Metcalfe Village in 1879

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

July 6, 2003:

1881 Census Place:	Osgoode, Russell, Ontario, Canada
	Source:	FHL Film 1375865  NAC C-13229  Dist 104  SubDist G  Div 2  Page 61  Family 271

			Sex	Marr	Age	Origin	Birthplace	Occupation	Religion
William DELEMATER	 M	M	78	Irish	Ireland		Farmer		Catholic
 (was Methodist - see posting dated April 12, 2005)	
Margret DELEMATER	 F	M	68	Irish	Ireland				Catholic

Mullins, Angus	
son of Mullins, James and Delameter, Margarite	of Metcalfe	(Osgoode Township)
married on July 19, 1916	
Scott, Mary Ann	
daughter of Scott, Michael(deceased) & Kennedy, Mary Jane	
Witnesses: Scott, Edward  & Mullins, Agnes	
at St. Michaels, Corkery (Huntley Township)
April 12, 2005: Hi Al, I just noted the new listing on your page re: the 1881 census listing for William Delamater (a.k.a.Delemater). Is he any relation to the William Delamater in the 1861 & 1871 census? (see notes for 1871 census below). This William, husband of Rebecca and father to Jane and Margaret, is one of my ancestors that I am currently researching. Is it possible that there is an error in the 1881 census? William was not Catholic, but Methodist but he allowed his children to be raised Catholic. Rebecca was a widow (O'Horro, O'Hara, O'Horo) with 5 children when she married William. She bore him 3 children, Jane, Margaret and William. Federal Census of 1871 (Ontario Index) 1 [Entry] DELAMATER , REBECCA 48 IRELAND RUSSELL Osgoode 2 [Entry] DELAMATER , JANE 17 ONTARIO RUSSELL Osgoode 3 [Entry] DELAMATER , MARGARET 13 ONTARIO RUSSELL Osgoode 4 [Entry] DELAMATER , WILLIAM 73 QUEBEC RUSSELL Osgoode My connection to William and Rebecca is as follows: (my g-g-g-grandparents) Jane Delamater m. Roger Brisebois (my g-g-grandparents) Catherine Brisebois m. Peter Gillissie (my g-grandparents) Flo Gillissie m. Patrick McGee (my grandparents) My mother grew up in Metcalfe. I have been offered some potential information regarding William from Philip Delamater who has just produced a tome on the Delamaters, most of whom are from New York state, USA, from where our Delamaters originated. William Delemater may have been born in Odeltown, QC. This is an angle I am trying to research. Any help you can give me in this regard would be most appreciated. Thanks a bunch, Carol Pritchard _____________________ Hi Carol: Thanks for your e-mail. Have we corresponded before? It's funny. When I first began researching my roots in Osgoode Township, two of the surnames which intrigued me were Delameter / Delemeter and O'Horo / O'Horro. I see that you are related to a Patrick McGee also. Was he from the South Gloucester area? If so, we're probably related. My Great Grandmother was Mary McGee (there were a few of them!) who married Nicholas Sullivan. I'm going to look further into these folks. There is a grave marker at St. Catharine's Cemetery in Metcalfe which lists some of your ancestors, the Delameters and Brisebois and also mentions an O'Horo. Over at Enniskerry, at St. John's Cemetery, there is another gravemarker with the surname Burns (my ancestors). It also has an O'Horo listed on it. Do you know anything further about the O'Horo family? Do you mind if I add your e-mail and e-mail address to the page at as a contact for other researchers? We may hear from others. I'm also sending a copy of this e-mail to Michael Daley who has done a tremendous amount of work regarding local history and genealogy in Osgoode and Gloucester townships. Thanks again for this. ... Al ____________________
Al, Thanks so much for your reply. We have corresponded before regarding the Gillissie name. I have notes from the 1861 census regarding William and Rebecca and their and her children. These include: James (18), Patrick (16), Mary (20), Ann(14), Catherine (13) O'Horro and Jane (7), Margaret (4) and William (1) Delamater. Their 100 acre farm was on Concession 7, Lot # M29. In the 1871 census, the head of the household is listed as James O'Horro, a change from the 1861 census where William Delamater was listed as head of household. I have visited my grandparents' graves at Enniskerry, being introduced to the site by my Grandmother, Flo Martin (McGee, nee Gillissie). Please do feel free to share my information. I am keen to follow up on the Delamater (Delemater), O'Horro (OHhara) and Brisebois connections. Regarding the McGee connection, my mother's cousin Patrick McGee was doing the family research. The McGee's came from Spencerville. Patrick died in a car accident 2 years ago and his research has been donated to the historical society in Brockville. I have not had the opportunity to reseach his documents as yet. Cheers, ... Carol
April 15, 2005: Carol: This looks like the baptism of your Patrick O'Horo who was aged 16 in the 1861 census: 28 Apr 1844 Baptism of Patrick, born 4 March 1844 of the marriage of Patrick Hora / O'Horo, farmer-resident of Osgoode, and Mary Thompson Godparents: John Casserly & Mary Casserly Source: Records from Notre Dame Church on Sussex Drive in Ottawa (Ellen Paul) ... Al ___________________ This is really interesting. I suppose that Mary Thompson could be Mary Rebecca Thompson. This is like old home week. I am also related to Casserly's. Bridget Gillissie and William Casserly were my mother's god-parents. ... Carol ___________________ HI AL ,Carol, I remember my grandfather speaking about O'Horo, I remember your G,G Grandfather, Roger Brisebois, his son and daughter live [or did] in this area, I meet them at wakes and funerals. I have some info on the Gillissies, I will have a look the first chance i get , the names Mary Thompson , ?? God parents , John and Mary Casserly , ?? ... Michael Daley
New July 12, 2006:
I've just read with interest your interchange about this surname. My wife is of O'Hora/O'Hara descent from the Kemptville, Ontario area. The record we have is as follows: James O'Horo, b. 1798/1800 in Ireland m. Mary Timony, had three children (that we have record of) Patrick b. Jan 1828, James b. abt 1837, & Peter b. 24 Aug 1845. Patrick md. Alice Fay/Foy 18 Jan 1859 with the issue of James, b. 1859; Michael, b. 1860:: Orrin Eugene, b. 1862; Patrick, b. 1863; Mary C., b. 1864; Peter, b. 1866; Bridget Ann, b. 1867; John Francis, b. 1869; & Edna Martha, b. 1872. Mary C. md. James Edward Mills. If you feel you have anything that might connect or if you have any questions, please contact us and we will be willing to share the further information that we have. Thanks, The Bissells
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