William BURNETT and Mary GLEESON, County Tipperary, Ireland to
Jockvale, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, c. 1828,

also Thomas COSTELLO and Elizabeth NUTTERVILLE
also John COSTELLO and Margaret BURNETT
and Bridget BURNETT (to Clinton County, Iowa, USA)

April 16, 2010: (added these two images ... Al).             Burnett Park is in Barrhaven, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Plaque at Burnett Park, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada   Sign at Burnett Park, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Wayne: This is the Nora (Hanorah) that married Thomas Costello. Her grandfather was Roderick. ... Taylor Kennedy PS I'll send more when I get back from the Archives tonight. Descendants of Thomas Costello Generation No. 1 1. THOMAS1 COSTELLO was born 1853, and died 1939 in Nepean, Ontario. He married HANORAH HAWLEY Abt. 1886, daughter of EDWARD HAWLEY and ANN HOULAHAN. More About THOMAS COSTELLO: Burial: St. Patricks Church Cemetery, Fallowfield, Carleton County More About HANORAH HAWLEY: Burial: St. Patricks Church Cemetery, Fallowfield, Carleton County Descendants of Michael Hawley Generation No. 1 1. MICHAEL2 HAWLEY (EDWARD1) was born 1867 in Nepean, Ontario, and died January 25, 1943 in Ottawa, Ontario. He married LILLIAN KENNEDY November 27, 1929 in St. Brigids Church, Ottawa, Ontario, daughter of THOMAS KENNEDY and CATHARINE COSTELLO. Notes for LILLIAN KENNEDY: Lillian was the second eldest child next to William. Lillian managed the Shouldice Bakery on Bank Street for years. She married in her late 50's. Last address was 420 Picadilly then 231 Fourth Ave, Ottawa, Ontario (in the Glebe) Both are buried with my great grandparents, Thomas and Catherine.
I find it most interesting to see two Catherine Costellos both born in 1853, both with a father Thomas, but different mothers. My Thomas remarried in 1863 to Eliza McMaster from Glengarry at the same time his daughter Sarah married. Descendants of Catharine Costello Generation No. 1 1. CATHARINE2 COSTELLO (THOMAS1) was born January 25, 1853 in Ottawa, Ontario, and died September 03, 1910 in Ottawa, Ontario. She married THOMAS KENNEDY May 21, 1879 in Ottawa, Ontario in Notre Dame, son of WILLIAM KENNEDY and ISABELLA WATT. Notes for CATHARINE COSTELLO: From The Ontario Archives ; MS937, Reel # 5, registration # 018646 ; As written, Kennedy, Mrs. Katherine, female, anglo-saxon, died September 03, 1910 On board the Ste, Chicora on Lake Ontario nearing Niagara. Indigestion, took ill in Toronto, grew worse on Ste. Chicora and died nearing Niagara. Age 57, born January 25, 1853. Occupation was Housekeeper and widow. Obituary out of the Ottawa Citizen : FUNERAL OF MRS. KENNEDY YESTERDAY The funeral of Mrs. Kennedy, widow of the late Thomas Kennedy, took place at 2:20 o'clock yesterday from the family residence 26 Cambridge Street to St. Patricks Church and Notre Dame cemetery. Rev. Father Newman conducted the service. Mrs. Kennedy's only brother, Thomas Costello, and all her family, four sons William, Thomas, Lawrence and Frank, and her three daughters, Lillian, Annie and Olive, attended the funeral. Many floral and spiritual offerings were received. Among the floral bequests were: Wreath from the A.E. Slinn Company; A cross from the "The Boys" ; A Star from the Star Lacrosse Club ; A broken anchor from Messers William, Thomas, Frank and Lawrence Kennedy ; A wreath from the Bricklayers Union No. 7 ; "Gates Ajar" from Local No. 71, Plumbers and Steamfitters Union ; A cross from Mr. and Mrs. Frank Keating ; A spray from Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Cheney ; A spray from Mrs. Galbraith. Marriage Notes for CATHARINE COSTELLO and THOMAS KENNEDY: Married in Ottawa, May 21, 1879 by Rev. M. I. Whelan. Name of their witnesses were Arthur McCuskel and Julia Costello. Thomas was 28 years old and Catharine was 26 years old. Thomas was a farmer. Parents of Catherine were Thomas Costello and Maria Frain.
One more interesting note, Thomas Costello, father of Catherine, julia, Thomas was also born in 1923. He was 40 years of age when he re-married E. McMaster. This could be the same Thomas provided this was his 3rd marriage. Ann Kilroe may have died early, he married Maria Frain (Spain), she died about 1862, and he re-married again. Too many close circumstances with his birth date and Catherine's birth date. Both on Catherine's and Julia's marriage registration, Maria Frain is the mother of the brides. Taylor
1. THOMAS1 COSTELLO was born Abt. 1823 in Ireland, and died Unknown in Unknown. He married (1) ELIZA MCMASTER October 29, 1863 in Ottawa, Ontario, daughter of HUGH MCMASTER and MAY MCMASTER. He married (2) MARIA FRAIN Unknown in Unknown. Notes for THOMAS COSTELLO: Marriage registration from The Ontario Archives ; MS248 Reel # 5, County Marriages. Thomas Costello, born in Ireland, of the late Mary Frain, who's age is 40 married Eliza McMaster, age 21 years born in Glengarry, Ontario. Parents of the Bride are Hugh and May McMaster. Witnessed by the Hon. Baslhorvil. Date of marriage October 29, 1863. Married in Ottawa, Ontario. Note that on the same page, his daughter is listed as 18 marrying Michael Duggan in 1863 on September 21. See more information under Sarah Costello. Children of THOMAS COSTELLO and MARIA FRAIN are: 2. i. SARAH2 COSTELLO, b. Abt. 1845, Nepean, Ontario; d. Unknown, ?. 3. ii. CATHARINE COSTELLO, b. January 25, 1853, Ottawa, Ontario; d. September 03, 1910, Ottawa, Ontario. iii. JULIA COSTELLO, b. Unknown. iv. JAMES COSTELLO, b. Unknown. v. THOMAS COSTELLO. Notes for THOMAS COSTELLO: Mentioned in Catherine obituary as being the only brother. Unknown if that meant surviving. Generation No. 2 2. SARAH2 COSTELLO (THOMAS1) was born Abt. 1845 in Nepean, Ontario, and died Unknown in ?. She married MICHAEL DUGGAN September 21, 1863 in Ottawa, Ontario, son of RICHARD DUGGAN and MARY SHEA. Notes for SARAH COSTELLO: Marriage register from The Ontario Archives ; MS248 Reel # 5 , County Marriages. Sarah Costello, age 18 years, daughter of Thomas Costello and Maria Frain married Michael Duggan, age 26 years, son of Richard Duggan and Mary Shea on September 21, 1863 in Ottawa, Ontario. Witness for the marriage is James Costello. I don't know if James is the brother of Thomas or the brother of Catherine and Sarah. Child of SARAH COSTELLO and MICHAEL DUGGAN is: i. MARY GRACE DUGGAN, b. 1874, Ottawa, Ontario; d. October 28, 1954, Ottawa, Ontario. Notes for MARY GRACE DUGGAN: From the Ottawa Citizen : DUGGAN, Mary Grace - In hospital on Tuesday, October 26, 1954, following a short illness, Mary Grace Duggan, daughter of the late Mathew Duggan and Sarah Ann Costello. Resting at Kelly funeral home, 1345 Wellington Street (near Island Park Drive). Funeral Thursday, October 28, at 6:20 am to the Chapel of St. Patrick's Home for requiem high mass at 6:40 am. Internment Notre Dame Cemetery. Well Wayne, what are your thoughts? Taylor
E-mail from Mary on June 26, 2001: (Mary: I tried to reach you by e-mail, but my e-mail was returned (twice) ... Al) Hi, Have enjoyed going over the WebPages and finding many good things. My families were in the Ottawa area as well. Regarding the Costello family..... My ggrandparents John Gleason ( f. John and m. Maria or Mary Haugh / Hough / Howe) and Maria O'Toole (f. Michael and Mary Hagan) were married in Notre Dame Parish 4 Mar 1862 and the witnesses were a John O'Meara and Sarah Costello. I have yet been able to determine a relationship. Other witnesses in my families were - Monahan, O'Meara, Whalen, O'Toole, Murphy, Sullivan. I noticed there were some dates missing that I happen to have on the family of Thomas Costello / Mary Frain. Not sure if these are births or baptism dates. Sarah Ann 15 Nov 1846 - died Oct 1874 Mary 15 Mar 1850 Catherine 28 Jan 1853 - died 3 Sep 1910 Thomas 4 Jan 1854 - died 1939 David 7 Oct 1855 James ( I did not have James...?) Julia Maria 26 Jan 1862 - died Jul 1862 Has anyone come across my family? I was told the Gleason line originated in Dublin City but I have not come close to finding a clue there. I question that. Those old maps of Ottawa area. Where can I obtain copies? They are great. My Gleason family, maybe others, went to Chicago, Illinois about 1882. They are in the 1881 census. Appreciate your WebPages and great information. Mary
From Taylor: I was reading over James Watt's last Will & Testament and it never clued in till last night where Cornelius Watt, James brother, states that his sister Sarah Costello owed James 36 dollars. If she was a sister, her last name was Watt so she married one of John Costello's sons. In the 1861 census, John's son James was 16 and Mathew was 14 and Sarah Watt was 13.They were the only Costello's that had sons around Sarah's age. Interesting.
Good afternoon The early births at St. Patricks in Fallowfield show the following: Catherine Costello, born January 30, 1853, baptized February 13, 1853, daughter of Thomas Costello and Ann Kilroe. Witnesses were (Thomas Costello and Ann Costello) Mary provided birth from Notre Dame, and my Catherine was born in Ottawa, where her birth is January 25, 1853, daughter of Thomas Costello and Maria Frain. So it seems there were 2 Catherine's born in 1853 who both had a father Thomas Costello, and both born in January. Interesting eh!!!! I have a picture from St. Patricks Cemetery with the following: I.M.O. Richard Costello born 1821 died 1888 Margaret born 1858 died 1917 Bridget born 1865 died 1867 Mary born 1865 no death date BORN IN County KILKENNY, IRELAND Taylor
From Taylor Kennedy on July 17, 2001: Just some food for thought !!!! (1842 Census) William Costello the BLACKSMITH is shown being in Canada for a year which would have put his arrival circa 1840 - 1841. James and John Costello are shown as being on the same farm and in Canada for 19 years at the time of the census, making their arrival circa 1822. Not necessarily the James and John from the Costello Story but as below you'll see the relationship. The James in the Costello story is related to my Thomas, by the simple fact that Sarah Costello (Thomas Costello & Maria Frain's daughter) married Michael Duggan. Their daughter Mary Grace Duggan is shown living with James and Elizabeth Hodgins in the 1881 Census. Michael Costello and Ellen Moloughney's marriage, MS932, Reel # 19, Registration # 001933 shows Williams age as being 28 years old and Ellens age being 23 years old. William Costello from Kempville was one of the witnesses. Also Patrick Watters who farmed by William Kennedy also came to Canada in 1832. Shown in the census as being in his 10th year. Have fun Taylor
August 2, 2001 Hi Al I was looking for Thomas Costello who was originally married to Maria Frain. In 1863 he was 40, 1873 - 50, 1883 - 60 so I think he died before 1881 and is buried in Notre Dame. His grand daughter, Mary Grace Duggan ended up living with James Costello, concession 3, Lot 9. I have placed him in Ottawa in the 1871 census where Catherine is 18. She married my Thomas Kennedy in 1879. But then again, he could have moved onto the States. Well take care Taylor ============== Taylor: I found a Thomas Costello at the Nepean Library today. He was born in County Tipperary and died April 10, 1881, buried at Notre Dame. He died from "paralysis" and was the husband of Isabella Mcm???? (can't make out the writing). At the time of death he lived at 58 William Street in Ottawa. The witness at the burial was Daniel Doyle. ... Al August 2, 2001 Hi Al Thanks. That would be my Thomas. He married Eliza (Isabella) McMaster daughter of Hugh and Mary McMaster and she was born in Glengarry. They married in Notre Dame in Ottawa October 29, 1863. He was 40 and she was 21 years old. Just to recap, his daughter Sarah married Michael (Mathew) Duggan, son of Richard Duggan and Mary Shea on September 21, 1863 and she was 18 and he was 26. Their child Mary Grace Duggan was listed in the 1881 census with James Costello, Concession 3, Lot 9. Now that makes sense so far. The remaining question, did the parents of Mary Grace die or did they relocate to New York, USA. I choose the second scenario because then it would explain why Catherine (Costello) Kennedy was aboard a steamer headed for Niagra and Mary Grace was fourteen and maybe didn't want to leave. The old archives will tell me. Now we do have a tie in family with my Thomas Costello and the James Costello on Concession 3, Lot 9. Wayne would like to know this. Take care and thanks again for your help. Taylor Kennedy
February 27, 2002 BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES OF CLINTON RESIDENTS (Pgs 669-697) From the book "The History of Clinton County Iowa" by L. P. Allen (1879) JOHN H. COSTELLO, Sr., farmer, Sec. 29; P. O. Charlotte; was born in County Tipperary, Ireland, in 1814. In 1832, he emigrated to Ottawa, Canada, where he married, in 1840, Miss Margaret Burnett. She was also a native of County Tipperary, Ireland; was born in 1815, and emigrated to Ottawa, Canada, in 1838. In 1852, Mr. Costello and family emigrated from Ottawa to where they now reside. He has, by his own exertion and honest effort, accumulated a large and valuable property. He owns 535 acres of land, 520 in one body, where he resides; the rest in Jackson County. His home farm is well improved, and possesses many natural advantages. Mr. Costello and family are members of the Catholic Church. His living children are-Thomas, who is married, and lives in Shelby Co., Iowa; Ellen, now Mrs. William O'Grady, of Bloomfield Township; Mary, married to Simon O'Grady, of Bloomfield Township; John is married and lives in this township; William; Michael; Margaret, now Mrs. William McGonegle, of Bloomfield Township. Deceased are Mathew and Annie. Mathew was Mr. Costello's oldest son. He was born in Ottawa, Canada, Sept. 7,1847; resided with his parents until the breaking-out of the war, when he enlisted in Co. A, 26th Regiment I. V. I.; was a gallant soldier. He was killed at the battle of Arkansas Post, while bearing the flag of his country in front of his company, during a fierce charge. Mr. Costello has been elected to various local offices. During his residence in Canada, he was a member of a militia company, and was elected Sergeant in 1842-43. He was one of the organizers and prime-movers in building the Church of the Immaculate Conception, this township. Source: Cathy Joynt Labbath's Web Site
January 1, 2003: Thanks to Jean Kremer for the following: THOMAS COSTELLO married Elizabeth Nutterville. Thomas' complete bio can be read at this Clinton Iowa site: http://www.rootsweb.com/~iaclinto/bios/1901/2/costello.htm Mrs. Thomas Costello (Eliz. Nutterville) is the second in order of birth in a family of ten children, the others being as follows: Julia A. first married Martin Kelly, and after his death wedded Duncan Wilkey, and now lives in Ottawa., Canada. Catherine is the wife of Norman Hardy of Harrison county, Iowa. Thomas is a resident of the state of Washington. James married Margaret Cronnan, and lives in Butte City, Montana. Mary J. has been three times married, her first husband being William McCarty, her second William Canady, and her third Burt Collins, and she now lives in Idaho. Margaret is the wife of M. C. Drake, a conductor on the Santa Fe Railroad, and a resident of Atchison, Kansas. William J. wedded Marie Crawlian, and lives in Butte City, Montana. John died at the age of seven months. Lucy died at the age of eleven months. JeanK in Iowa
September 26, 2004: Hello Folks Well the Costello family has me going periodically ever since I touched base with Wayne O'Neil. Then Jean submission gets me thinking again. Some clarity has come forward in researching the 1841 census and then I muddied it up again. Let me explain There has been some discussion on what Thomas Costello was a brother to James and the rest. Wayne has him as Thomas who married Ann Kilroe. Jean has the same Thomas as a son of Mathew. The 1841 census tends to lean this way also. However, my Thomas Costello, father of Sarah Costello who married Michael Duggan, had a daughter Elizabeth, who was sent to live with her uncle James and Elizabeth Costello in Nepean when mom died. This separates the two Thomas's in question as to their association to James for now. Makes sense. There were only two Costello families in Nepean in 1841. Mathew then James and Thomas on the same land. Lets check out Mathew Costello: Mathew a farmer 3 from Ireland – 1 non resident or away elswhere 5 from Canada Arrived 19 years ago making their arrival 1822 2 females between 14 – 18 and single – would be Ann and Catherine 1 male between 14 – 18 and single – would be Michael or Thomas – someone is away, and Thomas was born in Ireland, so I would suggest the remaining, Michael is the one listed. 1 male between 21 – 30 and single – would be Mathew Jr. 1 male between 30 – 60 and married – would be Mathew Sr. 1 female between 14 – 45 and single would be Elinor 1 female between 14 – 45 and married – would be Ann O'Meara the mother. All persons are accounted for with marriage dates from St. Philips early records. Here is where the water gets muddy again. James Costello who married Eliz. Hodgins, may be a brother to Mathew as a child was named Mathew. He was connected to my Thomas.However, they only married in Ireland in June 1841 and this census was taken in April 1841, so this James is new. Can anyone tell me who this particular James Costello is? He arrived with Mathew Costello in 1822 with Thomas. Taylor ________________ also posted on September 26, 2004: Hi Taylor and thank you for continuing the Costello research. The only family of Matthew Costello that I'm aware of is from the 'THE MCCABE LIST' which states he has a brother, Michael and a brother-in-law, William Scully remaining in Ireland. I do not know if any of his siblings emigrated with him. I do not have any 'James' Costellos in my family tree until 1900. Again, thank you. Jean
March 17, 2005: The Costello family reunion will take place in July, 2005:
June 11, 2005: Hello! We are researching Bridget Burnett and are very interested in learning about the Burnett's and Costello's referred to in your web site which indicates that the Burnett and the Costello families migrated from Ireland to Ontario, Carleton, Jockvale, Nepean Canada and later, on to Clinton County, Iowa, USA. In particular, we are wondering whether Margaret Burnett Costello might have been related to our GGrandparent Bridget; maybe a sister, or aunt, or cousin, etc. The 1860 Census for IA, Clinton Co., Charlotte P.O., Waterford Township lists John & Margaret Costello as living next to William J (b.1813 d.1893) & Bridget Burnett Thompson (b.1822or24, d.1902). Bridget Burnett, daughter of J.E. Burnett and Mary Agan (Egan) of County Tipperary, Ireland married William J. Thompson, County Down, Ireland about 1843. Oral family history has it that Bridget & William migrated separately, met & married in Canada and then moved to Iowa; however, Bridget's obituary states they married and emigrated directly from Ireland to Iowa. Even more confusing are the several later censuses indicating Bridget's birthplace as being Canada! We want to make contact with researchers of the Burnett's and Costello's. Any assistance you could give will be appreciated. Thank you for your Bytown Web Site; it is so informative. Sincerely, Ron & Sue Thompson
October 14, 2015: Another message but related to the disbanded soldiers who settled in Goulbourn Township and area. I believe that some of these men from the 99th regiment were first granted land just north and west of Montreal. I have found a William Burnett, whose land grant was given in 1822 in Quebec. He had five children then. He seems to have moved to the Barrhaven area about 1828, possibly enticed by better farmland here plus the opportunity for construction work on the Rideau Canal, plus he would have known the soldiers already settled here. His land grant in Quebec clearly states that he was a member of the 99th. How many other of these men first received land north of Montreal? Maybe some of the later arrivals were given land here in Barrhaven? I believe that our home here is built as part of a subdivision on the original William Burnett farm. A neighbour of mine is descended from William Burnett! Can you pass this message on to Jim Stanzell? I'll get a copy of the original Quebec Land Grant from 1820. There is also a plaque in Burnett Park here which states that William Burnett came from Ireland in 1828 but doesn't mention that he was in Canada much earlier. See photo above. I will also add the original land grant to this Burnett page at www.bytown.net/costello.htm. ... Al Here it is: Source: http://www.bac-lac.gc.ca/eng/discover/land/land-petitions-lower-canada-1764-1841/Pages/image.aspx?Image=e003713418&URLjpg=http%3a%2f%2fcentral.bac-lac.gc.ca%2f.item%2f%3fid%3de003713418%26op%3dimg&Ecopy=e003713418
Land Grant to William Burnett

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