David COWICK and Catharine COLLINS
Kinsale, County Cork, Ireland to Nepean (Ottawa), Canada c. 1840

New October 9, 2011:

I am trying to find out what year my great great great grandparents came to Canada. The Latter Day Saints connected me 
to the church in Kinsale, County Cork, Ireland.  The parish found their marriage certificate and are sending a copy by mail.  
They were married in Kinsale in 1837.  They lived in Nepean by 1851 census--their 1st child David was born in Nepean, in 1843 --
so they had to have been here before that. I'd love to know when they came and where did they land and did they live somewere else 
before that.....David  Cowick (spelled Cowhig on marriage cert.) was born at Kinsale in 1811 and Catharine Collins was born 1816 in County Cork. 

Parts of the 1842 Carleton west census for Nepean is missing. My grandfather was born in Bells Corners and his child 
was born at Eagleson corners. Eagleson road is the border between Nepean Township and Goulbourn Township.

There is a photograph of Clarence Cowick at the Bells Corners School in 1920.

I know Bridget was buried at St. Patrick's in Fallowfield because i have her death certificate but no tombstone or record where 
her body is, she was buried there in 1888--her mom Catharine 1888--David her husband in 1874 and John in 1888.

I had Ron Houlahan from that parish look this up for me but found no records.. Albert Cowick is there--Dan and Julia Cowick are 
there as well as my mom and dad Clarence and Mary Cowick. What is also interesting is Bridget Cowick is not married. 
Julia Brennans father is Patrick and not Peter.  I grandfather Dan lived where the Cavanaugh's Gully used to be. 
My grandfathers lot on 1938 agriculture census of nepean is 751 and Clarence 751A.  Also on that census it shows Daniel also at 
989 which belonged to Orrin  Spearman.  

I'd really like to know exactly where David and Catharine and their children lived. Also I would really like to know when David and 
Catharine came from Ireland and where did they first lived.  Did they ever own their own land or were they squatters? Like I explained 
they were married in Ireland  but their first child was born here in 1843 nepean.  I have my mothers background all done --
she was a Villeneuve, her grandfather was Henry Villneuve and her grand mother Elizabeth Chapman.

Also I'd love to hear what happened to Jeremiah Cowick , he was married at St. Patricks Basicilica in Ottawa in 1879 to 
Sarah Farrell O'connor who was a widow from Papineauville Quebec.  In marriage record shows he's a shantyman..so maybe he died
or worked possibly in a lumbercamp in Quebec.  I can't find his death certificate or even a 
census after 1871 that he was in.  And Matthew Cowick I cannot find after he's 14 in 1871 census  --when and where did he die?  
I forgot to mention one of Daniels other child -his name was Percy bit he died with influenza in Levi, Saskatchewan, when he was just 18. 
That article was in the Carp newspaper long ago. Daniel also raised Julias 2 children from John Foley who was 
killed in a lumbercamp by a fallen tree and grampa Dan brought him home and about six months later married his widow.
John and Julia had about 5 children and they all died at birth or a few weeks later.  Aunt Evelynne Foley died in 1915 when she was 24 -
I believe she died giving birth. Uncle Norman Foley who I knew quite well never had children of his own. 
Anything you can help me with will be appreciated.  
Thank you.

... Doris Cowick

And here's a quick reply from Sue:

Looking at the 1851 Nepean census, it seems as though their first child David, born Nepean, is aged 14. As this is really 
the 1852 census, it would look as though he was born in Nepean in 1838, not 1843. Given they were married in Ireland in 1837 
and David was born in Nepean in 1838, it seems likely that, like so many back then, that they married and then immediately 
emigrated to Canada, so emigrating in 1837 (likely) or 1838.
David's birth year according to the censuses:
1851 = 1838
1861 = 1841
1871 = 1843
1881 = 1836
1891 = 1845
I go with the 1838 and his parents getting on the boat for Canada shortly after they were married.
... Sue

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