Emigration from the Coolattin Estate, County Wicklow, Ireland
to Eastern Ontario, Canada, early 1800's

April 30, 2007:

Shillelagh, County Wicklow Church of Ireland, Shillelagh, Southwest County Wicklow
March 17, 2013:
Come Home to Wicklow
Happy St. Patrick's Day from County Wicklow, in Ireland, the home of your ancestors. We invite you to attend Canada Come Home, County Wicklow's Flagship Gathering Event September 13-15, on the Coollattin Estate for a lively weekend of history, genealogy, walks in the Wicklow countryside, and lots more! Its a great year to visit Ireland. Hope to see you there. And if you can't make the September weekend, you're welcome to come to 'The Garden of Ireland' anytime. Just let us know when and we'll make sure you have a memorable visit. All the best from The Canada Come Home Team. E-mail The Canada Come Home Team Canada Come Home Web Site The Gathering - Ireland, 2013
New January 8, 2014: We now have a local (Eastern Ontario) web page for the 1798 Rebellion in Ireland. Annette Code has done a lot of work regarding her Codd / Code ancestors who emigrated from Lord Fitzwilliam's Estate in South West County Wicklow. Many people came to this area from the area in Ireland where three counties meet -- County Carlow, County Wexford and County Wicklow. Background material for this large emigration can be found in: The Rebellion in Wicklow, 1798, by Ruan O'Donnell, Irish Academic Press, 1998, ISBN 0-7165-2694-8 Emigration from South Leinster to Eastern Upper Canada, Bruce Elliott, in Kevin Whelan, ed. Wexford: History and Society (Dublin: Geography Publications, 1987) pp. 422-446 (Carleton University Library DA990.W5W49 - 5th Floor) ISBN 0 906602 0 68 Anne Burgess is also involved in a large project detailing the assisted emigration from Lord Fitzwilliam's Estate during the period 1847-1854. Her work is based on Surplus People: The Fitzwilliam Clearances, 1847-1856 (County Wicklow) by Jim Rees, Collins Press, Cork, 2000, ISBN 1-898256-93-4 Both Anne and Annette have done extensive research in Ireland. Here are a couple of e-mails from Annette Code: Hello Al: I just had an e-mail sent to me about your south Wicklow project. I thought I would tell you I do have a bit of information about the Coolatin Estates that I can send to you, but mostly it I was looking for the earlier familes of those towns within the Estates. I was researching the Codd (Code) family. I am going back to Ireland this September to pursue both parish records and the Coolattin Estate both in Dublin and at the Sheffield, UK Archives where they have thousands of estate records. At that time I would just run my finger down the page or microfiche and pick out the names I was looking for. There was also information at the National Library in Dublin. The day I was at Sheffield I had difficulties as their photocopier was not working so only came away with a couple of pages of documents only to do with the familes I was obtaining information on. Very little were about the Codd's as they probably were only the sub-let-tenants not the main lessor. However, some of the records show the names of the families of these sub-let-tenants. Are you interested in this information, either for your project or perhaps under a separate heading of Coolattin. The things I have are the 1798 Rebellion Claims and Compensations and two CD's of the Memorials on graves, one is Cantwell's. My understanding is that after William Wainwright was manager of the Coolattin Estate and after his death Robert Chaloner became manager and apparently kept meticulous records not just of surnames or head of family but much more detail, so if that is true I might be able to get some valuable information as I am going to spend 3 days at Sheffield Archives just going through the Estate Records. I would only go up as far as 1846 when Jim Rees's research started. I have e-mail corresponded with Jim Rees and he will be back in touch once his new book is in print. If any of the above makes sense please get back to me. ... Annette Code Good morning: I am so curious about the Coolattin families and that is one of the reasons I'm going back to Dublin this fall. I agree with you on that reasoning of 99% were from that part of Wicklow and since the Codd family were from all the estate areas, Fitzwilliam had 6 estates in Ireland but also had family in the northern tip of Wexford where Wicklow, Wexford and Carlow meet some of their relatives from Wexford came later probably due to good reports from earlier emigrants. Certainly all the Codd / Code / Coad's were from that area of Wicklow, but others did stay and continue living there to this day. On www.theshipslist.com are several pages of passengers 1825 approx. from Wicklow both a list of Catholics and Protestants, I can pick out all the neighbours/relatives from both Wicklow and Lanark Co. Other surnames are DAGG and JACKSON. These lists would be a good link or page for anything to do with Coolattin. ... Annette Code
May 1, 2007:
Here is a photograph of a memorial to the 1798 rebellion in Carnew, County Wicklow. Memorial for 1798 Rebellion, Carnew, County Wicklow
_________________________ also posted on May 1, 2007, Thanks to Annette for this. She has further details about the holdings of the following persons: Tithe Allotment Book, Parish of Aghowle, Diocese of Leighlin, Co. Wicklow 1824-1825 Lower Munny (Money) No. 4 1) Thos Codd 2) John Codd 3) Nat Byrne 4)John Neil 5) John Hanley 6) Wm. Reily 7) Thos Evans 8)Wm Driver 9)Geo Driver 10) Wm(?) Driver 11) John Nowland / Nolan 12) James Byrne 13) Pat Byrne 14) John Byrne 15) Dan(?) Byrne 16) Martin Daniel (McDaniel) 17) Edw Kavanagh 18) Mick Donahoe 19) Owen McDaniel 20) .....? Henry 21) Pat Cummins Dicksons Killinure: No.5 Compliment Upper Munney 32 Thos McDaniel 33 John McDaniel That is all I could find at this time, the writing is difficult, and it has been photocopied numerous times. ... Annette
May 4, 2007: Hello Al: I hope you got the information I sent you OK, when I don't hear I wonder if things just go into cyberspace. There is a new website for Carnew which contains some Griffiths and some Rockingham papers - Coolattin which may be a good link for that Coolattin page: www.Carnewwhs.com and www.kennytree.com , Joe Kenny's web site (John Kenny co-authored Anne Burgess' article on the Fitzwilliam Estate emigrants, 1847-1854 There is an Arklow Parish census on www.censusfinder.com, follow the buttons. I just posted some Byrne information on rootsweb as I try and help people looking for information, I have the Cantwell's CD's and the 1798 Rebellion CD which if a person is lucky identifies that all important Parish. I haven't contacted Anne but would like to know if she wouldn't mind my doing that, also since I'm going back to Dublin in September there is no point in my doubling up and getting the same info she has got already. ... Annette
May 11, 2007: Annette has contributed some of her material to Keith Thompson's Lanark County Website. ... Al
May 22, 2007: WEXFORD - HISTORY AND SOCIETY ed. by Kevin Whelan 1987 located on Cantwell Memorial CD. page 427 (Period 1817) "By October word of the Ellys' activities had reached Rathdrum, county of Wicklow, for Isaac Saul Jr. of that place wrote to the Colonial Office seeking information on behalf of many respectable families in and about the town who asked him what he knew about 'the encouragement': 'they tell me that there is a Person taking down such Families Names as wish to Emigrat (sic) in Carnew a small town about 20 miles from this, but that they do not know his Name also I would of written to him to know the truth and not to have troubled Your Lordship'. Bathurst's reply was more positive than the response to the Rev. Mr. Vaughan had received, for it stated that encouragement was not being offered at the moment mereley because the season was too far advanced. However, the Colonial Secretary informed Saul that any person taking down names was altogether unauthorised by the government. On p. 426 a note on the ELLYS (of New Ross) (Ellis / Elly ?) The Ellys were brothers of a Quaker merchant who imported timber and staves from Quebec. Samuel Elly Jr. commonly shipped out passengers in the vessels he chartered to bring timber to Ireland, so it was natural for the residents of Wexford to seek advice and information from his family. ... Annette
July 19, 2007: Hello Al: I have a booklet put out by the Dun Laoghaire Genealogical Society in 1997. It is the names of persons who signed a petition, called a memorial at that time dated 1837, for Shillelagh & Ballinacor South. Co. Wicklow. These are extracted from Official Papers (O.P.1837/133) National Archives of Ireland, Dublin. Memorials were a common form of petition to the authorities during the 19th. century. This memorial, containing the names and addresses of 1500 people from south west County Wicklow, sought a change in the location of the Quarter sessions town from Baltinglass in the west to Tinahely in the south of the county in 1837. The date of the memorial is intermediate between the Tithe Applotment Books and the primary valuation Survey (Griffith's Valuation) and covers an area which includes the vast Coolattin Estates of the Earl of Fitzwilliam which witnessed large scale assisted emigration between 1847 and 1856. The following is an extract showing the names on the Coolattin Estate but not the surrounding lands owned by Earl Fitzwilliam. He had six estates in Ireland under the company name of Coolattin Estates. All the surrounding areas were in the estates too but not mentioned here. I will do look ups in this document if anyone wants to contact me at codeannette@shaw.ca I have already typed out the Byrne names - 3 pages from this book, but it would be too onerous a task to do all. John Astlefoot?; William Black; John Byrne; James Byrne; Hoyle Byrne; James Byrne; John Carre; Laur. Cummins; richard Cummins; Patrick Kehoe; Danl. Kenny; Samual A. Lawerenson; Patrick Murray; William Nowlan; William Rickerby; William Robinson; Charles Smyth; Robert Chaloner IPDL (Coolattin Park) Townland Index includes the following name places/address Aghowle, Anclernober:; Annacurra; Annaheley; Ardoyne; Arklow; Askakeagh; Askanagap; Babington; Ballaberly; Ballagh; Ballard; Ballashane; Ballinacorbeg; Ballinalogue; Ballinalto; Ballinasilloge; Ballincor; Ballinet?; Ballingate; Ballinglen; Ballinguile; Ballislogan; Ballymould; Ballyahine; Ballybeg; Ballycasra; Ballyconnell; Ballycreen; Ballycumber; Ballyednid?; Ballyglass; Ballyglin; Ballygobban; Ballyh?; Ballyhully;; Ballyknocker; Ballymaann; Ballymaghroe; Ballymanus; Ballymoreagh; Ballymorris; Ballymough; Ballynachian; Ballnacrow; Ballynastraw; Ballynultagh; Ballyraheen; Ballyshanog; Ballyulla; Balnulty; Barandown?; Bellington; Belmulla; Blackrock; Boley; Callinglin; Camaice; Cappagh; Carnew; Carnew Castle; Carrig; Carrignamuck; Carrignamweel; Carrigroe; Clones; Clonygall; Cooegan?; Coobine? Coolabeg; Coolaboy; Coolafancy; Coolafunshoge; Coolallen; Coolallintyent; Coolalug; Coolbawn; Coole; Cooleballin; Coolemond; Cooledmond; Coolkenna; Coolroe; Coolross; Cormedy; Corndog; Cronalea; Crone; Cronyhorn; Cross; Culug?; Deerey; Drimingall; Drummin; Fairwood; Farbreage; Farnees; Ferryban; fortistown; Garryhoe; Gew Tree; Glenphilipeen; Gorteen; Gowle; Greenhall; Greenhill; Hillabeg; Hillbrooke; Hotpotlane; Kednagh; Kilabeg; Kilacloran; Kilatomcoyle; Killballyowen; Kilbarrow; Kilcommond; Kilinure; Killaduff; Killaveny; Kilmalone; Kilpipe; Kilquiggin; Knock...cage?; Knockananna; Knockanashea; Knockanooker?; Knockatomcoyle; Knockeen; Knocklaw; Knocknaboley; Knocknashalogue; Knocknashany; Knocknaskeagh; Kyle; Laney; Laragh; Leveigh; Liscolman; Lugduff; Lumcloon; Mangans; Mary...?; Math...igue?; Mathi?; Milland; Minimore; Minkla?; Mount Pleasant; Moyne; Moyne Gleve; Mucklagh; Mullans; Mulhullan; Munla?; Murney;, Muskeagh; Newtown; Park; Poolnulty; rachinmore; Raheen; rashnamore; Ratanacrow; Rath; Rathanian; Rathbane; Rathmeague; Rathmore; Rathnagrew; Rathnakill; Rathamore; Rathshanmore; Relmalan; Rockingham; Roddenagh; Roddinagh; Rosanmore; Rosbane; Rosnaham?; Rosnastraw; Sandyford; Sankeisey?; Seskin; Sheilstown; Shievecrow; Shillelagh; Sleacoil; Slievecrow; Slievemweel; Slievenamouth; Slievenaough; Slieveroe; Sienamough;' Tallyho; Tankarsley; Thillalage?; Tinahely; Toberpatrick; Tomacork; Tomanierin; Tomnafey?; Tomnafinnoge; Townbrew; Tuberlownagh; Tuberlownagh; Tullowclay; Ulstertown; Urelands; Wicklow; Woodview; ... Annette Code (Codd)
July 29, 2007: Hi: Just wanting to try this. I have only the people I extracted from the records. We don't have what I would call a group - just a number of people who came across each other in a variety of ways. Most of the Codd's in Lanark Co. were from Aghold / Aghowle and Shillelagh they are definitely related to the Codd's of Carnew but we have never been able to determine an exact link. I am going to Dublin in September to find what few Parish records available might clear this up, but if I remember rightly the records for Carnew only go back to 1808. William and Hannah were married there in 1811 and I didn't come across that particular record, there might be witnesses written down that might prove some kind of connection. Let me know if this comes over OK. ... Annette Surnames for search engine: Carter, James, Chamney / Chamley, Jackson, Carnew Burials from 1836 - Church of Ireland
October 6, 2007: Thanks to Annette for the following: National Library, Dublin In two beautifully illustrated, written and printed books of maps of the Fitzwilliam Estates were the following numbered parcels of land and the tenant's names for Coolattin and Coolattin Park: (an assumption from other similar numbered parcels that the gaps between numbers would be as the first two on this list. eg: #65 John Carr would be #65-80) #1-44 Earl Fitzwilliam #43-64 Thomas Astleford #65 John Carr #81 Edward Carr and John Carr rep viz John Carr #87 Mic Toole #92 Betty and Mary Carr #93 Daniel now Denis Kenny #94 Thomas Bowes #100 Patrick Keohoe / Keough / Kehoe #102 John Quail #107 John and Michael Quail #112 Hugh Welsh / Walsh #116 Pierce Kinshley (Kinsella or Kingsley?) #126 Denis Deegon / Deegan #127 Bedloe #128 Bedloe #129 Jeremiah Rickaby exe (executor) (Rickarby?) #130-135 Widow Rickaby #136 W. Stacy #137 James Sykes #138 John Jones #151 Thomas Jones #162 Patrick Byrnes #169 Pat Breen & Pat Byrnes #177 John Breen #185 Widow Handrick / Hendrick #192 Widow Bridget Byrne #193 James Byrne #198 James Appleby #201 Michael Byrne & Thomas Weeks #205 Samuel & Michael Lawrenson #220 Richard Oates #222 Robert Lawrenson #238 Thomas Foster #240 James Dowdell now Sheane (Dowdall) #243 Thomas Free ... Annette Code
December 7, 2007: From Annette Code:
HOPKINS from County Wicklow, Church of Ireland Records
Carnew Parish Register Baptisms: April 2, 1826 daughter Jane, Edward & Frances Hopkins, Farmer, J.Frith Minister June 24, 1827 son, William, Joseph and Sarah Hopkins, Tomacork, Farmer Rev. Moore May 4, 1828 daughter Henrietta, Richard & Elizabeth Hopkins, Ballard, Farmer Rev.Moore Sept 14, 1828, son Benjamin, Edward & Frances Hopkins, Croneyhorne, Farmer June 13, 1830 daughter Elizabeth, Richard & Elizabeth Hopkins, Ballard, Farmer Parish of Carnew Marriages: Aug 2, 1833 James Warren and Eliza Hopkins, Shillelagh, Rev. Robert Carpenter, both James and Elizabeth signed the register, no witnesses listed Baptisms: 1808 Pg.1 (these are pieces of paper which have had tissue paper or something attached to the original page which is in bits and pieces. #4 May 1, 1808, Mary Ann daughter of John and Jane Hopkins, Carnew, #7 Apr 9th, 1808 Jane daughter of Edward and Jane Hopkins, Carnew July 6, 1809 baptism of William (Vera?) son of Benjamin and Susanna Hopkins, Ballan______, born July 1st. 1809. August 25, 1809 baptism of Isabella, daughter of Richard & Mary Hopkins, Balla_____, (no birthdate listed) Baptism Nov 10, 1809 Samuel Allen, son of Ralph and Jane Lawrenson of Paulbeg, born Oct 7th. May 20th. 1810 Baptism, Elizabeth, daughter of Joseph and Jane Hopkins born May 19th. May 26, 1811, Edward son of Benjamin and Susanna Hopkins, born May 11th.. June 6, 1812, Elizabeth, daughter of Benjamin and Susanna Hopkins, born May 25th. June 25, 1812 baptism of John Matthews (looks like surname) son of Ralph and Jane Lawrenson, born June 7th. September 19, 1812 baptism of Mary daughter of Joseph and Jane Hopkins, born September 13th. 1814, October __baptism of William son of James Jones and ? Hopkins born the __ 4th. September 27, 1818 baptism of son William of William Edwards & Susanna Hopkins, born September 25th. September 3 or 5, 1824, baptism of William Henry of Joseph and Jane Hopkins, born July 29th. October 17, 1824, baptism Richard of Joseph and Sarah Hopkins, born Oct 2nd. October 24, 1824 baptism of Joseph of Joseph and Elizabeth Hopkins, born September 7th.

Parish of Carnew Marriages from 1808 1811, Nicholas Hopkins, Parish of Moyacomb and Susannah Ralph of Carnew 26, Nov, 1811, both signed register, Witness Ann Wilson and William Bow__ke? 1816 William Hopkins of Parish Clonegal and Ann Dowzer of Carnew, 2nd. Feby, 1816 Witness: Michael Dowzer and John Graham 1825, Edward Hopkins and Frances Grundy, married 17th. Jan, 1825, both signed Witness W.J.Grandy (note spellings) and Wm. butler, both bride and groom signed Parish of Carnew Burials: Jane Lawrenson 20 Dec, 1817 Marriages: Jan 13, 1857 Richard Hopkins, Garryhastings and Larah Discey? > Dix? of Clonegal, Witness Wm. Hopkins Burials: Thos. Hopkins, Carnew May 30, 1838 Hanna Hopkins, Hollyfort, Feb 21, 1841' John Hopkins, Carnew, July 30, 1841 age 53 Frances Hopkins, Cronyhorn, January 13, 1842 age 4 Amo? Hopkins, Carnew April 29, 1842 age 36 Edward Hopkins, Croneyhorn, April 11, 1843 age 40 Jos. Hopkins, Carnew September 13, 1847 no age Richard Hopkins, Tomacork, June 26, 1849 age 26 Ann Hopkins, Carnew Jan 13, 1860 age 20 Sarah Hopkins, October 23, 1861 age 61 Jos Hopkins, Tomacork, Nov 10, 1866 age 84 Elizabeth Hopkins, May 16, 1869 age 35 REGISTRY BOOK OF AGHOLD Robert of John and Elizabeth Hopkins born April 25, 1812 Burial 1765, May 7, Ann of late Richard and Margaret Hopkins Baptism, May 28, 1754 of Benjamin of Richard and Margaret Hopkins Baptism March 17, 1754 John of John and Elizabeth Hopkins Baptism Jan 21, 1752 Elizabeth of Richard & Margaret Hopkins 1739 Rachel of Nicholas Hopkins and Deborah - no dates - could be May or March and before the following record July 1, 1739 Jane of Edward Hopkins & Ann Hopkins Dec. 11, 1739 Thomas of Joseph and Elizabeth Hopkins Registry book of Aghold, 1700-1812 in bits glued to tissue paper, parts missing parts unreadable other than difficult handwriting Baptism 1713 Jane of Robert Hopkins and Mary, December____ Baptism 1714 Elizabeth of Robert Hopkins and Mary, December___ Baptism 1720 Elizabeth of Benjamine Hopkins and wife, Nov. 14th. Baptism 1724 Anne of Robert and
Elizabeth Hopkins, July 5th. Baptism 1732 John of Joseph & Elizabeth Hopkins ___30th. Baptism 1732 Benjamin of Benjamin Hopkins and Mary, March 1732 Baptism 1733 _________ of Nicholas & Elizabeth Hopkins, May 15, 1733 Baptism 1740 Jane of Edward Hopkins & Ann, July 10th. Thomas 1740 Thomas of Joseph & Elizabeth Hopkins, Dec. 11th. Marriage: Joseph Hopkins of T_________ Henrietta daughter of Mary Twamley of Mullahullen, April 8, 1760 Register of Tullophelim 1696-1825 Baptism of William of William and Mary Hopkins, July 20, 1794 baptism of Joseph of William & Mary Hopkins, March 29, 1796 Enough for Today, Annette
January 10, 2008: more about life on the Fitzwilliam Estate, from Annette: 79/68 Letter to Earl Fitzwilliam, from Mr. Symme dated Oct 16, 1817 Tinehaley (as spelt) Re: Agent Haight's conduct ...for want of agent in my view goaded by unfeeling and brutal conduct of your present head agent. Your political influence in County Wicklow is every day diminishing from being the most benevolent and charitable of all Landlords ...... losing blessings and prayers of tenants, deep designs and malpractice of your most unjust steward who says he has your sanction and directions. All classes of people hate him. Your Lordship is call on for the sake of humanity to enquire into Haight's conduct. Restor..... to Golden Age, they want to forget the Tyranny. 79/69 Sign from Mr. Haigh, requesting tenants who wish to see him on Business attend Malton on MONDAYS ONLY. 79/88 Letter from Haigh to Fitzwilliam, just some excerpts 'education for the poor is now all the rage' 'employment is primary of the miserable state of the lower order' "Mr. Chamney of Ballyhine is in the linen trade who could teach all those willing to learn spinning, I have sent a specimen by a 10 year old girl to Lady Fitzwilliam for inspection" 79/94 letter, Malton 1819, Dec 2 Deficiency in Oats - blight potatoes, only fair crop, nearly whole of County Wexford has failed, this is the 3rd. year of their suffering and we swarm with beggars from that County. 77/122 Malton, Feb. 16, 1821 Petition from David Page of Parkmore regarding the undertenants near Hacketstown... shall hear from me, Major Hardy that 'he should not have the liberty to take along with him his friends and neighbours, most respectable tenants, Mr. Whelan (head tenant) of Rath and Mr. Swann (headtenant) of Knocklow. Malton Letter, June 12, 1821 Shellelagh Resolutions ...."ungrateful as they are obstinate' Captn. Nickerson - trouble makers - Tinehaly Friday, Rathdrum, Thursday, Registry of freeholders who have not registered since 1815 estimated 400. .......Ralph Taylor would not care what sacrifice to annoy me, called David Page constable.... 79/149 Malton, Oct 27, 1822 .... "Irishmen can always do with more land but can seldom find capital' .....I have Ejectments moved on, Barracks Farm, part of lands of Coolattin leased to George Sherwood. Malton, Dec 11, 1822 re: Mr. Moore , 31.7.6 Pounds for the Shillelagh Blanket Fund ....let me remind you to pay 10 Pounds to Carnew Sunday school and 12. pounds to Library only as donations... have been regularily called for as yearly subscriptions.... ..useful employment for the poor children if the better class of people exert themselves in....they hereafter earn their livehihood, the rising generation would greatly benefit... ... Annette
March 6, 2008: Thanks to Annette for the following information and photos of St Michael's, Church of Ireland (Anglican) in Aghold, County Wicklow (on the Coolattin Estate): St.Michael's Church, Aghold. Aghold, anciently Aghowle and in Irish manuscripts, Achad Abhla, Achadhabhla or Achadh-n-abhall means the field of the apple trees. The name Aghold was used in the Vestry Minutes of 1707. The first stone of St. Michael's Church was laid in the year 1716 by the Rev. Thomas Barton, Rector. It appears that the old Church at Aghowle had fallen into disrepair and as it did not occupy a central position in the Parishes of Aghold, Mullinacuffe "Creecreen" and Liscolman it was decided to build the new Church. The total cost of building the new church appears to have been 150 Pounds, 1 shilling and 9 pence. Excerpts taken from the book "The field of the Apple Trees, Aghold 1716-1991" by Richard Codd. Corner Stone of Aghold Church Aghold Church, Outside View
October 7, 2008: Hi Al: I have transcribed lists of emigrants from the Earl Fitzwilliam-Coollattin Estate account books for the years 1835-1842 . I put these on http://www.rootsweb.com and printed them off so I only had to type them once, please make sure the information below the line crediting Sheffield Archives is included. Thank you. ... Annette Code ... Annette Code
November 14, 2008: Thanks to Annette Code for transcribing the following material regarding the Sunday School at Carnew and also a list of ejectments of tenants.
A list of annual subscriptions for Sunday School, Coollattin Estates Sheffield Archives WWM/F80/39
This list has a wide blackening line right down the middle of the list and covers 18 names, the only names showing are: Mr. Saul Boyce.................................1.2.9 Mr.Rudd .............. 0.10.0 Mr. Barlow .............. 0.10.0 Mr. Lee ......... 0.7.6 Mr. Walker ............... 0.7.6 Mr. Woodroofs ................ 0.5.0 Mr. Langrill .............. 0.5.0 Mr. Elliot .............. 0.2.6 Mr.Allen Jackson, Dublin .......... 0.5.0. ............................................................................................................................. National Library, Dublin, Genealogy Office Teacher note book Average number of student 54 in 1827 Mary Buckles, Anne Masterson late Mary Rathwell - ordered a tea ticket for good answering Regular visitors Ms. Swan, Braddell, Frith, Chaloner and Rev. Mrs. Moore Eliza Rickerby could not say Luke and Glenis (must be bible or schoolbook?) Thur. 8, 1827 Feb children noisy today Rain prevented children from coming Jane Lee, Susan Matthew, Jane Nussey(?) Sat 24 Visited by Mrs. Moore Cut Mary Halvey's hair as untidy 13, 1827 Tuesday, School exam by Ms. Williams, London Ladies Society Mon 14th. Narcg kept several girls in who knew not their lessons Thur 19, March 1827 Catherine Rathwell ticket for food - good answering Thurs 12 Apr 1827 Miss Davies talkative and idle Maria Murphy wrote carelessly Thurs 12, Apr Lucy Gilbert is improving May 1 Ellen Quinn - inattentive ................................................................................................................................. Annette Code _____________________________

Sheffield Archives WWM/F79/162 This is not dated, but prior to 1837, as a have a petition asking to move the Court to Shillelagh which was done: A List of the several Tenants, against whom Ejectments are intened to be brought for non payment of Rent at the next Quarter Sessions to be held at Baltinglass in July next: Date of Lease} Tinaheley 1765 Chas. Flagherty's, Exors. (executors) 1801 Robert Codd: Driver 1809 M... Leonard Date of lease} Carnew 1770 Christ May's Exors. 1796 John & Wm. Armstrong 1796 William Williams 1801 Joseph Walker 1810 Henry Walsh 1816 John L(?) James Date of lease} Knocknamacoyle 1781 John Ireland - Exors. 1810 Thos. Conner & Mary Whelan 1819 Isaac Staghan (?) and T. W......... Date of lease} Rathmeage 1810 Thos. Valentine & Mary Bryan Date of lease} Coolattin (Coollattin) 1793 Pierce(?) Hinkley's Exors. 1811 Matt Keghoe & J. Timmins 1811 Rick? (agents question mark) Cates (? my question mark-Bates?) 1810 Bridget Blake 1796 Thos. Foster (?my Q) (Miller)(agents question mark) 1796 William Free Date of lease} Ballyrhine (Ballyraheen?) 1794 Denis Loughlin's Exors. Date of lease} Kilballyowen 1795 John & G. Graham Date of Lease} Ballynulta 1796 Thos. Cullen & partners or pastures? 1811 John Byrne 1796 ....... Loughlin & partners Date of Lease} Kilballyowen 1795 John G. Graham Date of lease} Ardoyne 1796 Matt Murphy 1796 Darby J....... (Jack/Jake) Date of Lease} Coolroe 1796 Peter Tool's Exors Date of Lease} Gurteen 1800 Eliz. Grange Date of Lease} Killaveny 1800 Mick Ward's Exors. Date of lease} Ballinguile 1801 Bridget Harman & Sons (Harmen) 1801 Edward Harmon's Exors. Date of Lease} Rosnastraw 1801 Joseph Edith Smith Date of Lease} Knocknaboley 1805 Thos. Hannan (Hannen) Date of Lease} Boley 1808 John Gahan 1808 Hugh Baley 1808 John Meaghon Date of Lease} Tomnaschaley (?) - Kilpipe 1808 David Gilbert Date of Lease} Minmore 1777 Mary Wilson's Exors Date of Lease} Lascoleman 1797 John Smith's Exors. Date of Lease} Knokeen 1807 Garret Byrne 1807 Edw ? (their question mark) Darcey Date of Lease} Coolrufs 1784 Thos. James, Extors. Date of Lease} Torboy 1801 Lawrence Byrne Date of Lease} Ballyconnell 1803 James Byrne 1803 Arthur & Mich. Burke 1803 Miles Byrne 1803 Owen Byrne 1803 Rich. Kovisnan (?my questions mark) Date of Lease} Croneyhorn 1803 Joseph & George Fitzharris Date of Lease} Mullins 1803 Charles Murphy's Exors. Date of Lease} Muskeagh 1805 Jos. Dunn & P (?) Byrne Date of Lease} Killinure 1809 Owen Doyle 1809 Cath. Kavannah (as spelt) 1809 Thos. McDaniel Date of Lease} Unrigar 1810 John & J O'Niele Date of Lease} Ballynulta 1811 Mich. Mulhall's Exors. ............................................................................................................................ Annette Code note: going by seeing leases and the arrears, these if like other were sometimes many years in arrears before getting to the ejectment for non payment of rent, Earl Fitzwilliam was a very forgiving and generous landlord and charged the lowest rents. William Wainwright a trusted and much loved Estate Agent was replaced by William Haigh from 1813-1825 and he pursued the amalgamating of lands, ejectments for non payment and started the voluntary emmigrations to North America as a way of making the land pay. Robert Chaloner, Fitzwilliam brother-in-law replaced Haigh in 1825. The 4th Earl died in 1833 and his son took charge of the estate. ... Annette Code
April 7, 2009: EMIGRATION ACCOUNT 935/197 WWM Sheffield Archives UK Coollattin Estate: June, 1847 To cash paid sundry persons towards their support, getting clothes, paying for cars (carts) to take their luggage to ____ __ __ on their way to America as __ Cash-Book 1109.19.8 Paid William Graves & Son, New Ross on a/c (account) of passage of Emigrants to Quebec 2100. 19.8 Expence (as spelt) of materials and making of 173 sea-chests as per Joseph Exley's a/c 99.1.8 Balance due to Wm. Graves & Son for passage of Emigrants up to 9th. instance as per account 888.2.6 Total 4197 Pounds 3 shillings and 10 pence 863 1/2 adults at the above cost of 4197.3.10 would average about 4.17.2 1/2 each Note that the earlier emigrants were sent out of Dublin with the Mssrs. Scott Shipping Company If any one is interested I have a CD with the emigrants from 1847-1856 of Fitzwilliam Tenants listed in the Coolattin Estate Emigration, Co. Wicklow, I can search the CD by families. ... Annette
November 12, 2009: Annette has contributed an interesting article which has just been published by the Genealogical Society of Ireland.
October 28, 2009: Richard Bradley is researching his ancestors, Henry Bradley and Susan Garrett who are included on the Elly List and who came to Eastern Ontario (Prescott County) in 1820.
April 19, 2012: Mary O'Neill is researching the family of Thomas LAWRENCE and Henrietta WOODBURN who came to Perth County, Ontario, from the Fitzwilliam Estate in County Wicklow, in 1850.
April 26, 2013: I'm about to embark on the final draft of my new book, Leinster to Lanark, and I wonder if you'd be kind enough to place a posting on 'what's new' on Bytown or Bust, please? The book deals with the families on the Elly list, many of whom came to the Ottawa Valley in the period 1817-1830. While a majority settled in Lanark County, others came to Leeds and Carleton. In due course, some families moved on to other counties, such as Bruce, Huron, Lambton, Renfrew etc. I'd like to hear from anyone whose family is on the Elly list. Also from anyone whose kin came in that period from the counties of Carlow, Kilkenny, Wexford and Wicklow. Although extensive research has been done over a period of several years, and many people have been contacted, there may still be useful data out there. Regards Carol Bennett McCuaig ____________________________ The book Leinster to Lanark (above) has been acquired by the Library of the Ottawa Branch, Ontario Genealogical Society, ISBN 978-0-919137-38-7.
Phoebe Dagg, from Aghole, County Wicklow Source: Across the Waters: Ontario Immigrants' Experiences, 1820-1850, by France Hoffman and Ryan Taylor, ISBN 1-894378-0106, page 107, Global Heritage Press, 1999
Phoebe Dagg from Aghole, County Wicklow

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