Patrick DALEY and Elizabeth SHERIDAN
Ireland to the Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, area by the 1840's

May 22, 2010:

Good morning Michael,
My name is Frances Weigt and I am researching my roots back to Ireland.  I came across the Bytown website and found you.
My great grandfather was Michael James Daley married to Elizabeth Kirkbride.  Are we related and do you have a location 
in Ireland where Michael's parents, Patrick and Elizabeth Mary were born?  Ship names, etc.?
The family lived at 118 Crichton St. in New Edinborough. I remember going there as a child to visit my great aunt Grace 
and great uncle Archie (siblings who never married and stayed in the family home until they died and left the home 
to a niece.

My GreatGreatGrandparents were Patrick Daley and Elizabeth Sheridan.
Any info would be appreciated.  

Thanks to Michael Daley for the following reply to Frances:

Good evening  Frances,  I do not recognize those names ,  I am descendant of Michael Daley & Elizabeth McGuire of King's County,
now called Offaly, first settled in or around Montreal in the 1822 --  23 ??   to Osgoode Township, 1832-3 ,
two sons born in Ireland, my son  put a request for info on the McGuire families of Kings County Ireland on, 
the "Family History & Genealogy message board' At and an answer
appeared  on the board, dated Oct 24 ,2009,     It reads, James Daly,son of Michael Daley & Elizabeth McGuire was baptized in 
September 1821 in the RC.parish of Tullamore Co ,Offaly [ Kings Co.] there was no record of there marriage or any other children
baptism, but many records  are missing, this was signed by a John McGuire, 

Michael  Daley

Hi Frances and Michael:
I just had a quick look through the Notre Dame Cathedral records (on Sussex Drive). There were Sheridans here by 1829, 
but the first occurrence of a record for Patrick Daley and Elizabeth Sheridan is the following, according to the
DROUIN Records at :
18 February 1844
Baptism of Jane, born the 10th of the marriage of Patrick Daly and Elizabeth Sheridan
Godparents: John Mcinnis & Mary Daly 

and here is the birth of your greatgrandfather, Michael Daley, in 1850: 

22 December 1850
Baptism of Michael, born at Bytown about 8 December, son of Patrick Daly and Elizabeth Sheridan
Godparents: Richard Sheridan & Eliza McClean

and in 1853, they are living in New Edinburgh: 

8 May 1853
Baptism of Elizabeth, born 27 April of the marriage of Patrick Daly and Elizabeth Sheridan of New Edinburgh
Godparents: Edward & Ann Bambrick

... Al 
New May 24, 2010: Thanks to Sue for all of the following additional information: here they are in the 1851/52 census On Elizabeth's death registration (she died 7 Jan 1909), her father's name is given as Richard Sheridan. Pat Daly (as written in Notre Dame's register) died 16 Nov 1862 at age 40. No other information given. ______________________ The family is in the 1861 Gloucester, Carleton, Ontario census (as DALY and ages are all over the place): Patrick 42 Elizabeth 35 Jane 16 William 13 Robert 10 Michael 8 Elizaberh 6 John 4 Patrick 2 ______________________ By the 1871 census of New Edinburgh, Russell, Ontario, Elizabeth is a widow: Elizabeth 50 Robert 23 Michael 20 Elizabeth 17 John 14 Patrick 11 Jane Daly married James Bambrick, a son of Frances Bambrick & Catherine O'Neill, on 22 May 1865 in Ottawa William Daley (as spelled in death registration) died in New Edinburgh of consumption (TB) on 19 April, 1871. _______________________ By the 1881 census of New Edinburgh, Russell, Ontario: Elizabeth 60 John 21 Patrick 19 Robert Daly married Margaret Jane Steel (Shie..?) in Ottawa on July 4 1877. Witnesses were his siblings Michael & Elizabeth Michael Day (as it is entered in the Ontario registrations) married Elizabeth Kirkbride, a daughter of William Kirkbride and Elizabeth O'Neill, on 27 May 1877 in Ottawa. I can't find Elizabeth anywhere ________________________ By the 1891 census of New Edinburgh, Russell, Ontario: Elizabeth 65 John 32 Patrick 30 _________________________ By the 1901 census of New Edinburgh, Elizabeth is now living with her married son Patrick: Patrick 39 Ellen 34, his wife William J, 5, his son John, 41, his brother Elizabeth, his mother, born Nov 11 1825 according to the census and emigrated in 1841 according to the census Patrick Joseph Daly married Helen Ainsborough in Ottawa on 23 Sep 1893. Helen was born in Ireland. _________________________ By the 1911 Russell census, John is still unmarried, aged 50, and still living with brother Patrick and his family Michael and wife are here: And here is a picture of their tombstone Robert Daly and family are here: And here is a picture of their tombstone from Scott Naylor's web site: Jane (Bambrick) is now a widow and is here: And here is a picture of her tombstone: Here is a picture of the tombstone of Patrick and Elizabeth Sheridan Daley (with sons William, John and Patrick Joseph): Hope all this helps a bit. All we 'kind of' know is that Elizabeth Sheridan (was she married yet?) came to Canada about 1841. ... Sue

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