Thomas CORCORAN and Nora DUFFY

	1  	Thomas Corcoran	1822 - 1874
..		+Nora Duffy	1833 - 1903
.......	2  	Thomas Corcoran	1859 - 1922
.......	2  	James Corcoran	1865 - 1941
.......	2  	Maggie Corcoran	1872 - 1897

April 9, 2015: Thomas Corcoran was one of the main players in the early commercial businesses in Bytown. He was involved in merchandizing and lumbering. On Feb 1st 1835 he married Mary Hickey at Notre Dame Cathedral. More to say about this man's interesting career will be forthcoming. ... Al
May 17, 2002: Here are the three Corcoran births registered at St. Michael's at Corkery: Corcoran, Martin son of Corcoran, Michael and Nolan, Mary born 9/1/1844 Godparents: Kelly, Jeremiah & Bryan, Ellen (probably O'Brien) Corcoran, Mary Corcoran, daughter of Michael and Nolan, born 4/7/1850 Godparents: Curtin, Lawrence & Browne, Mary Corcoran, Michael son of Corcoran, Michael and Nolan, Mary born 8/17/1848 Godparents: Fahaly / Feehely, John and Kelly, Mary These folks may be related to the Corcorans at South Gloucester. =========== June 15, 2002: Keith Corcoran is also researching the Corcoran surname in the Ottawa area. Here's the 1881 census information for a Corcoran family in the Ottawa area. Interesting - Richard Corcoran was born in 1835 in the Hudson Bay area (then part of the North West Territories!). Was his dad involved in the fur trade? Richard's wife was a French Canadian and one daughter was born in the United States, USA. ... Al Census Place: Wellington Ward, Ottawa, Carleton, Ontario, Canada Source: FHL Film 1375865 NAC C-13229 Dist 105 SubDist A Div 1 Page 11 Family 55 Richard CORCORAN M M 46 Irish Hudson Bay, Occ: Lumberman Religion: Catholic Caroline CORCORAN F M 32 French Quebec Religion: Catholic Charlotte CORCORAN F 17 Irish Quebec Religion: Catholic Blanche CORCORAN F 9 Irish USA Religion: Catholic ------------------ Here's another Corcoran family in 1881: (maybe brother and sister?) Census Place: St George's Ward, Ottawa, Carleton, Ontario, Canada Source: FHL Film 1375866 NAC C-13230 Dist 105 SubDist C Div 1 Page 44 Family 195 Sex Marr Age Origin Birthplace Elizabeth CORCORAN F 40 Irish O Religion: Catholic John CORCORAN M 29 Irish O Religion: Catholic ------------ Some of the Corcorans came from County Carlow ... Al
August 3, 2002: In 1835, the Shiners elected David Scanlon, Thomas Corcoran, William Graham and George Stanley as directors of the agricultural society. Note: This was the meeting which was packed with members of the Shiner gang. Source: Dark Druidical Groves, by Michael Cross.

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