Ireland to the Wakefield, Quebec area

New July 25, 2006:

I have been told by Martin Podehl that you run a genealogy site for the 
Ottawa area. Perhaps you can be of help to me. I live about near 
Wakefield Quebec on some land that was settled in 1834 by Thomas 
Copeland and his family. He and his wife came here from Ireland with two 
sons and the future wife of one of his sons. He, one of his sons and his 
wife are buried by my house. He died in 1858. One of his sons, James, 
and his wife moved to Aylen Kaywood about 1860 and the other son William 
Copeland and his wife died here

I have recently finished putting together, mostly from census data, a 
history of the Copeland family while they lived in this area (up to 
about 1900). Subsequently I found several descendants (The Fairbairn family of 
Wakefield, Some descendants of one of the sons (James) in Danford Lake, 
and some other descendants (of William) in Poltimore and Mayo/Dery) and 
have got some useful information and photo's from them.

I am also a fairly active member of the GVHS(Gatineau Valley Historical 
Society) and I am selling the paper I have written at $25/copy with all 
proceeds going to the GVHS to help them build the Fairbairn Museum in 
Wakefield. I would like to advertise this paper on your web site and 
also cast a net to see if others (in your viewing audience) could be of 
help to me in finding out more about the branches of the Copeland Family 
and about the family's roots in Ireland. With regard to going back 
before they came here, I have checked at the National archives but so 
far have had no luck. Perhaps others could help me.

Philip Cohen 
(Wakefield Village Poet)
Wakefield Village Home Page

Here are James Copeland and his wife in the 1881 census:

1881 Census Place:	Alleyn & Cawood, Pontiac, Quebec, Canada
	Source:	FHL Film 1375862  NAC C-13226  Dist 98  SubDist H  Page 6  Family 26
	Sex	Marr	Age	Origin	Birthplace
James COPELAND	M	M	54	Irish	Ireland
	Occ:	Farmer	Religion:	Weslyan Methodist	
Jane COPELAND	F	M	46	Irish	Ireland
			Religion:	Weslyan Methodist	
James COPELAND	M		21	Irish	Quebec
	Occ:	Farm Serv.	Religion:	Weslyan Methodist	
Rebeca COPELAND	F		19	Irish	Quebec
			Religion:	Weslyan Methodist	
Arthur COPELAND	M		13	Irish	Quebec
			Religion:	Weslyan Methodist	
Eliza J. COPELAND	F		9	Irish	Quebec
			Religion:	Weslyan Methodist	

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