John CULLEN and Anthony CULLEN
Ireland to the Gatineau Valley, Quebec, Canada

ML# 558 on the McCabe List

 April 8, 2011:

Mark Cullen has written a wonderful book, The Cullens of Templeton, A Two Hundred Year Journey. Hard Cover, 281 pages with lots of detail and many pictures and maps.ISBN 978-0-9868532-0-3 See also Book: The Cullens of Templeton (Gatineau Valley, Quebec)
August 20, 2002: Hi John and Mark: I'm trying to sort out the Irish pioneers who were in the Bytown/Ottawa area in 1829 and who signed a petition to Colonel John By to recommend relatives who were still in Ireland to come to Canada as settlers. Two of the men who signed the petition (the McCabe List) were Anthony Cullen from County Cavan and Simon Cullen from King's County. Do you know if these two Cullen's were related? My ancestor, Terrence McGee, signed the petition directly after Anthony Cullen. Do either of you have any McGee connections? Also, there's a John Killeen, ML# 52 who came from the same parish in Ireland as Simon Cullen. There were Killeens in the Ottawa area early. Is it possible that Killeen and Cullen are different spellings of the same Irish name? Do you know from which parish in Tipperary your John and Bernard Cullen came? ... Al Lewis Ottawa Note: The above was posted originally to the Rootsweb Bulletin Board (Quebec-Outaouais-General) ============== > Al: > Thanks for your note. > > I think our Cullens are from Cavan. I have researched the Anthony Cullen > you found in the McCabe List. He may be related. He came from > Lisnabantry, Killinkere Parish which is in the south part of Cavan. I believe > our John Cullen came from this immediate area although I have not been able > to prove it. One other thing is that Anthony is a common name in our line. > Also, John worked on the Rideau Canal in some capacity as Col. John By > recommended him for a 200 acre land grant in Templeton Township in 1827. On > the same date an Anthony Cullen was granted 100 acres in Templeton. I think, > though, that this is John's eldest son, Anthony. The grantee is shown as > single on that date, whereas the other Anthony Cullen is shown as having a > wife. I have not encountered any non related Anthony Cullen in all my > research on the Quebec side from Farrellton / Low through to Buckingham, where > all my Irish ancestors located in the 1825-1850 period. This Anthony could > have located in Ontario, however. > > As to the Killeens, I don't know if this a derivation of Cullen. There were > two Killeens, Michael and Patrick, shown in the history of St. Camillus > Parish, Farrellton. They were granted land in Low Township in 1863 and 1866. > Ther is also listed a John Cullins and a John Collins. I do not believe we > are related. > > As far as I know we have no connections to any McGees. > > Let me know if there is any other possible connection that may arise. > Hi Mark: > > Thanks for your e-mail. > Have we corresponded before? > I have a web site where I'm (with the help of a lot of other family > historians) trying to sort out the early Irish in the Bytown area. > It's at > > > A lot of them are on the McCabe List. Where did you learn about Colonel By > granting land to the two Cullens in Templeton? > Most of my ancestors settled on the Ontario side but I've found many links > between families on both sides of the river. After the canal construction was > completed in 1832, most of the Irish workers tried to get farm land. My > Byrnes/Burns ancestors mostly ended up at South Gloucester on the Ontario > side. They were all Catholics, but my Great-Grandfather, James Burns, married > a Scottish Presbyterian girl named Ann Robb in East Templeton. Do you know > where I can get a copy of the history of St. Camillus parish? They may have > been married there. Do you have any Burns or Christophers (surname) in your > line? > > Do you mind if I start a page on my web site based on your e-mail to me? Then > we can add material from other researchers as it comes in? > > Thanks again for your e-mail. > > ... Al Lewis ============== Al We have not corresponded before but I have been through your web site a few times over the past 2-3 years. As to my John and Anthony Cullen, I did a land grant search of the Archives microfilms and found the relevant list of tickets issued for lots in Templeton Township. On my list there are two pages for 1827. For each ticket issued it shows the date of issue, the recipient's name, lot and range number and number of acres granted. Most grants were for 100 acres. For John Cullen and several others, 200 acres were granted. For each of these cases, an officer had to make the recommendation (presumably because lots were scarce). Col. By's name is listed as recommending John Cullen's grant. Anthony Cullen (we think this is John's son Anthony) was granted 100 acres. There was no recommendation required for 100 acre grantees. I suspect this means those getting 200 acres were foremen or specialists or provided some other important service to the Rideau Canal construction effort. Our John was in his late forties at this time. I have copies of all the microfilmed pages relating to John Cullen's grant - the record of the ticket, correspondence of Col. By to his superiors, letters from John Cullen requesting his deed and the deed itself. All these records show the frustration of Col. By and the grantees in getting his superiors to make enough land available to his workers. Bureaucracy reigned supreme even then! If it is of interest, I can give you the microfilm and page numbers. In your work have you come across any records of Canal workers? The Archives tell me that there are none available since they were employed by private contractors. ... Note, I'll be doing some work on these men and their families this summer (2016) ... Al John Cullen and his family became somewhat prominent in Templeton. Most were farmers and/or entrepreneurs. Son Anthony became an important lumberman in squared timber; he was an officer in the Templeton Militia. Son-in-law Thomas Kennedy was a Justice of the peace. Son Bernard was a farmer and municipal councillor. Son John was a farmer and sometime lumberer and son-n-law James O'Hagan was a merchant, the operator of a three-horse powered ferry that operated from Gatineau Pointe to New Edinburgh and the first mayor of Gatineau Pointe. The St. Camillus history has much information about the prominent RC families in the Low, Denholm and Wakefield Townships area. Also, a great deal of land grant details for residents there. It's a must reference holding. I use it regularly.I think you can still get a copy from the Church in Farrellton. I have most of the BMD records for Gatineau-Templeton-Papineau RC parishes. I will check the Burns/Robb connection for you. I have 2 Burns' in my data bank - Lawrence Burns married Sarah Ann Butler (Butler Hotel in Eastview in 1897 in Perkins and Catherine Burns, born 1890s married Thomas Sharkey, date unknown. Check my tree at Cullen, Carroll, McClements, Powers, Turner, Morse Genealogy Database I would be very pleased if you would start a page re the Cullens on your website and link it to mine. Since I went to the Worldconnect Project, I have corresponded with a growing number of researchers and have made important additions to my lines. I will follow up on the Burns / Robb names for you. Anything you can pass on about the Canal would be welcomed. Let's stay in touch. Mark Cullen Vancouver
See also Simon CULLEN Note: There are two CULLENs on the 1828 First Carleton Regiment of the Goulbourn Township Militia. John Cullen, aged 35 and James Cullen, aged 38. Previously they had both served in the 99th Regiment of Foot. Source: Men of Upper Canada by Bruce Elliott.
August 15, 2004: Hello Folks! I have corresponded with Al on other issues. For the past two summers I have been involved with Macdonell - Williamson House in Pointe Fortune which is a designated historic site on the Quebec Ontario border along the Ottawa River. I just learned today that one of John Macdonell's daughter's married an Anthony Cullen. Of course a quick search turned up your site and I learned a wealth of information. We would love to hear from you and maybe you could meet distant relatives and learn more about your famous ancesters. As far as I know no one from that branch of the family has turned up at Macdonell - Williamson House. Anthony and Ursule probably met as he travelled the Ottawa River in his logging business. I understand Professor Bruce Elliot and a group from Pinhey's Point are touring the House some time soon. I hope to meet Bruce and have him autograph a book on Nepean I purchased at the Anglican Archives earlier this year. Looking forward to hearing from you. By the way are you Mark Cullen the gardening expert? Dianna
August 18, 2004: Dianna About 4 years ago, I visited with Valerie Verity at the M-W House. My father had visited earlier. Valerie gave my wife and I a tour and showed me Macdonell's 1828 ledger book which contains a transaction with my ancestor John Cullen (Anthony's father). it is difficult to read the record, but it seems that John guaranteed the purchase of goods by someone (perhaps one of his workers) from Macdonell. The record shows payment was received at a later date. From our understanding of John's activities in Templeton, Quebec, we assume that he had a long association with Macdonell and Point Fortune. It likely does have to do with the lumbering activities of John and Anthony. John also employed several workers from the St. Andrews area. Another connection with the area is that son John Jr. married Anne Jane Crosby of Point Fortune. They probably met through Anthony and Ursula. Mark Cullen
March 11, 2006: Jay et al., My husband John and I are piecemeal exploring the backgrounds of our respective families and I came across your email addresses when I began looking at the keyword “Dwyer Hill, Ontario”. I know you, Jay (my dear first cousin), had a Dwyer family history tree in 1995 and I want to ask you all for whatever updated information you may have and what computer program you use/recommend for us rank beginners (Mac users). Got contacted by Jan Friend from Lakewood, Washington, whose grandfather was one of John Dwyer's sibs. She keeps feeding me family history on the geneology and I asked her to send some more info that she recently received relative to the Dwyer family. (It would be on hard copy, but I can scan what I have and send it to you all in a few weeks, if interested.) She said Anna and Papa Jack's brood was the most prolific of the bunch. Totally confusing, eh? Salutes to you all! ... Debbie DWYER Batjer ____________________________ Deb, Greetings. Hope all is well with you. I would be most anxious to get anything about the family. Several years ago, I spent a day in the Canadian National Archives but was unable to come up with anything of substance. I have dabbled a bit lately but have not made any progress into the Dwyer's before Canada! I really would like to trace the Irish end down. When we were in Ireland a few years ago, I went to Cobb (County Cork) where they have a genealogy center (that's where most of the boats left Ireland for the "new world"). But, true to the laid back Irish, they were closed for the holidays even though they were supposed to be open! I use Family Tree Maker by Broderbund Software (don't know if they have a Mac version) and have a bunch of stuff on it. I will gladly send you anything that I have. BTW. I have found some inconsistencies with the dates etc., in the history that Lou had put together and am trying to reconcile them through census records etc. My long range plan is to update the history Lou did. I plan to hit the cemeteries this spring/summer to double check dates etc. ... Jay _____________________________ The McCabe list is a document regarding early Irish immigration to Canada. Part of my family - Gorman - appear on this list. To follow is the transcription: 26 GORMAN Patrick Tipperary Makarky Liskeeveen Patrick Gorman, has a father and Uncle both having large families, the name of the former is Patrick, and the latter Anthony Dwyer, they reside at Liskeevan, near Thurles in the County of Tipperary; they are known to James Lanigan (Lannigan / Landrigan) of Castle Fogarty. The reason I think this information is important in your Dwyer research is because the McCabe lists very early emigrants (prior to 5 February 1829) in Canada ~ and their relatives in Ireland who may be interested in coming to Canada. The Gorman's settled in what later became Dwyer Hill. A name that has appeared in our family for many generations is Anthony Gorman. Also in the Belden atlas of 1879 it states, "Besides Richmond, above described, there are a number of small Villages in Goulbourn, none however, of any size or importance. One of these is Dwyer's Hill, where is a Post Office, near the south-western boundary of the Township, on the Perth and Richmond Road. The two chief reasons of the locality being so named are explained by the name itself - Mr. Dwyer having located on the "Hill" among the earliest settlers in the vicinity. There is a tri-weekly mail. The Post Office, and also a small store, the only evidences of a "village" are kept by a Mr. Rathwell." I believe that your Dwyer's came to the area due to their connection to the Gormans who had already settled here. I would check further into the County of Tipperary, the Parish of Makarky and the Townland of Liskeeveen for your Dwyer roots. ... Mary Quinn
April 8, 2009: Al It's been a while since we corresponded. Your site has a board for John Cullen and Anthony Cullen. John is my ggg grandfather and was one of the original settlers of Templeton Township. He and his family were farmers and squared timber operators and were active in church and community affairs and local politics. I have developed a website ( ) which contains the family tree data for all of my Cullen and related lines as well as those of my French Canadian lines from the Angers/Masson area. I also am writing the Cullen family history and the website contains the first 2 1/2 chapters. Would you please add this paragragh to your Cullen board. Thanks Mark Cullen
January 25, 2010: Thanks to Anne Burgess who discovered this nugget in the Ottawa Citizen Archives:
Anthony Cullen saves life of William Boon (Boone?) in 1832 at Long Island
Anthony Cullen, 1832 Read the complete article in the Ottawa Citizen of December 23, 1923
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