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New September 2, 2006:

Mr. Michael Daley from Osgoode Township (email mbdaley@xplornet.ca) was one
of the first persons I met when beginning research into my ancestors in the 
South Gloucester and Manotick Station area. He had known my grandfather, George Burns, 
and was a tremendous help to me in tracking down a lot of elusive ancestors.

I didn't know it at the time but he is one of the top genealogists and local 
historians in the Ottawa area. His "office" contains more material than some local
museums. For years, Michael and his wife Betty have been involved in local history
and genealogy work through the Osgoode Township Historical Society. Michael has 
contributed a lot of material to our web site.

Sean Daley, Michael and Betty's son, is continuing the Daley family tradition of 
community service. He has, with his wife, Sharalyn (Carruthers), established the 
Daley Family Funeral Home in Osgoode Township at 6971 Bank St. just north of the 
Metcalfe corner. 

Best of luck to Sean and Sharalyn in this new venture!

Daley Family Funeral Home Ltd. 
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