Selected baptisms from the records of the Cathedral of Notre Dame, Ottawa, Canada

 December 24, 2001						
Al - As I was reading the microfilm of the parish records of the Cathedral of Notre Dame, 
I copied those with a mention on Slaven, Bulger / Bolger and Barrett in them.  I put them in an 
Excel spreadsheet.  I'm sending it as an attachment.  I don't know if this is something 
that you could use, but you are welcome to do whatever you wish with it. 

Have a Merry Christmas 

Theresa Liewer 						
Date of						
Baptism	       Child	Father		Mother		Sponsors
21 March 1832	Anthony	Anthony	Barrett	Mary	Burke	Richard Burke & Sally Burke
4 Nov 1834	Mary	Anthony	Barrett	Mary	Burke	Patrick Barrett & Sarah Burke
11 April 1837	Judith	Anthony	Barrett	Mary	Burke	Anthony Burke & Ellen Lannelle
3 April 1836	John	Patrick	Barrett	Sarah	Burke	Catherine and Michael Burke
9 Nov 1837	Catherine	Patrick	Barrett	Sarah	Burke	Michael Barrett & Nancy Flynn
3 Jan 1836	Anna	Peter	Barrett	Maria	Smith	Patrick Barrett & Sarah Burke
6 June 1833	Thomas	Michael	Bulger	Bridget	Finlay	Daniel Day & Peggy Abbott
3 Feb 1833	Mary	Nicholas	Bulger	Mary	Colsp?	Thomas Mathew & Bridget McGillan
4 Sep 1831	Mary	James	Corrigan	Cecilia	Barrett	Patrick Barrett & Julian Corrigan
4 Sep 1831	Sarah	James	Corrigan	Cecilia	Barrett	James & Catherine O'Brien
11 Nov 1832	Anna	James	Corrigan	Cecilia	Barrett	Richard & Mary Givens
9 Jan 1835	Mary	James	Corrigan	Cecilia	Barrett	John & Sarah Corrigan
29 Sep 1835	Julia	James	Corrigan	Cecilia	Barrett	Patrick Rice & Peter Cavanough
18 Oct 1829	Michael	William	Downey	Bridget	Slaven	Michael Traynor & Mary Murphy
1 Dec 1831	Mary	William	Downey	Bridget	Slaven	Hugh McKenna & Catherine McKenna
9 July 1838	Anna	William	Downie	Bridget	Slaven	John Doyle & Mary Doyle
9 Feb 1833	Thomas	John	Fitzgerald	Mary	Slaven	Joseph Benson & Mary Lynch
7 Oct 1833	Bridget	Charles	Flynn	Bridget	Barrett	Peter Barrett & Margaret Corrigan
27 Dec 1829	Catherine	Martin 	Kelly	Bridget	Hough	John Houlihan & Mary Helpin
13 Sep 1843	Ann	John	O'Neil	Bridget	Barrett	Joseph Trugeons & Rosa Flynn
10 Nov 1835	William	Michael	Slavin	Elizabeth	Minogue	? Prospere & Mary F?
7 Nov 1836	Judah	Michael	Slavin	Elizabeth	Minogue	Peter Dalore & Nancy Malone
28 June 1839	Mary	Michael	Slavin	Elizabeth	Minogue	Wm A? and William Gray
26 Nov 1840	Catherine	Michael	Slavin	Elizabeth	Minogue	Richard McCannn & ? Brennan
24 Feb 1834	Frances	Patrick	Slavin	Mary 	Bulger	Michael Mulligan & Bridget Mulligan
1 Feb 1835	Mary	Patrick	Slavin	Mary	Bulger	Lawrence Byrnes * (BURNS) & Mary Shea
17 July 1836	James	Patrick	Slavin	Mary	Bulger	Michael Slevin & Marie Morrow (McMorrow)

* (My GGGrandfather ... Al)

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