Richard DALEY and Mary McCRANK

ML# 495 or ML# 492 on the McCabe List
from County Wexford (both named Richard DALY / DAILY from same parish)
also Joseph DALY and Elizabeth DEMPSEY

October 30, 2002:
Hello Al:
That Richard Daly who worked on canal and asked to have his brother Owen come over is a 
relative. Michael Daly married to Elizabeth Curran was my Great grand parents and they 
all lived in the old Daly settlement near Farm Point in the Gatineau Valley.
... Ray Daly.

N.B. Also posted on October 30, 2002: Ray, I've been reading the various e-mails on the McCranks around Farrelton and decided to seek some info from you and also to add some info. My great grandmother Mary Ann Daly (Joseph Daly and Elizabeth Dempsey) was from Plantagenet and married John Kelly (Thomas Kelly and Bridget Kilduff ) from the Farrelton area. I believe my grandmother, Bridget Kelly used to go to Mass at the chapel in Martindale. John Kelly and Mary Ann Daly eventually moved to Bouchette where they are both buried. From what I've read in your e-mails, your wife's grandmother, Sarah Daly who married James McSheffrey, and her brother John Daly who married Mary McCrank and her sister Catherine (Kathleen ) who married William McCrank were also from Plantagenet and had the same parents - Joseph Daly and Elizabeth Dempsey. So I can only assume that Mary Ann Daly is also their sister. You also mention that your wife's grandmother Sarah Daly had another sister named Elizabeth who married Joseph Carroll, which would mean that Elizabeth is another sibling. Are you related to these Daly's? I would appreciate any info on the Daly's. I had absolutely no info on Mary Ann Daly other than the names of her parents and that she came from Plantagenet until I read your e-mails. Here's my info (which I have gathered from various census and marriage records, as well as direct family info). John Kelly ( Thomas Kelly and Bridget Kilduff ) b.abt.June 03,1852 Farrelton,Que d.Oct.11,1904 Bouchette,Que. + Mary Ann Daly ( Joseph Daly and Elizabeth Dempsey ) b.? d.March 22,1938 Bouchette,Que Their children: 1 .....Thomas Kelly b.abt.Aug.03,1879 d.? + Margaret Milmore (Denis Milmore and Mary Summerville ) 2.....Elizabeth Kelly b. Aug.1881 ( I believe she was known as Lucy and died when she was 9 yrs. old. ) 3.....Bridget Kelly (my grandmother) b.abt.Nov.30,1883 d.1972 Montcerf,Que. + Matthew McGee (James R. McGee and Elizabeth Gallagher) b.abt.April 10,1873 Vinton, (Pontiac County) Que. d.1949 Montcerf, Que. 4.....Joseph Kelly b.abt.Dec.01,1885 d.1885 buried in Farrelton + Lucy Brennan ( James Brennan and Elizabeth McDonald of Low, Que.) (Brennan's Hill ?) b.abt.Feb.16,1890 Low,Que. d.1981 buried in Farrelton 5.....Richard Kelly b.abt.Feb.03,1887 d.? + Ellen Trudeau (Thomas Trudeau and Ellen Murphy) 6.....John (Jack ) Kelly b.abt.March 29,1889 d.? + Gertrude Martin 7.....Edward Kelly (Disappeared. The family received a letter from Oregon, USA, but never heard from him again. ) b.abt.Jan.11,1891 8.....Michael Kelly b.abt.Jan.30, 1895 d.April 13, 1986 buried in Notre Dame cemetery, Ottawa. + Helen ( Nellie ) Newton I also wouldn't mind any info on the above Kellys. You seem to know a lot about the Farrelton area. On the Daniel O'Carroll and Ellen Swain page on this site, you mention an Ann Kelly who was the second wife to Patrick Carroll. Do you know who Ann Kelly's parents were? John Kelly and Mary Ann Daly had a daughter named Ann. Here's some info I picked up from the web ( Church of Latter Day Saints site ) on John Kelly's parents, Thomas Kelly and Bridget Kilduff. I don't know how accurate it is. Thomas Kelly b.1816 Ireland d.Aft.1852 Wakefield, Que. + Bridget Kilduff b.1816 Ireland d.Aft.1852 Wakefield, Que. Their children are: 1....Thomas Kelly b.1842,Que. d.Aft.1881, Low, Que. 2....Patrick Kelly christened Feb.27,1848,St.Etienne,Old Chelsea,Que. (St. Stephen's) 3....Richard Kelly christened May 24,1846,St.Etienne,Old Chelsea,Que. 4....Anne Kelly christened July 08,1844,St.Paul, Aylmer, Que. 5....John Kelly ( This is my great grandfather listed above married to Mary Ann Daly ) christened June 20,1852, St.Camillus, Farrelton, Que. Also, under the children of William McCrank and Catherine Daly, you mention that their son Michael McCrank married Mary Ann Hearty from Vinton, Que. Do you know who Mary Ann Hearty's parents are? I may be related. My grandfather's ( Matthew McGee married to Bridget Kelly listed above ) had an aunt, Ann McGee, who was married to Owen Hearty. They had a daughter named Mary Ann born about 1870. They lived in Vinton. My great grand father, James R. McGee, was from Vinton. There's more info on the "James McGee and Elizabeth Gallagher" page on Bytown or Bust. My last question is what does WFT Est.1905-1970 mean? You have several people who died with this in their death info. Thanks for your time in answering my questions. I live in Newfoundland and info is hard to get. Clare Whitney
October 25, 2002: From: Ray Daly [] Sent: October 24, 2002 2:57 PM To: Joy Subject: Richard Daly
Descendants of Richard Daley
Generation No. 1 1. RICHARD DALEY (THOMAS3, RICHARD2, UNKNOWN1) was born August 08, 1853 in Chelsea, Quebec, and died July 07, 1894 in Farrellton, Quebec. He married MARY L. MCCRANK September 13, 1876 in Masham, Quebec. She was born September 23, 1854, and died June 24, 1939 in Maniwaki, Quebec. More About MARY L. MCCRANK: Burial: Montcerf, Quebec Children of RICHARD DALEY and MARY MCCRANK are: i. PATRICK SARSFIELD DALEY, b. 1881, Farrellton, Quebec; d. March 1883. ii. JAMES THOMAS DALEY, b. March 20, 1882, Farrellton, Quebec; d. October 17, 1902, Montcerf, Quebec. Notes for JAMES THOMAS DALEY:ied in WW1 iii. REDMOND DALEY, b. July 28, 1884, Farrellton, Quebec; d. December 20, 1922, Montcerf, Quebec. Notes for REDMOND DALEY: Killed in a lumber camp (murdered) 2. iv. MARGARET ELIZABETH DALEY, b. December 30, 1886, Farrellton, Quebec; d. April 21, 1925, Assintoria, Saskatchewan. 3. v. MARY FRANCIS DALEY, b. July 12, 1890, Farrellton, Quebec; d. March 17, 1919, Maniwaki, Quebec. 4. vi. ANNE MAY DALEY, b. May 01, 1893, Farrellton, Quebec; d. October 16, 1971, Farrellton, Quebec. Generation No. 2 2. MARGARET ELIZABETH DALEY (RICHARD4, THOMAS3, RICHARD2, UNKNOWN1) was born December 30, 1886 in Farrellton, Quebec, and died April 21, 1925 in Assintoria, Saskatchewan. She married JOHN MOORE February 18, 1914 in Ottawa, Ontario. He was born 1875 in Maniwaki, Quebec, and died 1963. Children of MARGARET DALEY and JOHN MOORE are: 5. i. WILLARD FRANCIS6 MOORE, b. December 09, 1915, Assiniboia, Saskatchewan; d. October 28, 1980. 6. ii. MARY VERA MOORE, b. September 01, 1917, Assiniboia, Saskatchewan. iii. FERGUS JOHN MOORE, b. August 06, 1921, Assiniboia, Saskatchewan; d. January 01, 1958. 7. iv. HAROLD RICHARD MOORE, b. June 29, 1923, Assiniboia, Saskatchewan. 8. v. RHEA MOORE, b. April 16, 1925, Assiniboia, Saskatchewan. 3. MARY FRANCIS5 DALEY (RICHARD4, THOMAS3, RICHARD2, UNKNOWN1) was born July 12, 1890 in Farrellton, Quebec, and died March 17, 1919 in Maniwaki, Quebec. She married PATRICK MCELROY. Children of MARY DALEY and PATRICK MCELROY are: i. ELLIS MCELROY. ii. MARY MCELROY, m. VICTOR SULLIVAN. iii. REDMOND MCELROY, m. ALICE ROCHON. 4. ANNE MAY DALEY (RICHARD4, THOMAS3, RICHARD2, UNKNOWN1) was born May 01, 1893 in Farrellton, Quebec, and died October 16, 1971 in Farrellton, Quebec. She married FRANCIS JOSEPH FARRELL. Children of ANNE DALEY and FRANCIS FARRELL are: 9. i. FRANCIS JOSEPH6 FARRELL, b. July 23, 1917, Farrellton, Quebec; d. September 03, 1990, Farrellton, Quebec. 10. ii. MARY ELEANOR MARGARET FARRELL, b. April 09, 1921, Low, Quebec. Generation No. 3 5. WILLARD FRANCIS MOORE (MARGARET ELIZABETH5 DALEY, RICHARD4, THOMAS3, RICHARD2, UNKNOWN1) was born December 09, 1915 in Assiniboia, Saskatchewan, and died October 28, 1980. He married (1) MABEL JENSENE HANSON January 19, 1940. She died 1963. He married (2) MARY JANE LYNAS July 03, 1965. She died 1973. He married (3) 6. MARY VERA6 MOORE (MARGARET ELIZABETH5 DALEY, RICHARD4, THOMAS3, RICHARD2, UNKNOWN1) was born September 01, 1917 in Assiniboia, Saskatchewan. She married WILLIAM VALENTINE SCHAFER December 23, 1935 in Assinobia, Saskatchewan. He was born April 21, 1911 in Renown, Saskatchewan, and died June 18, 1992. 7. HAROLD RICHARD MOORE (MARGARET ELIZABETH5 DALEY, RICHARD4, THOMAS3, RICHARD2, UNKNOWN1) was born June 29, 1923 in Assiniboia, Saskatchewan. He married ELEANOR MEHAIN 8. RHEA6 MOORE (MARGARET ELIZABETH5 DALEY, RICHARD4, THOMAS3, RICHARD2, UNKNOWN1) was born in Assiniboia, Saskatchewan. She married GEORGE FRANKLIN BRANSTED in Assinobia, Saskatchewan. 9. FRANCIS JOSEPH6 FARRELL (ANNE MAY5 DALEY, RICHARD4, THOMAS3, RICHARD2, UNKNOWN1) was born in Farrellton, Quebec, and died 1990 in Farrellton, Quebec. He married MARY MAGDELENE GERMAINE RENAUD born in Poltimore, Quebec. 10. MARY ELEANOR MARGARET6 FARRELL (ANNE MAY5 DALEY, RICHARD4, THOMAS3, RICHARD2, UNKNOWN1) was born in Low, Quebec. She married ROBERT SMITH. He was born in Low, Quebec.
June 5, 2003: I just stumbled into your site and found out we have the same great grandparents. I was just sent some info on my family tree. Elizabeth Curran and Michael Daley are my 4th great grandparents. I'm trying to find out the names of his parents so I can do more research on the Irish roots. Everything seems to stop in 1795 with Michaels birth in Wexford County. Any info would be really appreciated. Thanks. Kim
April 13, 2004:
Joseph DALY and Elizabeth DEMPSEY
Hi Ray I notice on the site Bytown or Bust, there is a mention of Joseph Daly and Elizabeth Dempsey. They are my gg grandparents. Would you happen to have any info on them. I know they were from Ireland and I know their birth and death dates but I do not know anything beyond them. Their son Patrick Daly married Sarah Gleeson / Gleason, and Patrick and Sarah's daughter, Mary Ann Daly, married Mathew Colby. Would love to know more if possible. I have all of Joseph and Elizabeth's children and their birth dates if you need them. Regards Barbara Hawes
May 20, 2005: See also Carroll Daly and Bridget McCarthy in the Farrelton area.
March 14, 2007: Thanks to Will Dunlop for the following link to the Daly family in the Chelsea area:
June 11, 2008: HI, My wife's family are Carroll and Noreen Daly from Timmins prior to that Montcerf ( Maniwaki ) and Farrelton Quebec. We would like to make contact with members of the family with the hope of finally pulling some of the family history together. We waited a touch long and what we have is mostly family stories without a lot of proof of a lot of them. The Daly line as we know it is Carroll Daly ( my wife's Grandfather ) - his parents Dennis and Bridget McCrank Daly and Carroll Daly the generation before. Of my Mother-in-law's ( Sheila Daly Brown ) generation there are now only two left of the original 7. We are also looking for help with the " Roy" family who came from the Maniwaki area and married into the family. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. What we have in the way of information though limited we would be pleased to share with family members. Are any of you in touch with Michael ( Mike ) Daley of the Ottawa area? I have been recently been given a phone number that is either wrong or there has been an event that has negated the number and I seek to make contact with Mike. Regards ... Fred Goodfellow (sent Mike Daley's e-mail address ( to Fred ... Al) See also Carroll Daly and Bridget McCarthy __________________________ Thanks to Michael Daley for the following reply: Good evening, to Fred Goodfellow, Al. and all, I just handed this Email to my wife Betty [ Thompson] Daley.[ of 58 yr.] from the Maniwaki area, those names rang a bell, ? [or was it just a little dingle. ]? Carroll Daly,was rushing, my wife mother, Edith Mahoney from Bouchette , the name ? "John Ryan married to a Daly, Also flashed across her mind . some years ago in visiting the Eddie Mahoney family, Betty's Uncle, in Timmins we chanced to meet Carroll Daly's Daughter , question ,Did she marry a Mahoney ?? or am I in the wrong pew, ? Fred a gentleman , Donald Brunette in , Timmins calls us regularly, he informed Betty ,you would calling, if we can not help, are you in this part of the world, how did you get my name ? great to hear from you ... Michael Daley
December 22, 2012: Mr. Ray Daly from the Chelsea area passed away on December 19, 2012. He was a long-time Internet friend and contributed greatly to our web site. He will be missed. Condolences to his family and many friends. ... Al Lewis His ancestor, Richard Daly, is listed on the Pioneer Martindale Cemetery Monument.

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