Chieti, Italy to Ottawa
(Chieti is near the Adriatic Sea, almost due east of Rome)
February 4, 2005:

I was forwarded the website link and I see that I can 
possibly include a request for Genealogy information as I am trying to 
research my family tree.
I am trying to find my Italian ancestors.
I am looking for the names, Liberatore, Disipio, D'Angelo and Perseo from 
Pretoro, Chieti, Italy.
Please contact me at for further information.
My thanks in advance,
Nick D'Angelo
New February 7, 2005: Good morning Nick; I have been to both places with the Ottawa Fire Department Band over the last few years. Angelo Filoso who edits the Italian newspaper in Ottawa may be able to help you out. The names you mention are prominent Ottawa names and I'm sure Angelo can help you out. Good luck DA Smith e-mail:

E-mail Nick D'Angelo and Al Lewis

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