from County Cork, Ireland to Ramsay Township, Ontario Canada in 1823

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

February 29, 2012:
Hi Al,
I have done up a fairly long document listing my Corkery family that came with the 
Peter Robinson settlers in 1823. It is by no means 
complete, as all family history is a work in progress! I have given quite a bit 
of what I know to date, but I'm sure that there are others who are connected 
to the family tree that can fill in the missing gaps. 
I haven't quite made a connection to the the Corkery family that settled in Peterbough, 
Ontario. I am sure there is a link, as the family naming pattern seems pretty close to 
our settlers. I'm guessing the link is in Ireland. My late cousin Father David 
Corkery was in contact with a fellow Corkery historian in Australia, who wrote 
a book about the Corkery clans and immigration. He was kind enough to send me a 
copy of the book, but the author is always looking for more information :)
In my more direct line, it looks like there were 2 Cassidy families that married 
into the Corkery family, I haven't yet been able to make a connection between the 
two Cassidy families to see if they are related. There are also 2 British Home children 
that were adopted into the family. 
I hope that others will be able to add to this little piece of Peter Robinson Settler History. 
Amanda Owen 

Michael Corkery  b. 1784 Cork, Ireland  married to Mary Sheenan
Arrived in Canada with Peter Robinson in 1823 on the ship Stakesby.
Children were all born in Ireland except my gggrandfather Dennis.
	1 Ellen b. 1803 
	2 Elizabeth b. 1805 
	3 Patrick b. 1807 d. 1888
	4 Bridget b. 1813
	5 Mary   b.1815  d.1895
	6 Michael b. 1820
	7 Dennis b. 1825 Ramsay Township  d. 1907 Goulbourn Township
1 Ellen, as far as I can gather,  did not marry.

2 Elizabeth married 1829   Michael Foley b. 1804
	2a Elizabeth
	2b Ellen married 1867 David Forrest b.1840 d. 1867 (parents Cornelius Forrest and Ellen Kennedy.

3 Patrick married 1835 Mary Donohoe b. 1815 Ireland (parents Philip Donohoe and Bridget McDermott)
	3a Patrick Corkery 1844-1916 Priest
	3b James Corkery 1849-1922 married 1882 Sarah Burke 1860-1896 then Mary Moore b. 1868 
	   (parents James Moore and Margaret Dagan?)
	3c Anna Corkery b. 1854
	4d Mary Corkery b. 1860

4 Bridget married 1834 John McDermott b. 1813 Ireland
	4a Patrick McDermott 1835 married Catherine Handly / Hanley
	4b John McDermott 1842
	4c Mary Ann McDermott 1844
	4d James McDermott 1846
	4e Elizabeth McDermott 1848-1920 married Francis Breason Kitts (parents Charles Kitts and Elizabeth Breason)
	4f Thomas McDermott 1849
	4g Charles McDermott 1850
	4h William McDermott 1852
	4i Richard McDermott 1854
5 Mary married 1841 Michael Tierney b. 1813 Tipperary, Ireland d. 1895 (parents James Tierney and Johanna Ryan) 5a Margaret Tierney 1851 5b Catherine Tierney 1853 5c Mary Tierney 1854 5d Michael Jr. Tierney 1855 married 1883 Julia O'Brien 5e Edward Patrick Tierney 1856-1929 married Annie Metcalf / Metcalfe 5f John Tierney 1859 5g Julia Tierney 1862-1944 married 1887 William O'Brien 6 Michael married 1844 Catherine Donahue 6a Thomas James Corkery 1845-1919 married Elizabeth Ann Quinn 6b Margaret Ann Corkery 1859-1937 married James Arthur Ellis 7 Dennis married 1862 Margaret McGivern 1833-1909 (parents John McGivern / McGoverin and Margaret Fleming / Flemming) I'm from this branch : 7a Michael Corkery 1862 married 1891 Mary Cassidy 1861-1922 (parents are Michael Cassidy and Ann Cunningham 1822-1908) then married 1926 Catherine Agnes Sullivan b.1881 (parents Daniel O'Sullivan and Margaret Conroy) 7b John James Corkery 1865-1875 7c Peter Corkery 1867-1893 (Peter is the odd name out in this name scheme, so I'm inclined to think it was in honour of Mr. Peter Robinson?) 7d Dennis Patrick Corkery 1868-1927 married 1896 Mary Helena Hayes 1877-1951 (parents Edward Hayes 1847-1924 and Elizabeth Rooney 1855-1921) I sent a picture of them previously. 7c Mary E Corkery 1869-1909 married 1897 John Mears 1868-1916 (parents Patrick Mears 1832-1907 and Bridget Whelan b. 1831) 7d Richard P Corkery 1871 - don't know what happened to him after 1891 7e Barbra Bulmer 1881-1929 married 1919 Peter Collins b.1864 (parents Arthur Collins and Catherine Nutterville). Barbra was a British Home Child that was adopted by Dennis Corkery. She arrived in Quebec in 1888. Her birth parents were Joseph and Elizabeth Bulmer, and she was born in Durham, England, according to her marriage certificate. After her adopted parents died she lived with Michael Corkery and Mary Cassidy until married. Her occupation was listed as a domestic. 7d Dennis Patrick Corkery married 1896 Mary Helena Hayes 7.1 Ernest (Ernie) Aloysius Dalton 1895-1953 married Isobel (Bella) Tierney b.1897 PEI (parents James Edward Tierney b. 1869 and Catherine E Gillis 1870-1916). Uncle Ernie was a British Home Child (seems to be a theme in my family) His birth parents were listed as Joseph Dalton and Alice Ashe. He arrived in 1900 from England and came to live with the family. He was a well-loved member of the family. There's more to write about him at another time. 7.2 Mary Stella Corkery 1897-1971 married 1919 Edward Joseph McGuire 1892-1968 (parents Joseph Edward McGuire b.1855 and Margaret Dougherty b.1868). 7.3 John Lynus Corkery 1900-1956 married 1924 Nora Theresa Mary Whelan 1901-1988 (parents Patrick Whelan b.1860 and Hanorah Agnes Kennedy b.1870) 7.4 Peter Edmund Corkery 1902-1951 married 1925 Mary Lauretta Genevieve Whalen 1905-1992 (parents Patrick Whelan b.1860 and Hanorah Agnes Kennedy b.1870 (sister of Nora Theresa Mary Whelan) 7.5 Rita Monica Corkery 1903-1975 married 1924 Francis Michael Johnson b.1904 (parents James Robert Johnson 1876-1943 and Wahnetah Victoria Ryckman 1886-1969) then married Thomas James (Jimmy) Riopelle 1903-1990 (parents John Baptist Riopelle b.1871 and Julia MacDonald b. 1877) 7.6 Gladys Cecelia Corkery 1906-1968 married 1928 Gregory Bernard Cassidy 1897-1950 (parents Patrick Roderick Cassidy 1867-1935 and Elizabeth Lynchke / Lynch 1869-1941) my maternal grandparents. 7.7 Daniel Patrick Corkery 1911-1912. He was the last born on the farm in Goulbourn. He died at 36 Champagne Avenue in the house that his father had just built. ... Amanda
June 21, 2012: Hello Amanda & Allan: I would like to thank you for the background on the Corkery's. My wife, Jean Foley is a descendant of that line. Her mother was Mary 'Florence' Mears (1902-1990) and her father was Michael 'Edward' Foley (1902-1952).. Florence Mears parents were John Mears (1868-1916) & Mary Elizabeth Corkery (1869-1909), who you have on your tree. I have lots of information on the family, but I have some Corkery names that I cannot place on the tree. First, there is Msgr. David Corkery (1929-1998) who is buried with his parents in Notre Dame Cemetery. The parents are Patrick A. Corkery (1888-1962) & Caroline O'Meara (1891-1965). Secondly, when I was young, we had a Fr. Frank Corkery in South Gloucester (Our Lady of the Visitation). He was there for many years, in the 1930's and 1940's. Thirdly, the bishop in Kingston, Ont. Brendan O'Brien, who I believe is a Corkery descendant. If you could give me any information on any or all of these, I would appreciate it. Thank you very much. Don McKenna
July 3, 2012: Thanks to Ken Armstrong and Amanda for the following information: To All; Notice in the beginning of the Corkery article on Bytown or Bust website that a reference is made of a Rev. father David Corkery, now this David Corkery is the son of Patrick Ambrose Corkery 1888-1962 and Mary Veronica O'Meara, 1891-1965, and this Patrick Ambrose Corkery is the son of James Corkery and Sarah Burke, as indicated in the following Ontario Marriage: Ontario, Canada, Marriage Act: Ottawa, Carleton County, Registration No: 008367: GROOM: Patrick Ambrose Corkery, age: 35, Residence: Ottawa, Born: Canada, Bachelor, Civil Servant, Roman Catholic, Parents: James Corkery and Sarah Burke; BRIDE: Mary Veronica O'Meara, age: 31, Residence: Ottawa, Born: Canada, Spinster, Roman Catholic, Parents: John O'Meara and Margaret Ann Vaughan; Witnesses: James Breen, Ottawa and John McNally, Ottawa; Date and Place of Marriage: September 4th, 1922, Ottawa, Carleton County, Ontario. F. Corkery, Parish Priest, Osgoode, Ontario. Note: Father Corkery may have been the priest at St. John's Church, Enniskerry, Ontario at this time. In the 1911 Census, a Frank Corkery, Born: Feb 1885 is entered with his parents as James Corkery, 1849 and Sarah Burke, Sarah passed away in 1896, and father re-married to Mary Moore, and had 5 more children, William, 1902, Sarah, 1904, Philip, 1906 Marguerite, 1908 and Patrick, 1910. This Francis or Frank Corkery is probably the Rev. Father Frank Corkery you were looking for, also this Frank Corkery was the presiding priest at the Wedding of his brother Patrick Ambrose Corkery. in 1922. ... Kenneth Armstrong __________________________ From Amanda: Father Frank Corkery performed many of the marriages in his own family. When my great grandmother Helen Hayes remarried after my great grandfather Dennis Patrick Corkery died, (she married Paul Kealey in 1934) it was Father Frank who performed the wedding ceremony. Father David Corkery, I believe was my mother's 3rd cousin, and a nephew of Father Frank Corkery. My mother remembers attending David's ordination ceremony. David also has a twin sister who is a nun, and I believe she retired out in Saskatchewan. I'm not sure if she's still living or has passed, I'd have to ask my Maquire cousins, they'll know. In the book by Carol Bennett, Peter Robinson's Settlers, there is a page devoted to all those who entered the Church that were descendants of Michael Corkery and Mary Sheenan. There is a much younger picture of Father David as well as those who came before him. cheers Amanda Owen
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