Daniel O'CONNOR and Margaret POWER,
Clonmel, County Tipperary, Ireland to Bytown
(O'Connor Street in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) in 1827

also four other Daniel O'CONNORs

Possibly ML# 532 on the McCabe List

February 28, 2002:

Daniel O'Connor, from Clonmel, Tipperary arrived in Bytown in 1827 with his wife
Margaret Power. Their daughter Mary Ann (later married Henry Friel) was the first
white female baby born in Bytown.
Daniel O'Connor quickly became a man of influence in the new community. He was 
one of the first Roman Catholics, along with Captain George Thew BURKE, to do well
here. He died in 1858. O'Connor Street, downtown, is named after him.
He held many local offices and has left an extensive collection of his diaries which
are now held by Library and Archives, Canada, on Wellington Street in Ottawa. 

October 25, 2012:

Thanks to Mary Quinn for the following. Daniel O'Connor's diary is fascinating reading. It also contains the names
of a lot of the early settlers along the Rideau Front in Gloucester Township. Many of these pioneers are recorded in
the McCabe List of 1829.

Hi Mike - Based on the email you sent earlier, I did a search to see if Daniel O'Connor's papers were available online from 
the Library and Archives Canada.  Check out the following link:
Check it out - it is his diary.  Thanks Mike, now I have some reading to do.
Talk soon.

... Mary Quinn

Mary and Michael: I managed to print off a copy of this document for the Bytown or Bust Library and will get copies for you both.
... Al

March 15, 2010:

Photo of Daniel O'Connor, Bytown (Ottawa), Ontario, Canada>
Photo of Daniel O'Connor, Bytown (Ottawa), Ontario, Canada>
Keywords for search engine: Dow, Nicholas Sparks, (Sparks Street) Braddish Billings, Shiners.

May 8, 2002: My GGGrandfather may have come to the area to work on the Rideau Canal too. I have read that there were a lot of Irish people working to build it. It is interesting as in the later part of the 1800s my maternal GGrandfather was a locktender on the New York Erie Canal. The two canals were built in the same era to move people and goods. It took many hands to build them and it was backbreaking work. We do not know if John Close was married in Ireland or Canada. He did own land and had a will. We are trying to obtain those records. I find that the more that I learn about the place where he lived the more pieces of the puzzle I find. Who knows, they may have been neighbors. Happy searching. ------------------- Hello Margaret: Was your GGGrandfather, Daniel O'Connor, any of the individuals listed below? These four Daniel O'Connors were all in the Ottawa area before 1830. 1. 1823 Peter Robinson Settler, Daniel Connor, age 33, from Kanturk, County Cork Wife Bridget, aged 26 in 1823 Settled on Lot 13, Concession 10, Ramsay Township (just west of Ottawa) 2. 1829 McCabe List, Daniel O'Connor, from Clonmel, County Tipperary (above) 3. 1829 McCabe List, Daniel O'Connor, from Kilcomnack (sp. ?), County Longford I'm trying to reconcile some duplicate names from the Peter Robinson Settlers and the people on the McCabe List of 1829. I'd like to add your e-mail address and some info on your pioneer O'Connor family to my web site (with your permission). The home page is http://www.bytown.net Thanks, ... Al Lewis ==================== Dear Al, Got your message on the Leeds/Grenville site. THis is something about our dear Daniel O'Connor. He came from the Parish of Thogher, Dunmanway, Cork, Ireland in 1821. His first residence was Stones Mills later called Delta, Ontario. We have a letter from his mother Joanna Ronan dated August 24, 1824. Daniel was the son of Joanna Ronan and Michael O'Connor. We had no idea what he did during those first years until this last year when we found the family of James Trainor - the brother of Daniel's wife Bridget. Turns out Peter Trainor from County Westmeath brought his family to New York State, USA, in the 1820's to work on the Erie Canal. When they were done there they moved to Kitley to work on the Rideau Canal. We assume that Daniel might have been working on the canals as well or at least was in communication with that group In 1830 when Daniel was 30 and Bridget Trainor 15 they married and one year later they moved to Long Point - now located on county road 3. They had nine children. The daughters married a Slack, Palmer, McDonald and Flood. All were children of early settlers in the area. His obituary is very long and full of info. Here is some of that info. 1. In the troubles of 1827-28 he served in the volunteers and was stationed for a part of the winter of 27 in Gananoque under Capt Robison of Beverly. Daniel was a first sergeant. The following spring Capt Kindrick (Kendrick ?) took command of the company and Daniel retained his rank until he retired due to old age. 2. William B. Richards was elected to represent South Leeds in the old parliament of canada. He had Daniel appointed to in the commission of the Peace and consequently was the first Irish Catholic Magistrate in the county of Leeds. 3. He gave the land at Long Point to the town for a school. This came from his devotion to education. 4. Many of the Methodist ministers who preached at the Long Point School (it was used for Sunday services until churches were built) were his frequent guests. Rev. Mr. Hill, Rev Vincent Smith. Rev. Mr Hindmarch and Rev Mr. Brown. They participated in lively discussion about religion and other topics. Another interesting note I think is that he knew many people. When Charles O'Connor was about five years old he remembered going to visit the McArdle family in Seeley's Bay and seeing the new born Emily. Years later they married and lived over 50 years together. Charles and Emily lived at Long Point until about 1920 when they moved to Kingston to be near their son - Dr. Fergus O'Connor Sr. My husband and I recently purchased the stone school house at long point from several of my cousins. Another fellow has bought the farm house and we both intend to restore the buildings. This summer the descendants of Daniel and Bridget are going to have a reunion up in that area. We have located many of the descendants. There are many still living in the area and the rest of us are scattered all over. I hope this gives you some information on our Daniel and Bridget. We have pictures of them and their children. Let me know if there is anything else you would like to know. Margaret Brennan
May 24, 2011: Dear Margie, I see that this is a very old blog post that I am reading (2002)...but thanks to the internet, I was able to google it. We are also relatives of Daniel O'Connor > Michael> Charlotte who married Warren A Mengel. Moved to New York, USA, and > Warren B Mengel . I would be interested in any onfo you have on this side of the family. Unfortunately my Dad's dad left his young family when my Dad was 6 months old. There was a little connection with the Mengel family, but I'm sure there is a lot we never learned due to this separation...We do have a photo of a young Warren B and his Grandfather Michael. Thanks Sincerely, Jeri Mengel Bellan __________________________ This is great info and we have tons on the rest of the family. if you are dong research on the family we are having a little get together up at the school house on Daniel's property on august 2-4 of relatives who are interested in genealogy. you can come and learn a great deal about our family history. Michael seemed to have been an interesting person - Sheila Byrnes who is a cousin of yours on that line is planning to attend and maybe she will bring Margaret O'Connor from Gananoque along with her. I had 25 first cousins and siblings on my line. we are all in touch and connected to it is very nice when I am up there to have so much family around. we have made connections with many of the families. you are more than welcome to join us if you like. Margaret
O'Connor / Mengel picture #1 O'Connor / Mengel picture #2

New December 14, 2015: Thanks to Christopher Smith who is researching his ancestors William Tracey and Rachel Dague (Dagg, Dack). He sent along a page of records from 1830 at Notre Dame showing, among others, the baptism of John, son of Daniel O'Connor and Mary Power.
The baptism of John, son of 
Daniel O'Connor and Mary (Margaret) Power, Bytown, 1830

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