also Charles SPARROW and Ellen GRACE
Mayor of Bytown in 1851

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Source: Bytown Gazette, January 14, 1841 Charles Sparrow - business in Lowertown Ottawa in 1840 Search the Ottawa Citizen and Bytown Gazette for other articles

December 16, 2006: Charles Sparrow was the mayor of Bytown in 1851. In the late 1840's he donated land at South Gloucester to build St. Mary's Catholic Church (now called Our Lady of the Visitation). ________________________ Hi Al! Many thanks for the reply! I believe that John O'Doherty did donate the land for the church. Charlotte is indeed the brother of Charles, siblings with my great-great-great grandmother Elizabeth who married first Robert Snaith and after his death James Lupton / Lipton. Please feel free to set up a new web page for Charlotte and John O'Doherty!! Many thanks! Lynn ________________________ Here's a record from Our Lady of the Visitation: June 26, 1850 Baptism of: Joseph Skeffington Father: Michael Skeffington Mother: Mary Brennan GodParents: John Skeffington and Charlotte Sparrow and another ... April 5, 1851 Baptism of: Mary Rowan Father: John Rowan Mother: Ann Rowan GodParents: John O'Dougherty (Doherty) and Margaret Brennan
also posted on December 16, 2006: I believe Charles Sparrow and his brother John arrived in Ottawa in 1829 and set up a butcher business, with them was their father John , and a sister came from Montreal to act as their housekeeper, the fact that Charles and Charlotte acted as witnesses to Thomas Donnelly's wedding, tells me that sister was Charlotte. alice sparrow _________________________ Hi Al! Many thanks for the reply. Elizabeth Sparrow is the sister of Charles and Charlotte and the witness Robert Snaith is her son to her first marriage to Robert Snaith. Her son Charles Snaith was married to Mary Day/O'Dea's sister Catherine. She also had a son John Snaith and a daughter Elizabeth Jane. All except Robert Snaith were born in Albany, New York, USA where husband Robert died. Elizabeth Sparrow also had a sister Mary Ann (born in Quebec city in 1811) whom we can't find, a brother John who opened the butcher shop with Charles. a baby sister Jane who died in Montreal at the age of 2 years old in 1820. Mother Jane Pardy also died in Montreal in 1821. Thanks! Lynn
December 18, 2006: Thanks to Alice Sparrow for the following: Lynn passed on your message to me, John is indeed the one who donated land to Catholic Church. I believe the name Patrick Doherty is a mistake, and should read John. I am enclosing the notes That I have on the Dohertys. feel free to use them on your web site. George O'Dougherty,Esq, who came to This country, from Ireland, in 1823 , bearing letters of introduction to the then Governor of Canada. He with three others, shortly after his arrival was offered a grant of the Township of Templeton, in the County of Ottawa, on condition of their paying for the survey of the township, which after taking a view of the country across the Ottawa from what is now Rockcliffe, they declined, little knowing what wealth of minerals was stored in those rugged hills. He located at Burritts Rapids, County of Grenville, where being possessed of great energy of character and considerable capital, he soon transformed a large part of a purchase of 1600 acres of Forest into a finely cultivated farm. Having the advantage of a superior education, and being a man of great natural abilities, he became one of the leading spirits in that section of country. He was made a Justice of the Peace in 1841, died in 1854. John Dougherty is the eldest son of George O'Dougherty,Esq,. He was born in 1817, in County Monaghan, Ireland, and came with his father, to Burritts Rapids, where he lived till 1841, when he married Charlotte Sparrow, a sister of Charles Sparrow, who was for a number of years Mayor of Bytown, now the City of Ottawa. After his marriage he settled in South Gloucester, his present residence. He was postmaster at South Gloucester for a great many years. He had three sons and six [7 ] daughters, to all of whom he gave a liberal education. George Joseph Doherty, Barrister - at-law, of Ottawa is the son of John Doherty, who was born in the County Monaghan,Ireland, and came to Canada in 1823, with his father George O'Dougherty , Esq, and after living a number of years at Burritts Rapids, settled in Gloucester in 1841, and was one of the pioneers of that section known as South Gloucester, when the country on all sides and long distances was one of unbroken wilderness. Here he hewed out for himself a home and reared a large family. He was a man of great personal worth, and for many years, during the prime of his life, he exercised a leading influence in all matters of a public nature where the interests of his County were involved. He was born in Gloucester in 1842, and educated at St Joseph's Roman Catholic College, now the University of Ottawa. He studied law at the office of Scott & Ross--- the former now Senator Scott, and the late Secretary of State in the Mackenzie cabinet, and later the present Senior Judge of the county of Carleton; completing his studies with the late Chief Justice Harrison, of Toronto. On acquiring his profession, he practiced at Sarnia in partnership with the present Judge Davis of London, afterwards spending some time travelling, and subsequently practising three years, with great success, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA ; but returned to Ottawa, to be near his father, in 1874, since which time he practiced with the Hon John O'Connor,Q.C ., now President of the Council in the Dominion Cabinet. His experience in his profession has been very successful, as well as of an extensive and varied nature; and he is a member of the Bar of a number of the United States.. He also devoted considerable attention to Military affairs. In 1864 he attended the Military school of instruction at Toronto, creditably passed the required examinations and obtained the usual certificates of fitness to command. In 1865, he organized the Sarnia Garrison Battery of Artillery, and was gazetted the first Captain, which position he held till he left Sarnia in 1867, when he resigned his command. He was married in Oct 1876, to Miss Marion Lynch, Of Ottawa--- the fruits of which is already an interesting young family. Mr O'Doherty is a fluent and able speaker on all public and political topics, as well as a sound lawyer, and though never seeking position himself, has been very active in promoting the views of the political party to which he attached. _______________________ also posted on December 18, 2006: 1881 Census Place: Gloucester, Russell, Ontario, Canada Source: FHL Film 1375865 NAC C-13229 Dist 104 SubDist E Div 4 Page 1 Family 1 Sex Marr Age Origin Birthplace John O'DOUGHERTY M M 64 Irish Ireland Occ: Farmer Religion: Catholic Charlotte O'DOUGHERTY F M 65 English Quebec (nee Sparrow) Religion: Catholic Geo. A. O'DOUGHERTY M M 31 Irish Ontario Occ: Farmer Religion: Catholic Janney C. O'DOUGHERTY F 32 Irish Ontario Religion: Catholic Mary Ann O'DOUGHERTY F M 21 Irish Ontario Religion: Catholic Lottie A. O'DOUGHERTY F 22 Irish Ontario Religion: Catholic Florance L. O'DOUGHERTY F 19 Irish Ontario Religion: Catholic Note: Belden's 1879 map of Gloucester Township shows a 196 acre farm in the name of George J. Doherty. Our Lady of the Visitation Church makes up the remaining four acres of the original 200 acre farm. ... Al December 18, 2006: Hello again Al! I was looking at my notes and noticed that Charles Sparrow and his first wife Ellen Grace (they were married in Montreal) had William and Ann Tomay (Tormey ?) as godparents for their first child Anna baptized February 28, 1833 Notre Dame Ottawa and Thomas and Margaret Donnelly as godparents for their second child Ellen on October 26, 1834 and their son Martin baptized on August 9, 1840 both in Notre Dame Ottawa. Any idea on the maiden name of Ann Tomay? .. I think that this name is TORMEY, A prominent name in early Ottawa, along with the Rowan family. These two families have adjacent large tombstones at the entrance of Notre Dame Cemetery on Montreal Road. Al I found these 4 baptisms for children of John O'Doherty and Charlotte Sparrow in Notre Dame Ottawa. The rest must have been at Our Lady of the Visitation. George O'Doherty born on January 26, 1842 and baptized on March 4, 1842 Ann born on January 19, 1844 and baptized on January 29, 1844 Margaret born on October 3, 1845 and baptized on October 29, 1845 Jane born May 29, 1848 and baptized on June 1, 1848 I only know the godparents for Ann as we only have a microfilm of indexes for baptisms here in Montreal Thanks! Lynn
April 1, 2007: Good afternoon I have read with great interest your emails on George O’Dougherty and his link to Burritts Rapids in Ontario. My name is Gary Dougherty and I have considerable family ties to Burritts Rapids and area. My father (deceased), uncle (deceased) and aunt (deceased) were all raised on the family farm 5 miles east of Burritts Rapids. Their father (my grandfather) was Joseph. Joseph Dougherty had brothers John, Rob and Angus. Rob Dougherty built and operated the cheese factory in Burritts Rapids. I have been unable to track the family tree prior to Joseph. My father used to tell the story of Joseph dropping the “O” in front of the family name while residing in Grenville County and we were forbidden from asking, as children, the reason why. The only information I have on my great grandfather comes from my father who told me his name was John and he was from Ireland. Could this Burritts Rapids link be too easy? Gary Dougherty
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