Construction Accident at Britannia Farm, 1857
Aylmer Road, where the Royal Ottawa Golf Course is today

New March 21, 2007:

James Culhane Latchford was the farm manager for the Ruggles Wright estate, c. 1846-1866.
This large farm was located on the Aylmer Road and was known as "Britannia Farm".

In 1857 a scaffold collapsed while two houses were being built at the farm.
John Gleeson / Gleason, Austin Killeen and William Collins were badly
injured. John Conway, Lawrence Dooley and James Costello were slightly hurt.

Thanks to Frank Latchford for the following extract from his Great Grandfather's 
diaries. The Latchford Papers are available at the National Archives. Frank also 
has a large collection of material.

Construction Accident at Britannia Farm

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