CUMMINGS Island, CUMMINGS Bridge, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Robert CUMMINGS and Frances SPRATT

March 16, 2010:

Picture of Robert Cummings from Carleton Saga by Harry and Olive Walker, page 176.
Picture of Robert Cummings, Cummings Bridge, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

January 30, 2004: Hello Al, I haven't been in touch for quite some time. Would you have any information on how Cummings Island got it's name? Who the CUMMINGS were that it was named after? i.e. the first CUMMNGS settlers and dates? I am still searching (after all these many, many years) for Stephen CUMMINGS who married Salley DAVENPORT of Vermont, USA, and their daughter Catherine CUMMINGS married John HILLMAN - yr 1810. They are my 5 x gr. maternal grandparents. Thanks for any assistance. Kind regards Dorothy E. Morris ________________________ Cummings Island is in downtown Ottawa, where Montreal Road crosses the Rideau River. The western shore of the River at that point is part of the City of Ottawa. The eastern bank of the river is the village of Vanier, previously called Eastview and originally called Janeville. Vanier is separate from, but surrounded by, the City of Ottawa. ... Al "Robert Cummings, serving ten years as Reeve, and one year as Warden, was the founder of of the community of Cummings Island. Eminently successful in his own business as a leading Canadian carriage manufacturer..." (more) Source: Carleton Saga, by Harry and Olive Walker, page 175. ... Al
April 12, 2004: Hello Al, Just want to inform you of my new email address, now at: ... Dorothy Morris
July 17, 2006: Just came across your correspondence on the Bytown site. My father's mother was a Cummings (Robert Cummings was her father). Unfortunately, I don't know anything about the family going back as far as your ancestor, so I don't know whether there might be a connection. There is a Cummings area at the Beechwood cemetery, and I might be able to piece together names of some early settlers there. Regards, Janice MacAulay
July 23, 2006: Hi All, The following was extracted from the biographical sketch of the above appearing in Beldens 1879 Atlas. "Robert Cummings J.P. of Cummings Island, Gloucester.... Born in the Township of Gloucester, June 16, 1833, he was the eldest of a family of three sons and four daughters-- the children of Charles and Frances Cummings (maiden name Spratt), who emigrated from County Tyrone, Ireland in 1830, and settled in Gloucester -- one of its pioneers. Of this family, Mr Cummings is now the only surviving son. ..... " the passage continues with a description of his contribution to the township government and development and concludes " He is married to Agnes, daughter of Thomas Borthwick, of Gloucester and they have a family of three sons and two daughters." Al, you may recall that I sent you some background on the Borthwicks last fall. Hope this helps Regards, Allen Craig
New September 21, 2015: Bruce Deachman of the Ottawa Citizen has, today, contributed a very good article regarding Cummings Island. Here is a photograph of the island as it appears today.
Cummings Island, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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