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Bytown Births, Marriages and Deaths, 1834-1849

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Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893


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Bytown Births, Marriages & Deaths  - in the Perth Courier 1834-1849. (Perth, Ontario)
Names are as spelled in paper, dates are actual event dates and all events took place in 
Bytown (Ottawa), unless otherwise specified.
Died, Aug 15, 1834, Alexander, son of William MCQUEEN.
Died, Aug 27, 1834, Eleanor CAMERON, wife of the above William MCQUEEN.  She leaves her 
husband and 3 young children.
Died, Feb 25, 1836, Edward Sands BRADLEY, aged 34.  Deceased was an Ensign in the late 99th Regiment, 
and son of Captain Bradley, township of March.
Married, March 30, 1836, by the Rev. Mr. Boswell, Francis HARDY of Bytown, to Jane, eldest daughter 
of Robert Carvew ARMSTRONG of Ramsay Township.
(Reverend Boswell and Mr. Hardy were on board the Madawaska when it sank in Kaminiskeg Lake at Barry's Bay).
Died, April 25, 1836, Christopher GRAHAM, of consumption
Died, June 1, 1838, Margaret, wife of the Rev. R. SHORT, and sister of George LYON , Richmond.
Died, June 3, 1838, at Caledonia Springs, James MCREA, aged 29 or 39, of the firm of 
Wells & McCrea of Bytown.
Died, July 7 & July 9, 1838, the twin sons of Charles BLOMFIELD, Surgeon, of Bytown.
Died, July, 1838, at March, Upper Canada, aged 64, Capt. Benjamin STREET, R.N., only 
surviving son of John Street of Babington, Cheshire, England.  Deceased commenced his naval 
service in Lord Howe's battle and victory of the 1st of June, 1792.
Married, August 1, 1838, at Rockcliffe, the Rev. John CRUIKSHANK of Bytown, to Catharine, 
2nd daughter of the late Richard FELLOWS, H.M. 2nd Ceylon Regiment.
Born, Oct 16, 1838, a son to Mrs. Lyman PERKINS.
Died, May 21, 1839, in Hull Township, Philemon WRIGHT, aged 79, a native of Woburn, Massachusetts.  
Deceased emigrated to this country in 1800. 
Died, August 25, 1839, at Fitzroy, Eliza EVANS, aged 48, of apoplexy, wife of John RICHEY / RITCHIE ?
Born, March 20, 1841, a daughter to Mrs. (Rev. John) CRUIKSHANK.
Born, March 31, 1841, a son to Mrs. G.R. BURKE.
Died, July 25, 1841, at the Victoria Slide (Chaudiere), George BUCHANAN, aged 34.  
He leaves a widow and 3 children.
Died, August 7, 1841, John PORTER, aged 25 years and 2 months, eldest son of J. Porter, Merchant, Ottawa.
Died, August, 1842, James MCINTOSH, Barrister, aged 32
Married, August 20, 1846, by the Rev. S.S. Strong, Francis CLEMOW, to Margaret, youngest 
daughter of the late Colonel POWELL of Perth.
Born, September 7, 1846, a son to the wife of G.B. LYON, Barrister.
Married, February 2, 1847, by the Rev. Mr. Durie, Hugh CARMICHAEL of Westmeath, to Elizabeth, 
eldest daughter of John PORTER.
Died, May 19, 1847, Charles SHERIFF, Sr., of Fitzroy, an old resident on the Ottawa.
Married, September 2, 1847, at Nepean, by the Rev. John Flood, Robert W. EVANS, M.D. of 
Richmond, to Alice BEARMAN of Nepean.
Married, March 14, 1848, at the Manse in Pakenham, by the Rev. Mann, Robinson LYON of Bytown, 
to Flora, 6th daughter of John MCMULLAN / McMULLEN ? of Cumberland.
Married, June 15, 1848, by Bishop Phelan, Harry (Henry) James FRIEL, Editor of the Packet, to Mary Ann By, 
eldest daughter of D. O'CONNOR, Treasurer of the Dalhousie District.
Married, September 13, 1848, at Darly, Scotland, by the Rev. Robert Stevenson, John PORTER of 
Bytown, to Sarah, daughter of the late Captain GLEN, R.N.
Married, February 21, 1849, at Chatham, C.E., by the Rev. William Mair, James S. BANGS 
of Bytown, to Agnes French, 3rd daughter of John WILSON, Merchant, formerly of Montreal.
Died, April 9, 1849, in Fitzroy Township, Henry SHAW, aged 83, a native of County Leitrim, 
Ireland, and a resident of Fitzroy Twp for 21 years.
Married, October 22, 1849, at Huntley, by the Rev. Jonathon Loverin, William Pittman LETT, 
Editor of the Ottawa Advocate, Bytown, to Maria, 2nd daughter of Joseph HINTON of Richmond.
PERTH COURIER, Carleton County Births, Marriages, Deaths 1850-1857 June 27, 1850, married in the Township of Horton, by Rev. James Armstrong of Perth, The Reverend William Montgomery PATTYSON / PATTISON / PATTERSON, Wesleyan Minister, Richmond, C.W., to Sarah MCDOWELL, Clarendon, Pontiac County, Quebec, sister to the Reverend David C. McDowell of Bytown. July 12, 1850, died, at Campbell-Town, Pembroke, David Campbell DUNLOP, aged 43, of Bytown. March 3, 1851, married in Perth, at St. Jame's Church, Charles PULKER of Bytown, to Harriet ELLIS of Perth. March 26, 1851, died, in Richmond, C.W., George LYON, J.P., aged 61, formerly of the 99th Regiment of Foot. Deceased was severely wounded in the Battle of Chippawa during the last war with the United States (War of 1812) and was among the first military settlers at Richmond. He represented the County of Carleton in the Parliaments of Upper and United Canada. March 16, 1853, married, by the Rev. William Bell, James WILSON of North Gower, to Ann FERGUSON of Bathurst. September 7, 1853, married, by Rev. Thomas Wardrope, Francis G. HALL of Perth, to Mary, only daughter of Alexander WORKMAN of Bytown. December 26, 1853, born, in Bytown, a daughter to the wife of R. LEES , Barrister. March 22, 1854, married, by Rev. David C. McDowell, John Campbell LINDSAY of North Gower, to Mary BROWN of the Township of Bathurst. May 5, 1854, married, by Rev. W. Bain, James SCOTT, Farmer, Goulbourn, to Jessie MANSFIELD, Drummond May 11, 1854, married, by Rev. W. Bain, William CUDDIE, Farmer, Gloucester, to Mary HARKNESS, Burgess. June 9, 1854, married, in Perth, by Rev. McDowell, Samuel ___?___ of North Gower, to Margaret SHILLINGTON of Perth. July 6, 1854, died, in Bytown, of cholera, John GOODWIN of Fitzroy, aged 27 years, 7th son of Alex. Goodwin of McNab Township (Alex. Goodwin died at age 90 on Aug 20, 1856 and was a native of Kilsyth, Sterlingshire, Scotland, who emigrated to Canada in 1821). January 2, 1857, married, at Greenlaw, McNab, by Rev. George Thomson, George SMITH, Merchant, Westmeath, to Anne Maria, daughter of the late William CAMERON of Ottawa City.
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