Hull / Ottawa / Nepean area, c. 1850
1852 Nepean Census
Byrn, David,   born in Ireland, c. 1811
Byrn, Bridget, (HANNIGAN), David's wife, born in Ireland
John, born in Quebec, c. 1836
Thomas, born in Ontario, c. 1838
Ellen, Born in Ontario, c. 1840
Bridget, Born in Ontario, c. 1842
Margaret, Born in Ontario, c. 1844
Catherine, Born in Ontario, c. 1846
Johanna, Ontario, c. 1847
Peter, Ontario c. 1849
David, Ontario c. 1850

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From AnnEllen Barr:

The wedding record of Catherine Barnes to Peter Paul RUSSELL on 31 May 1863
at St. Patrick's Church, Kent St., Ottawa was shared with me by Marilyn
Cottrell who I have been corresponding e-mail with.  Catherine was Peter
Paul's second wife.   Peter Paul RUSSELL was the s/o Robert RUSSELL and Ann
FERRIS of Ottawa (Carleton County, Wellington Twp.) and had 6 brothers and
sisters.   Neither Robert nor Ann listed any parents on their marriage
record at Notre Dame Church on 1 Dec 1835.

Note: Wellington Twp. is probably Wellington Ward in west-central Ottawa, walking 
distance to St. Patrick's Church on Nepean St.  ... Al Lewis

Peter Paul RUSSELL's first wife was Ann DUGGAN whom he married in Feb. of
1861.  Their son was born Dec. 1861 but died June 1863.  I have not been
able to find the death records of either of these, yet both occurred in
Ottawa.  I do NOT know who Ann DUGGAN's parents were nor do I have a church
marriage record, just the family bible record.

Peter Paul RUSSELL and his wife Catherine moved to Oconto, WI where they had
eight children:
Alexander (18 Jun 1864), Peter Charles (18 Sep 1865), AnnEllen (13 Apr
1867), Margaret (Sep 1869), Gertrude (Aug 1871), Bridget (Oct 1874), Mary
Agnes (1878), and Eva Teressa (July 1883).  The children were all born in
Oconto, WI.

Catherine's sister Margaret was also in Oconto, WI with her husband John
CORBOY. (also transcribed as  CONBOY in some church records).
I believe (not proven) his brother, Jeremiah CORBOY who married Annie
O'Leary in
Wisconsin was also living in the Oconto, WI area at the time of the 1905
Wisconsin census as
well as most probably earlier.

The family you listed certainly fits the sequence of births as closely as to
be expected on a census.   In the 1905 Wisconsin, USA Census Margaret states her
age as 64 with Annie (wife of Jeremiah) as age 56.

I would not have picked up on the CORBOY connection had it not been for a
comment by my mother (now passed away) who said, a lady named Annie Corboy
came and had coffee with my mother (AnnEllen RUSSELL) and I think she was
more than just a neighbor -- perhaps a sister to my father or mother.

So when I was browsing through records of Oconto in Salt Lake City FHL, my
eyes jumped when I saw the death record of John CORBOY.  Sure enough, his
wife had listed herself with her maiden name (bless her!) as Margaret Barnes
Corboy.  At first I thought Annie was perhaps her daughter.  However the
1905 Census showed Annie Corboy living a few doors from Margaret Corboy and
comparing the ages 64 to Annie's 56, concluded they were sisters-in-law.
Bless Mom for her comment.

Also from AnnEllen: cc. of an e-mail to the OGS I am a member of the Ottawa G.S. and in the STRAYS - British Strays in Ontario, Volume 1, page 58, see a listing: "RUSSEL, Robert born Co. Fergon? IRE. Death, 1874 Jan 03, Brockville, ON. Source: Ont. Death Reg #005352/74, Leeds Co. 1869-84." I strongly suspect this was my g-g-grandfather and would like to go to the "source" listed but don't know how to proceed. Can anyone give me an idea of how to obtain this death record? Do I write the Ottawa Archives, or what? I'm in Chicago so am at a loss as to where I might begin to obtain this record. Thank you in advance for whatever you can suggest. ellen.barr@barrnetwork.com AnnEllen Barr 12-12-00

Early Marriages at St. Michael's, Huntley Name Father Mother Other Date Spouse Parents/Spouse Witnesses Church Place Priest Other Mayer, Simon Mayer, Patrick Hennessy, Elizabeth labourer of Goulbourn 7/16/1873 Browne, Bridget Browne, Thomas & Russell, Ellen Browne, Thomas & Larkin, Margaret St. Michael Corkery O'Mal brother & cousin of bride / Rep 4/74 Ryan, John Ryan, John Russell, Hanora Newport,Co. Tipperary 10/26/1846 Grace, Ellen Grace, Henry & Coffee, Ellen Grace, Patrick & Grace, Margaret St. Michael Huntley O'Con Smyth, William (28) Smyth, Daniel Walsh, Mary Anne b in Fitzroy 3/27/1864 Brown, Ellen (24) Brown, Thomas & Russell, Ellen Brown, Thomas & Brown, Bridget St. Michael Corkery Vaug b in Huntley Births at St. Michael's, Huntley NAME FATHER MOTHER BIRTH BAPTIZED PRIEST SPONSORS Other Kennedy, Catherine Kennedy, Timothy Kief, Mary (O'Keefe) 10/21/1850 11/3/1850 Smith Mantle, James & Russell, Ellenor Ryan, Margaret Ryan, John Grace, Ellen 12/12/1848 12/17/1848 Vaug Ryan, Patrick & Russell, Honoria
Surname: CORBOY / CONBOY Seeking information about John and Jeramias CORBOY who came through Canada (Ottawa or Bytown area, Carleton County) to Oconto, WI. John married Margaret BARNES / BURNS, Jeremias married Ann O'Leary, both marriages in Wisconsin. Seeking possible connections. ... AnnEllen Barr (e-mail link above)
Aug. 28, 2000
I too am trying to find info on David Barnes/Barns/Barrens. I have found so far [I think] that David [1] was married to Bridget Hanigan, I don't know when they were married but am guessing that David was born about 1811, in Ireland. David and Bridget that I am looking for had a son named David[2],born somewhere in Quebec. David[2] married Mary Ellen Muldoon in 1876, this from the registars of St. Michael's parish Fritzroy Harbour, Ont. (about 10 miles from St. Michael's in Huntley) There is also mention of a sister to David[2]; Mary Theresa Barnes married to Henry Vahey (FAHEY?) in Aug. 18 1879. I don't know if these tie in to your family or not but am taking a shot as I can not seem to find anything that is even close ... Lisa Lawley
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June 19, 2001: Hello and perhaps I have emailed you before. I am a Vahey and know of Henry Vahey (now deceased). He and his wife were childless until one of Henry' s brothers died and he helped to raise that child. This would have been in the late 1800 AND EARLY 1900. the child, a girl, was called Jennie Vahey who later in life was a midwife and helped to deliver 100's of children in the area around Arnprior and Ottawa Ontario. I have a web site about Vaheys Jennie Vahey was written up in a small booklet for her work(midwifery). sincerely Jack Vahey in sunny Portland Oregon ======================= Here's an interesting story from AnnEllen: Connecting with Lisa Lawley has been the answer to a family story my aunt had: Two ladies in coats with wonderful fur collars (equated to "rich" by my aunt as a 10-year-old) came to visit her mother in Oconto, WI and they were from Saskatchewan. We never could figure out how anyone from that far away would have traveled to Oconto, WI in 1910 to visit. I believe that these were her father's younger sisters. Knowing that some of the younger siblings traveled out to Saskatchewan gives the story legs. I guess you never know what tiny grains of truth reside in these family stories. I DO have the St. Patrick's (Kent St.) Ottawa films on permanent loan at my FHC and hope to glean more family information from them in the coming months. --------------- Yes, I'd love to share that story. It just shows how these rather unbelievable family stories do have basis in fact. We (my cousin and I) were amazed that her mother's story was validated after all these years. Our skepticism vanished in light of Lori Lawley's side of the tale. AnnEllen
Maureen O'Leary is also researching the O'Leary family in Huntley Township: Surname: LEARY O'LEARY, CORBOY / CONBOY, FOY, CARROLL, RYAN Daniel LEARY and wife Eliza emigrated to Ontario c.1828, settled in Huntley Township c.1832. Children were: Samuel (Mary CORBOY, of Tipperary, Ireland), Elizabeth (Andrew FOY), Mary (John RYAN), Jane (Patrick CARROLL), Ann (Michael CARROLL), Patrick, Margaret, and Daniel. Do you know where Daniel and family came from in COUNTY CORK, IRELAND?
October 16, 2001 From the 1902? registers of St. Mary's Church (now defunct), Wellington Ward, Young Street, Ottawa: Peter Burns, son of the late David Burnes and the late Bridget Hannigan married Bridget Burke, age 47, daughter of the late Thomas Burke and the late Anne ?? and widow of Patrick Franey. Some of this family became Burns and some became Barnes. What's interesting here is that Peter is recorded as Burns in the church record but clearly signed his name as "Pete Barnes". This info is from LDS Reel Number 1301968. See also Henry Brown for more info on this goldmine, er.. church. Also, on Dec. 24, 1905, John David Barnes, s/o Peter Barnes and Margaret Killeen died. Witnesses were Peter Joseph Barnes and Denis Albert Barnes. ... Al
June 8, 2002: There is a listing for Oct 16, 2001 re: Peter Burns. Peter Barnes married Bridget Burke Franey. She was my grt grandmother. I think her mothers name was Anne Tierney, but have not confirmed it. She may have been from Thurso originally. Her first husbands family, Patrick Franey were from Perkins Mills Quebec and had 8 children . I have some info on his family. Would like to hear more about Peter. He died about 1911. Sharon Murphy smurcook@rogers.com
June 19, 2005: Married August 18, 1879 Henry Vahey and Mary Theresa Burns. Witnesses at this marriage were David Vahey of Torbolton and Margaret Ann Muldoon of Torbolton. Both were Roman Catholic and D. J. Saun was the Priest who performed the marriage. Henry had no children. He and his wife Theresa, raised Jenny the daughter of Peter, Henry's brother. "Raised" Mary Jean (Jennie) daughter of Henry's brother Peter. Jennie's mother died 5 days after her birth. Church records show Henry and sister Emma confirmed Feb. 15, 1883 age 30 years. Possible the "0" should be a "6" story related to us Henry on a bet cut and piled "9" cords of elm wood in 1 day...Some days work. He was a lumberman, broadaxman, bushman and farmer. His farm at Dunrobin, on his and Mary's death, remained in Jennie's care, assumed willed to her. She converted it into a home for sick, and elderly, those not able to care fo themselves. Hope this helps you. Carol Stuart cstuart0414@rogers.com
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