Bytown Death Notices
from various newspapers and records (1828 - 1849)

New October 25, 2006:

Thanks to Sue for transcribing the following Bytown Death Notices from 
various newspapers and records (1828 - 1849):

Died, 14 Sept 1828, at the Hog's Back, near Bytown, Samuel CLOWES Sr., 
Civil Engineer, U.C., aged 62.

Died, 30 June 1832, at Lansdown, Lois, wife of Rev. J.C. DAVISON, of Bytown.  
She has left a husband and an infant son 11 months old.

Died, Wednesday, 28 Jan, 1835, at Bytown, John McDONELL, of St. Andrews, U.C. at 
the 29th year of his age. (McDonnell)

Died, 26 Nov, 1835, at Bytown, Caroline Mary, infant daughter of C.L. RUDYERD, 
Paymaster of the Rideau Canal.

In the Bytown Gazette of 22 Nov 1837:  "Sergeant JOHNSON, an old pensioner, of 
this place, and his grandchild, were drowned on Wednesday last when crossing 
the Rideau River at the bottom of the sand hill.

Died 29 Aug 1842, at Bytown, James MCINTOSH, barrister, aged 32. 

In the Bytown Gazette of 20 Feb 1843: "Drowned, on Sunday 29th ult., on the 
Mississippi River, near Carleton Place, William MILLER, a lumberman."

Died, Sunday, 7 May 1843, in Bytown, at 83 years, Mrs. Margaret FITZGIBBONS, 
mother of James FITZGIBBONS, of the Royal Engineers Department of the Rideau Canal.

Died, 10 June 1843, at Bytown, Walter, youngest son of the late Walter ROSS, 7th 
Royal Veteran Battalion.

Died, Monday, 13 Nov 1843, at Bytown, Alexander James CHRISTIE, M.D., Editor & 
Proprietor of the Bytown Gazette, for many years connected with the Provincial Press.

Died, 1 Dec 1843, at Bytown, Mrs. E. B. WILSON, relict of the late Capt. 
Andrew WILSON, R.N., aged 67 yrs. 

Died, 27 Dec 1843, Emeline, third daughter of Major James ROLLO of Nepean.

Died, 14 Feb 1844, near Richmond, Major James ROLLO, son of the Hon. Captain 
ROLLO, Ayr, Scotland, and nephew of Lord ROLLO, age 43.

Died, 22 Feb 1844, at the residence of his brother, William STEWART, Bytown, 
John STEWART, of the township of Lancaster, aged 54 years.

Died, 14 Apr 1844, in Bytown, Isabella, wife of John FINLAYSON, M.D., and 
daughter of the late William FRASER, formerly Sheriff of the Johnstown District.

Died, 15 Nov 1844, in Bytown, Jane Emily, daughter of James JOYNT, aged 1 year.

Died, 29 Nov 1845, at Bytown, soon after giving birth to a stillborn son, 
Eliza, wife of Christopher ARMSTRONG Judge of the Dalhousie District Court, 
and 2nd daughter of the late Patrick AGNEW, of Larne, County Antrim, Ireland.

Died, 17 Nov 1846, at Bytown, John McDonagh, infant son of Edward BARRY, M.D.

Died, 18 Nov 1846, at Bytown, Robert BREMNER, Sr., aged 69 years.

Died, 19 May 1847, John M. DEUSCHLE, of Bytown, was accidentally shot at the 
Bonnechere Point in the township of Horton, by David T. BROWN, of Castleford.  
Mr. Deuschle died in about 3 hours.

Died, 8 June 1847, Francis John Ringer, infant son of Lt. Colonel THOMPSON, 
Royal Engineers, aged 6 months.

Died, 30 June 1847, at the residence of his father in Nepean, Adam DAWSON, 
some time past Editor of the Bytown Gazette.

Died, 29 July 1847, at his son's residence, Bytown, Andrew JOYNT, aged 74 years.  
He was one of the first settlers in that section of the country, having resided 
in that district since 1820.

Died, 14 Aug 1847, at Bytown, James LITTLE, Printer, aged 20 years.

In the Bytown Gazette of 15 Sept 1847: "At the Manse, on Sunday morning, 
the Rev. William DURIE, Pastor of St. Andrew's Church, in this town.  
His disease was typhus fever contracted in the discharge of his duties 
amongst the sick emigrants at the sheds." (Fever sheds)

Died, 26 Jan 1848, in Bytown, Thomas A. CHRISTIE, son of the late Dr. CHRISTIE, 
aged 37 years, for some time Editor of the Bytown Gazette.

Died, 29 May 1848, at Bytown, Catherine, wife of James ELLIOTT, aged 58 years, 
a native of Fermanagh, Ireland.

Died, 26 July 1848, in Kingston, John BURROWS, aged 59 years and 3 months, 
the first inhabitant of Bytown and late of the Royal Engineers Department.

Died, Wednesday, 19 Sept 1849, at his son's residence in Bytown, on his way 
home from the Caledonia Springs, Captain John Bower LEWIS, of Richmond, 
C.W., late of the 88th Regiment, or Connaught Rangers, for many years 
the representative of the County of Carleton.

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