Robert James DEVLIN
Ireland to Ottawa, Canada, 1860's

New November 5, 2014:

Thanks to Taylor Kennedy for the photographs on this page Photograph of Robert James Devlin
Thanks to Mrs. Althea Douglas who has passed along several wonderful books. Most of the books relate to the Fur Trade in Canada and they will be added to our fur trade web page as they are read. However, one of her books belongs in the realm of Canadian Literature. The books (there were two written), concern the classified advertisements created by Robert James Devlin for the Ottawa Citizen. He owned a Hat and Fur merchandizing store in downtown Ottawa. He married Katherine "Kate" H. Fisher in 1881 in Ottawa. She was the 3rd daughter of Benjamin Fisher. The advertisements are hilarious. The book, called simply R.J.D has been compiled and edited by his grandson, E.W. Devlin. The advertisement below is typical of his ads written for the Ottawa Citizen. The writing style is very similar to that of Stephen Leacock.
The Romance of Canadian History, book by Francis Parkman
Thanks again to Mrs. Douglas for this enjoyable book! She has donated it to the City of Ottawa Archives on Tallwood Drive at Woodroffe Avenue, here in Ottawa. ... Al

Thanks to Taylor Kennedy for the photographs on this page Robert James Devlin House, Rockliffe Park, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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