Cecile McDOUGAL and John DALE
Maniwaki and Baskatong, Quebec, area

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Picture of my Great Grandfather John Dale , his mother in law , Jacko Mc Dougall and Cecile McDougall Dale ( Twenish) possibly taken at the time they were married. Picture of John Dale and Cecile McDougal
April 10, 2004: My Great Grandmother was an Algonquin Native from Maniwaki, Her name was Cecile McDougal. She married an Irish man John M. Dale, they had lived in the Maniwaki area and had seven children. In the 1901 Census the four of them are listed as from Baskatong. I would like to know more about my Great Grandmothers aboriginal background. The children were all baptized at River Desert Parish. When the Baskatong area flooded what happened to church records and graves? I would like to find out where my Great Grandmother was buried , she died in 1910 in giving birth to a child whom also died . If anyone has information on this family I would like to hear from you. NP Sincerely Susan Sirois ____________________ Susan: Here is a McDougal family from the Maniwaki area in the 1881 census. This family may be related to your Great Grandmother. I've added a bit on the history of the Algonquins to this page. ... Al 1881 Census Place: Egan & Maniwaki, Ottawa, Quebec, Canada Source: FHL Film 1375861 NAC C-13225 Dist 97 SubDist QQ Div 2 Page 13 Family 69 Sex Marr Age Origin Birthplace Pierre MCDOUGAL M M 45 Indigenous Quebec Occ: Hunter & Farmer Religion: Roman Catholic Hariett MCDOUGAL F M 35 Indigenous Quebec Occ: Hunter & Farmer Religion: Roman Catholic Abram MCDOUGAL M 14 Indigenous Quebec Occ: Hunter & Farmer Religion: Roman Catholic Philomen MCDOUGAL F 10 Indigenous Quebec Occ: Hunter & Farmer Religion: Roman Catholic Sophia MCDOUGAL F 8 Indigenous Quebec Religion: Roman Catholic Serah MCDOUGAL F 5 Indigenous Quebec Religion: Roman Catholic
October 19, 2004: Hi Again Mr Lewis I have went to Maniwaki on a research and have found some answers on the search of John Dale and Cecil Mc Dougall. I was to the Montcerf archives and spoke with a lady and she has found information in the registry of Notre Dame Assomption in Maniwaki , that Cecil went by her Indian name Cecin Twenish, her mother Charlotte Mc Dougall was dead and she was a minor of Anbroise Twenish and Catenin Tcipaiatikokwe (Twenish ) Baskitians. She was given consent by Jacko Mc Dougall and Manian, I presume these were possibly her father and maybe Grandmother. John Dale signed as John Mc Dale, that is why I could not find him. In the micro film Fond Droun Cecil is recorded to have died on September 28th 1910 at age 27 and with her a baby that died November 18th 1910 named Cecin Twenish. They were buried at St Francois Mission of Baskatong an Indian burial ground, near the Baskatong road in Quebec. I did find the sight , but only crosses and no names. I would still like to find any information on this family, as one daughter named Emeline Dale and William Dale is not been found recorded. Thanks Susan Sirois
February 18, 2006: Dear Al Here is what I have been able to find out from church records and other genealogists, about John Dale and Cecile. John (Mc) Dale was the son of John Dale and Charlotte Mc Dougall. he was born in 1863 another had him down as 1867) From the registers of Notre - Dame de l' Assomption de Maniwaki F.34/37 page 356 - M 17. He was married on 1896/08/21 to Cecile - Cecin Twenish. She was the daughter of Antoine Ambroise Twenish Apinesi and Catherine Tshipatikokwe Alexis. Cecile called herself by the name Cecile Mc Dougall - Dale for some unknown mystery. She died according to records de la Paroisse n. D. de l' Assomption , Maniwaki , micro film state she died at the mission St Francois - Xavier of Baskatong Her death is recorded as September 28, 1910 age 27. A daughter is also recorded her name was Cecile Twenish Dale , age one month 20 days on November 18, 1910 died To this day she is believed to be put in a native burial ground on the Baskatong road near Grand Remous, as the area in which they lived was flooded in 1929. Not much was written about this mission , Father Stanislas Beaudry was in charge of moving the graves. The book Bouchard, Serge, ed Memoires d'un simple missionnaire. Le pere Joseph - Etienne Guinard, o.m.i. 1864 - 1965 Quebec: Ministere des affaires culturelles, 1980 pg 87. There was very little stated about the mission of Baskatong. To this day I have been unable to find anything about the parents of Cecile Twenish... Her Mother Catherine Tshipikokwe Alexis , also known as Twenish - Mc Dougall lived with my Grandmother Jennie Mitts, in Maniwaki , and what my Grandmother Mitts related to me is that she died in 1937 . From a record of an old Band paylist , it shows early 30's it was sent to Stonecliffe, possible she died there , but I still have a possible reason to believe it was Maniwaki. Indian Affairs have no records of her husband. I have come to a point of saying that Cecile Twenish lost her status for marriage to John ( Mc ) Dale as he was not native . John (Mc) Dale went on to Ireland in the 1920's and remarried , he is recorded as August 3, 1938 at Ards district and is buried in Movilla cemetery Northern Ireland. There is just two siblings of John and Cecile that were unable to be traced , William Dale and Emeline Dale . They were recorded in the census records of 1911. Looking over all the old family letters , this family never did find one another and only letters from John (Mc ) Dale remained in Grannie's old trunk. Much of them were heart breaking to read , and so I still search for answers. So if you ever come across anything about Baskatong , I would love to hear about it , I have gone back there now to the beautiful area , and consider that area a part of my family past. Regards Susan Sirois
January 24, 2007: Hi Al Have just got back some intresting research to add to my family. Cecin " Cecile" Twenish my Great Grandmother. Her Father " Ambroise '' Apinesi Twenish and Mother, Katenin " Catherine " Tcipatikokwe , married 22-07-1867 Maniwaki (Notre- Dame ) Que. His parents were Jean - Baptiste Chiamiban & Mani Mitewinini Her parents were Alexis Kinowabe & Mani-Josephte 0kijiwidjiwanokwe, It is suspected that my families ancestors may have been part of the original families from Oka / Kanesatake to settle in the early 1850's permanently in the Maniwaki / Baskatong area. Would be intrested if anyone had any info on Oka / Kanesatake. Would also like to find any family names that are related or history to add. Also any one knowing about the Mission that was flooded in 1929 , in Baskatong , the lake was called Piskatong by the Indian. In 1865 log camps and fur traders came to the area, then hotels and stores were constructed. Also a post office. In 1870 the missionary came , the first church was built in 1906. It was named St. Francois Xavier, which became a mission. Hydro Quebec wanted to develope the area , just before the area flooded a dam was constucted " the Mercier Dam" . a reservoir was built to contain the water from the lake. In 1929 it was flooded. Families had to evacuate and were not happy. Some had spent their lives in this spot , such as my Grandmother and her families. In 1927 most of the graves were removed to higher ground, the church was dismantled and taken to Grand Remous , where it later burned. There is not much written in history books on the area but some older ones remember their parents talking about Baskatong. Today it is a place of beautiful lakes and sandy beach lines and a wonderful place to bring the family . It is a great place to reminisce , about the past . I have found two grave sites on the Baskatong road , one which is at almost the tip looking out into the waters. There are no markers and it is overtaken by weeds , it also is fenced off. The other has a few of markers and is fenced , both has a sign stating they are ancient burial grounds of Kitigan Zibi. Regards Susan Sirois
February 23, 2009: Hi Al Here are some photos you may want to put in the By -Town album . Baskatong was a busy area , location was about 36 miles from Maniwaki .. it was a place of bush workers and voyagers . In 1865 they constructed houses , stores and hotels. Also a post office was built. In 1906 a church was built called the Mission Of St - Francois Xavier , along with a school . The church was moved before the flood to Grand - Remous , but is no longer there as it burned. All this had long been forgotten as they made way for the Baskatong Reservoir as it is today. Not much in history books has been written about this area. O003 - Is a photo of one of John Dales children , Robert Dale who was born at Baskatong Bridge . He was a bush worker . His mother was Algonquin. 0004 - This is a picture of the 2 burial sites of the Kiigan Zibi Ancestral burial grounds , on the Baskatong Road , one is located near the tip of Pointe A David . These sites are where they put the bodies presumed to have been taken from the old mission church , Francois - Xavier of Baskatong , before they Hydro Quebec flooded the area to create the Baskatong reservior. 0006- Kitigan Zibi Ancestral Burial ground on the Baskatong road. The first one on that road. There are a few grave markers in there. And presumed where my Great Grandmother and some family are buried . 0007- Picture of my Great Grandfather John Dale , his mother in law , Jacko Mc Dougall and Cecile McDougall Dale ( Twenish) possibly taken at the time they were married. 0009 - John Dale in a canoe on the Baskatong River early 1900's Hope you enjoy the pictures . ... Susan Sirois
Kitigan Zibi Ancestral Burial ground on the Baskatong road. The first one on that road. There are a few grave markers in there. And presumed where my Great Grandmother and some family are buried Sign at the Kitigan Zibi Burial Grounds, north of Maniwaki, Baskatong, Quebec John Dale in a canoe on the Baskatong River, early 1900's Picture of John Dale in a Canoe Photo of one of the children, Robert Dale, who was born at Baskatong Bridge. He was a bush worker . His mother was Algonquin. Picture of Robert Dale
... Susan Sirois
July 8, 2009: The article that Susan sent on Jan 24, 2007 regarding Cecile McDougal, I see there is a Jean Baptiste Tshieweiban and Mani Mitewinini. Can this be the same people. Mani Mitewinini from Weymontachi had a daughter named Madeline born 1849. ... Joanne
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