Daniel DELANEY and Catherine FAHEY
Roscrea, County Tipperary, Ireland
to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada in 1833

		1  Daniel Delaney	
..		+ Catherine Fahey	
.......	2  	Thomas Delaney	1838 -
...........		+Ellen O'Meara	1840 -
................	3  	Daniel Delaney	1861 -
................	3  	Michael Delaney	1863 -
................	3  	Thomas Delaney	1866 -
................	3  	Julianne Delaney	1868 -
................	3  	Matthew Delaney	1870 -
................	3  	Patrick Delaney	1870 -
................	3  	James Delaney	1875 -
................	3  	Timothy Delaney	1875 -
................	3  	Ellen Delaney	1878 -
....................		+ Hector Belisle	
................	3  	Timothy Sarsfield Delaney	1884 -
Looking for information about family of Daniel DELANEY b. abt 1803 Tipperary, Ireland, d. 11 Sep. 1884, Nepean Township, Carleton County, possibly married to Cathy FAHEY. Most interested in info on his son Matthew DELANEY, b. abt. 1847 in Nepean. Would appreciate any help - thanks! Bob Delaney

July 15, 2004: Hi Bob My name is Ernie Kilroe. My GGGreat Uncle John Kilroe Married Mary Delaney [1855] daughter of Daniel Delaney and Catherine Fahey. So we are cousins. I have the census records for the Delaneys -1841-1851-1861-1871-1881- Also some records of John and Mary, I lose track of them in the 1930's in the USA. (Some went to Michigan in the 1920's) Do you need this info??? Ernie
March 29, 2005: Hi Al, I think I must have sent you info a long time ago to post on your site... but it's been a long time. I stumbled on your Delaney page and realized my email address changed years ago! If you'd like to update it, that would be great. Someone named Ernie had posted a response last July, so I just emailed him also. Thanks, Bob Delaney New e-mail address for Bob Delaney: bob@delaneydesign.com
March 31, 2005: Thanks to Ernie Kilroe for the following: Some info from 1851 Census: #9-William Dunn #10- Mary Dunn #23-- William Delaney #24--John Kilroe-Married -Mary Delaney-Nov. 30-1855. #25 -Michael Kilroe-Married-Bridgett Dunn-May 20 1853 #26- Stephen Kilroe-Married Mary Moore-Feb 13 1855 #27-Mary Kilroe [nee Dunn]- Mother #28 Mary Kilroe [sister] Married Phillip Kennedy-Jan 31 1853 #29 Mary Tierney- Daughter of Denis Tierney JR. and Bridget Kilroe married Feb 2 1844. # 30- John Fahey- could be Brother in law of Daniel Delaney as his wife was Catherine Fahey. #31-Daniel Delaney -Widow age 45. #32-Catherine Delaney. #33-Mary Delaney - Married to John Kilroe. #34-Thomas Delaney. #35-Daniel Delaney. #36-Catherine Delaney. #37-Ann Delaney. #38-Timothy Delaney. #39-Michael Delaney. #40-Mathew Delaney ... Ernie
April 6, 2007: 1 Daniel Delaney + Catherine Fahey from Roscrea, Tipperary, Ireland 2 Patrick Delaney b. 1833 Ireland + Winnifred Davis b. 1838 Ireland 3 Patrick Delaney b. 1877 Ontario + Alice Anderson b. 1894 Manitoba 4 Daughter – living, born in Alberta (only child) 5 Daughter – living, born in British Columbia (1 of 3 children) 6 Daughter + Son plus (2 more children from generation #5) I am the 5th generation and have just begun researching my Delaney and Davis branches of my family tree. My grandmother Alice told me what she knew of the Delaney and Davis family tree back in the 1970’s and I had made notes but never went any farther with the information. As you can see the generations in my family continued to move west. I am wondering if Daniel and Catherine Delaney came to Canada to join family already here? I noticed in the 1851 census that Catherine Fahey was not with her family and I presume had died. I also notice that her two youngest children were only going to be 4 and 5 yrs. on their next birthdays. So she must have died recently and I was wondering when and what cemetery she and her husband Daniel were buried at? There, you have another branch of the Delaney/Davis family tree! ... Denise ____________________________ Thank you Al, Ernie and Bob for your responses to my email. Thank you Ernie for the photo of the head stone (St. Patrick's Cemetery, Fallowfield) for Winnifred Davis and Patrick Delaney. It looks fairly new, I wonder if it is a replacement. (See picture below, sent in by Taylor Kennedy) ... Denise
August 15, 2012: Hi! I am the granddaughter of Daniel Delaney (married to Julia Watters). Daniel was the 1st son of Patrick Delaney and Winifred Davis. My grandfather brought his family to Deroit, Michigan, USA in the early 1920's, and all are now deceased. I am trying to trace the family in Canada. I have a few names of relatives living in the Ottawa area in the 1950's and 1960's. While they may now be all deceased, I would love to find any of their families that I could connect up with. If any of you can help me, I would be ever so grateful. I am traveling to Ottawa in August, 2012 to try to research in the Fallowfield cemetery. Thank you so much for any help! Carolyn Weidenbach, daughter of Mary Delaney, daughter of Daniel Delaney and Julia Watters ... Carolyn ___________________________ At the bottom right corner of this 1879 map of Nepean Township are three farms owned by the Delaney family. Source: Mcgill University Digital County Atlas Project, Map of Nepean Township More to come on this. ... Al
Delaney Family Farms, 1879, Nepean County, Ontario, Canada (now City of Ottawa)
August 21, 2012: Since the above e-mail was posted on August 15, 2012, Carolyn and her friends, Phyllis, Ray and Lisa, have visited the Jockvale area of Nepean and we took a trip to St. Patrick's Church at Fallowfield, St. Philip's Church at Richmond and finally, we located the original Delaney farms. The farms are located on the Jockvale Road and include the Stonebridge Golf Course. The eastern portion of the farms are located on Prince of Wales Drive where the Jack May GM Dealership is located. Behind Jack May is Maple Hill which is marked with a street sign on Prince of Wales Drive today. The Delaney ancestral farms were located in the Jockvale area of today's Barrhaven. A very satisfying day trip! The next day, Taylor Kennedy took up the gauntlet and provided a tremendous amount of original documentation for the pioneer Delaney family - church records beginning in 1834, census records beginning in 1842, trans-border travel documents showing the migration of Carolyn's family to Michigan in 1922, etc. A wealth of family history information. Thanks again, Taylor! It will take me a couple of days to update this web page, but here is a beginning: From Taylor: After Joseph Emmett was born they moved to Michigan. Daniel worked for the city on the water board and died in 1930ish. I believe both Daniel and his son Patrick went across Dec 1923 BUT I think it is Dec 1922 because Julia and the children followed in July 1923. She died in 1954. I can pull some documents if you want Taylor __________________________________ Here they are Descendants of Daniel Delaney Generation No. 1 1. DANIEL DELANEY was born 1869 in Nepean, Carleton County, and died 1930 in Michigan. He married JULIA WATTERS 21 October 1903 in St. Patrick's, Fallowfield, Nepean Township, Carleton County. She was born 3 July 1880 in Nepean, Carleton County, and died 9 September 1954 in Michigan. Children of DANIEL DELANEY and JULIA WATTERS are: i. MARTIN JOSEPH2 DELANEY, b. 9 August 1904, Nepean, Carleton County. ii. MARY WINNIFRED DELANEY, b. 18 September 1905, Nepean, Carleton County. iii. PATRICK VINCENT DELANEY, b. 13 November 1906, Nepean, Carleton County. iv. ANNA GERTRUDE DELANEY, b. 4 March 1908, Nepean, Carleton County. v. DANIEL LEO DELANEY, b. 15 November 1909, Nepean, Carleton County. vi. JULIA MARY DELANEY, b. 12 April 1912, Nepean, Carleton County. vii. CATHERINE DELANEY, b. 20 March 1913, Nepean, Carleton County; d. 20 March 1913, Nepean, Carleton County. viii. KATHALEEN CECILIA DELANEY, b. 27 January 1914, Nepean, Carleton County. ix. THOMAS FRANCIS DELANEY, b. 8 April 1916, Nepean, Carleton County. x. WILLIAM ERNEST DELANEY, b. 11 April 1917, Nepean, Carleton County. xi. JOSEPH AUSTIN DELANEY, b. 11 April 1917, Nepean, Carleton County. xii. EMMETT JOSEPH DELANEY, b. 2 February 1923, Nepean, Carleton County.
Here is a photograph of the tombstone of Patrick Delaney and Winnifred Davis Source: Canadian Gravemarker Gallery, Ontario Patrick Delaney and Winnifred Davis Tombstone, Nepean County, Ontario, Canada (now City of Ottawa)
Daniel Delaney and his son, Patrick, enter the USA at Detroit, Michigan in 1922 Daniel and Patrick Delaney enter the USA at Detroit Michigan in 1922
Hi Al I have copied the 1851 census (below) of Daniel Delaney and took the liberty of inserting the actual baptism / birth dates. (I have found and saved all baptisms). All the children were baptized in Notre Dame Basilica in Ottawa except for Thomas Delaney and Mathew Delaney as they were baptized in Richmond at St. Philip's. I would say the Delaney's arrived in Carleton County around 1834 and so I will look in the 1841 census for data. Mathew was the last child born in 1848 and Catherine Fahey (mother) may have died in that child birth or shortly after as Daniel is a widow in 1851. He married Hanora Driscoll in 1853. Daniel Delaney Sr. died and was buried in St. Patrick's of Fallowfield on 13th September 1884. I assume his wife Catherine Fahey is also there though no legible tombstone reflects their names. Finally you can see at the top of the page, Winifred Davis daughter of Michael Davis and Catherine Howe, who would be Patrick Delaney's wife. Beside the Delaney's are the Kilroes, son John who married Mary Delaney. I can just send the actual baptism or the entire page. Let me know if your contact would desire these. After Catherine Fahey's death, Daniel Delaney married Hannah Driscoll at St. Patrick's Church, Fallowfield: Source: DROUIN Records at ancestry.ca Daniel Delaney marries Hanora Driscoll Take care ... Taylor The 1842 census for Nepean Township, Carleton County, Province of Ontario, Canada Name of Household head – DANIEL DELANEY, non proprietor of real property (land held by deed). Three Natives of Ireland (Daniel Sr., wife Catherine Fahey and son Patrick). Four Natives of Canada (Mary, Thomas, Daniel, Catherine). Number of years in the Province is EIGHT making the arrival in 1833/1834. {Note that the 1901 census for Patrick Delaney also states arrival in 1833}. One male under five years of age = Daniel Jr. born January 17, 1839. Two females under the age of five years = Catherine born April 4, 1841 and sister Ann born September 22, 1842 {Ann was after the census so it was an error and should of read as one not two}. Two males between 5 years and under 14 years of age = Patrick born March 17, 1832 and his brother Thomas born May 28, 1837. One female between 5 years and not 14 years of age = Mary born February 14, 1835. One married male between 30 years but not 60 years of age = Daniel Delaney Sr. One married female between 14 years but not 45 years of age = Catherine Fahey born unknown. Number of people of Roman Catholic faith = Seven. They occupied 80 acres with one acre improved at the time of the census. It was unknown how many bushels of potatoes that was yielded each year. They had 1 neat cattle and 2 hogs. Concession II South East lot 8 in Nepean Township ... Taylor _______________________ Note: Taylor has done a lot of work on this and I still have more material from him to upload to this web page. I'm waiting for Carolyn to get back to us. ... Al __________________________ New August 24, 2012: And here's Carolyn: Hi, Al, Taylor and Grace, Our trip home was uneventful and I have been busy entering so much information that we gathered in our short trip to Canada. I am so grateful for all the help you gave us when we met, as well as the info that you and your friend, Taylor, have sent. It will keep me busy for a while as I get it organized in all the right places. We are going to our cottage this weekend in the Irish Hills and I will gather some info to mail to you. Again, thank you for all your help. I hope to make a return trip to Fallowfield, etc. again one day. Gratefully, Carolyn __________________________ More from Taylor: AN EXERPT FROM THE KENNEDY STORY by Desmond Kennedy : Grandma Kennedy (Margaret Davis) remained in Vancouver until 1925. Then she returned east to stay, a few months after my youngest sister, Betty was born. She did not want to die in the West, she said. S he spent 7 more happy years with us before she died in September, 1932, at the age of 86. Even in later years, she was an impressive figure in any company, tall (over six feet) and erect, dignified and well spoken. I hope this gives you an idea of your great grandmother Winnifred Davis. Margaret Davis Kennedy This is her younger sister Ann Margaret Kennedy nee Davis. A note of interest, their mother (Catherine Howe) died in 1866 and their father Michael Davis remarried to Margaret Welsh / Walsh in 1872 Taylor

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