Ireland to Kemptville, Ontario, Canada area
(Grenville County, Oxford Township)

New January 7, 2011:

Map Source: McGill University Digital Atlas Grenville County, Oxford Township, Name Spelled as Dagon Home of Daniel Deegan Location of Farm of Daniel Deegan
Good morning. I am researching my ancestors, the Deegan / Deighan family from the Kemptville, Ontario, area. The Deegan family I am researching is Deighan arriving in Canada around 1800, to Kemptville, Ontario. The name was changed to Deegan after the death of Daniel James Deegan 1857, in Oxford Mills, Ontario. I've been to the Deegan Farm a distant cousin & his family owns the whole 200 acres his name is Flannigan. I saw the original foundations of the house where our ancestors lived , the apple trees, the lilac tress that were planted by our ancestors. I even ate an apple from one of the trees. We opened a hand dug well that my Great Great Grandfather, Daniel Deighan, dug and there was still water in it. I saw the old school house on the property (now used to store hay) where the children went to school. One son had 11 children and other had nine. So it was a family school House. I even saw the old wind mill and even managed to pick up some stories from the old folks at a residence who knew the Deegans' at the time. It was a thrill. I even took my Aunt up there to see it. That would have been where her father was born. She is still alive today and will be a 100 years old on April 5, 2011. My Great Grand Father Daniel D.L. Deighan (Deegan) Built a 16 room House/Hotel/Bar at the end of the property at the cross roads of Bedell on The Canadian Pacific Railway line. He called it "Deegan House". I have a picture of it. I also have a picture of my five Grand Uncles taken together. "Deegan House burnt down". I have pictures of the Holy Cross Mission as well as the new church Holy Cross Church. In searching for the little school and buildings check out Concession 5 probable Lot 26 or maybe Lot 25 The buildings were not with Deegan House. The buildings were at the other end of the property. (see map above) It's possible that the William Brazzell who married a Deighan is William Jr and Elizabeth O'Dair's son William. (God bless the Irish who named everybody after everybody in the previous generation(s)) ... Shirley Deegan
Five Deighan / Deegan brothers From Right to left: Simon Deegan, Thomas Deegan, Deodatus (Dennis Michael) Deegan (my Grandfather & twin to Timothy), Daniel Deegan & Timothy Deegan (twin to Dennis Michael). Photo taken about 1898. The Deegan Brothers, Oxford Township, Ontario, Canada
Shirley: The map above shows the location of the Deegan property in 1862. It’s spelled Dagon, but that is likely the Irish pronunciation for Deighan. It is in Grenville County, Oxford Township. The school house is shown as “S.H.” The farm is 200 acres in Concession 5, Lot 26. The railway tracks cut through part of the farm. ... Al

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