms (St John's) for children of 
Sarah Dolan and James Doyle; I have not found their marriage record.
Anne Dolan and ILLEGIBLE Ryan; I have not found their marrriage record. 
Patrick Dolan and Ellen McKearney; I have not found their marriage record. 
Dolan, Patrick death record 12/26/1909, not found. (I have Funeral record)
Dolan, Ellen McCarnen, death 12/7/1909 not found.(I have Funeral record) 
The above marriages, if they are the kids of John and Ellen, may lead me to their 
death records.  In any case, they would show who the parents really are; maybe 
Michael or Francis? The death certs may show townland. Can anyone help on this?    
Michael, Francis and the elder Francis were not found in 1851. Has anyone found 
them that year? 1861? I'm really curious as to when they did immigrate, and what 
the real relationship is amongst them.   
I have the following records and am quite happy to share:
Children of Michael Dolan and Ellen McGrath
3/16/1862  Ann, 
10/3/1863  Mary Theresa
11/6/1864, Michael                                                   
3/29/1874, Thomas Patrick
1/10/2008 I recently found
Terence Matthew, 9/18/1870
Margaret Ellen, 6/22/1872
Children of Patrick Dolan and Ellen McCarney/McKearney
11/17/1864,  John
 9/1/1864, James
5/13/1869 May? Mary?  (Just found it is Margaret)
1/10/2008: I also have now found
Elizabeth, 8/5/1872
Patrick, 2/10/1881
Mary Jane, 4/25/1875
Children of James Doyle and Sarah Dolan
8/23/1863, Anne
12/1/1861, John
Children of (Illegible) RYAN and Anne Dolan
7/27/1862, Jane
9/4/1865, William
Children of Francis Dolan and Ann McVey / McVeigh
9/11/1864 Mary Jane
1/10/2008 I have now also found
Joseph, born 2/9/1863
Marriage: 2/8/1904, John F Dolan and Elizabeth O'Grady, Notre Dame Basilica
1/10/2008 I recently found
Marriage 1/28/1862 Francis Dolan/Ann McVeigh, Saint Jacques-Le-Majeur 
Marriage 2/27/1900 Joseph Dolan / Ellen Tierney
Marriage 6/20/1892 Mary Jane Dolan / John Dunbar 
Any help, even a tiny piece to this big puzzle is greatly appreciated. 
... Cheryl Kale 
also from Cheryl: Through civil registrations and church records I have cleared up most of the relationships and questions. I know that the two girls buried in 1952 were daughters of Patrick and Ellen McCarney / McCarnen, and that Margaret buried in 1874 was Michael's daughter. However, her baptismal record indicates she was the daughter of Ellen/Helen McGrath, not Blake. So now we have the question of multiple marriages for Michael? I haven't yet found any marriage for him. Probate/wills would clear that up. ... Cheryl
January 15, 2008: Thanks to Sue for the following detective work! Death registration of Ellen Dolan is on-line at Died, Ellen Dolan, died Dec 7, 1909 at age 52, female Irish. Died at Lot 9 Long Island in Osgoode twp. Married. Daughter of James McCarnen of Ireland and Elizabeth McLoughlin of Ireland. Certified by Barney McCarnen of Manotick. ... Sue
January 16, 2008: Hi AL.& Cheryl , just a line to say hello, Cheryl, Dolan's of Osgoode, first family's were native of "Co. CAVAN Ireland" married into Blanchfield, Nash and other neighbouring families. MICHAEL DALEY
November 21, 2008:
Michael Patrick DOLAN and Anne McGOVERN to Pontiac County, Quebec
I came across your inquiry on the Bytown or Bust site and may or may not have a connection. I have a DOLAN family that reads as follows: Father: Michael Patrick DOLAN Mother: Anne McGOVERN Children: Cedial ? ? Charles Delia Ellen Joseph Michael b. Dec 1849 Ann b. Nov 1863 James b. Sep 1866 Francis Peter b. Feb 1869 Patrick b. Feb 1872 Mary Jane Do any of these individuals fit your research ? My family tree and the DOLANs therein were residents of Bristol Township, North Onslow Township and South Onslow Township in Pontiac County, Quebec. There are many DOLANs buried in St Brigit's Catholic Church cemetery in North Onslow, Quebec as well as St Mary's Catholic Church cemetery in Quyon, Quebec. My Great Grandfather, Michael James ALLEN Sr married a second time to a Catherine DOLAN (his first wife was a Jane DOHERTY ) and I am unable to find any information on either. Would appreciate any information you may have. Thanks, J. Garrett ALLEN ( Garry )
New December 3, 2008: Thanks to Michael Daley for the following: Hi Garry, Al. A brief review,the names, McGovern Dolan, Allen. Arthur Allen and his wife May Clingen arrived in Canada May 22 1843, Arthur was the, first "REEVE", of Osgoode Township. The name McGovern is Kemptville namein "HOLY Cross", Cemetery, there are over 60 tombstones with the name McGovern engraved on them, the Dolan name was quite popular also. St. Brigid's Cemetery IN Osgoode Township just north of the cemetery there was a Hotel and small store operated by the DOLAN Family, the Dolan's were also in charge of a Wharf where steamers docked to pick up farm produce such as machinery, tile brick and other necessities. This Wharf, later became known as" Kelly's Landing" there are 23 tombstone, with the name Dolan engraved on them. Ellen Dolan, and her brother Frank Dolan ,son ,and daughter of Michael Francis Dolan & Ellen Blake, Married in to Patrick Blanchfield & Catherine Herbert family. Annie to WILLIAM Blanchfield, Frank to Bridget Blanchfield. Charles Dolan,son of Charles Dolan & Helen Tighe married, Patricia Nash, daughter of Patrick Nash, and Elizabeth Cangly / Cangley, eight children were born to this couple. Eliza ALLEN, born Nov. 1816 in Hull, daughter of John Allen and Lavina Wyman married in 1838 to BENJAMIN WRIGHT, moved to Osgoode Township, bought East half of lot 24 in con. 2 they are buried in the Prescott road Union Cemetery. Eliza sister, ABIGAIL was married to PHILEMON WRIGHT , brother to Benjamin . ... Michael Daley
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