John COXFORD and Esther HALL / HULL
London, England to Bytown in 1837

New March 5, 2007:
I am still searching for my great great grandfather John Coxford, who 
was a stone mason on the Rideau Canal. He migrated from  London , 
England, in 1837 to Bytown.
He was killed in a rock fall in the 1840's, and I still can't find any 
trace of where he may be buried .
I am also looking for his wife Esther Hall ( Hull) Coxford who seem so 
to disappear from the Ottawa Census in 1851.
Her son John Coxford is listed as age 16.

Any help you can give me would be most welcome.
I have written a book about their descendants. and had to do it without 
any final info about HIM.

It was my understanding that many people who had been buried in the 
Sandy Hill Cemetery were moved to the Beechwood Cemetery. where many of 
the soldiers are also found.

I did find my Great aunt Mary  (Coxford) Mills buried there.and also her 
husband Thomas Mills who was in the military.

Hello again,
I went through the info that you sent to me.
It's interesting to note that you had a lot of info about the Wright family
and the Moores. who are directly related to me as well. I also 
have some copies of the Wright papers where my Moores are mentioned in 
the Sales papers.
These Moores were actively busy in the lumbering business. and had the 
saw Mill mentioned in the information shared.
when I was young my grandparents took me to Ottawa and showed me the 
site where the saw mill was located.
My grandmother said it was where the Eddy Match company is located.
I am now concentrating on trying to get my Branch of the Dudley Moore 
Jr. families finished.
They are spread out all over North America. They homesteaded in the 
Eardley area near Hull, Que. in the early 1790's some were U.E.L's
My branch of Elias settled in the Renfrew county areas.
I have a WEB PAGE;

On it I have eight families who are directly related to me.

I have been doing this research for more than 40 years now.
and I have been in contact with many people who have shared their family 
info me.
 I have also researched many historical sources.
church records, Cemetery records, census records , microfilms, and other 
written materials of individuals throughout the years.
It's interesting to to find so much incorrect info is out there as well.
I guess the info in some books is only as good as the info shared by the 
people that they have written about.

I have also written four books about some of my families which were only 
shared with the family members who helped me finance them.
I have put some books into Society libaries.
The Lanark society: Forsythe of Pakenham, and the Coxfords of Canada.
I also did a Early generations booklet of the James Drysdale Families  
of Lanark county. which is in the Ottawa Society library.
My  mother's family of the Materis who were one of the first settlers in 
the Regina, Saskatchewan Areas.
It's in the Sask Archives and in the Germans From Russia Society libraries.

My WEB PAGE has brought me queries from all over the world.
It would be also interesting to see my Coxfords included on your WEB PAGE.
The children of John and Esther Coxford had many children and their 
descendents number in the thousands now.
My book about these families was more than 350 pages and I didn't have 
all of them until after I finished the book.

John Coxford Jr. went to Pembroke where he was a Tanner. He had eight children 
and one of his son's is on the POLICE MEMORIAL in Ottawa. Robert 
Coxford, of Pembroke. He was killed when there was a Jail break.

Son James went to the Almonte area and had eighteen children of whom 15 
lived to Adult hood,

That's it for now.
Sylvianne Forsythe-Penner

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