also the LAVIGNE surname

June 29, 2002:

Hi Al,

My relatives from that area of Rapide des Joachims.
George Dagenais ( parents ? ) and Rose Shields  (parents?)
they were married in Golden Lake Mission (1853)
A long road and still searching for them..... may be somewhere you might
have a clue to the inhabitants of that mission.....
Hopefully we'll get a reply and maybe a clue...
thank you.
Dianne Lavigne

November 10, 2002: Hi My hubby's great great grandparents were George Dagenais & Rose Ann Shields. Hope to hear from you. Audrey
December 17, 2002: Hi Dianne, My name is Edith Lavigne, I found your name on a web site and am interested to learn as to whether or not we could be related? My greatgrandparents were Lewis Lavigne and Margret Edith Carnagie / Carnegie. If you have any information, please get back to me @ Awaiting your reply, Dee
February 11, 2003: Hi Audrey, I just saw your page on George Dagenais & Rose Shields. I've looked at this site so many times and I see something new each time. These two would be my ggg grandmother. The info I have is pretty slim. They had a daughter Loretta born in Eganville, Renfrew County, in 1856 who married a James Cadden in Pembroke in 1876 they moved to Swift Current Saskatchewan in 1910. They had the following children Bridget Ellen (my grandmother), Mary Jane, George John, Katherine, James Edward, Joseph, Margaret, and one other daughter that I only have a husband's name of Henry Knott. All were born in Pembroke. They all moved to different parts North Dakota, North Bay, and Saskatchewan. Loretta died in Rolla North Dakota, USA, June 1920 and was buried in Swift Current Saskatchewan. I don't have any other information about her or the rest of her family . If any of this information fits with your please let me know. I have a fair amount of information regarding the Cadden children, but we have only just found out their names (George & Rose). So we have few details. Thanks in advance for your assistance. Jo-Anne
March 27, 2003: I am searching for any shreds of information on the following ancestors who lived in the Pontiac- Renfrew area of Irish/English decent and maybe someone could point me in the right direction. I have Thomas O'Brien married to Ann Doolan (Dolan ?) around 1840? they resided in the Allumette area..... I also have an Elizabeth Clermont married to Louis Lacroix in La Passe Ontario Aug 3 1857... I have a Rose Ann (Rosana) Shields who married George Dashnaw dit Dagenais 1853 in western Que... and finally James Colbourne married to Mary Humpries 1850 possibly English had a son Thomas who resided in Mattawa. Anything would be greatly appreciated. Shawn Duguay Windsor Ontario
April 9, 2003: Thanks for keeping the postings updated on the Bytown or Bust Website. Appreciated. Over time that I keep sending my queries. I am receiving answers and meeting relatives that otherwise would have been impossible. Thank you very much. I encourage any correspondence re the following names. I will share any information that I may have or know about. Let us try to keep the family branches growing. Oh Canada, our Home and Native Land. E-mail Additional Surnames for Dianne: Pichet and Reynolds
June 24, 2003: Hello to everyone, We have found some new information and this is the easiest way to reach everyone at once. My cousin Glen was so stumped he resorted to calling all of the Dagenais' in Renfrew. The fourth one was the right one. The name is not French. It is Irish. When the family came from Ireland they came via France, thus their named changed from Dashna/Dashney to Dagenais. We spoke with a great grand son of George's this past weekend. He was able to fill us in on that much information. He passed on more info to us about his family and also gave us a name to contact of someone who has done extensive research on the Dashna's. So we will keep everyone posted. Thanks, Jo-Anne
July 17, 2003: I do believe I hit pay dirt. My name is Denis Brown, I am the son of Desmond Brown, who is the son of Arthur Brown, who is the son of Henry Brown and Alexina Potvin. Aproximately I month ago I received a family tree from my father. Since that time I have been searching for any and all info. Today I have found some. If any of you wish to contact me I can be reached by e-mail: Hope to hear from someone soon. Denis
January 20, 2011: Hi. I hope I can help a little. George and Rose had a son named John. John had a son also named George (my great grandfather). I will post more once I can get the info stored on my laptop (which is not working at this moment). I do not know father of first George though, does anyone else? ... Lynn

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