James CONNORAN and Elizabeth TALLON
County Wicklow, Ireland to Osgoode Township, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

March 27, 2009:

Hi Al,
I found the attached Patt Conran in 1851 Bytown, and you'd think with such an unusual name 
that he'd be related to the James Connoran, b. Wicklow but buried at Visitation in South
Gloucester. I have 3 unfound Connerins on the Fitzwilliam CD, and would like to nail them down.

Patt Connoran, 1851 Bytown Census

All this to say: would you have, in those baptism files of yours, any of the names Connerin, 
Conran, Conron, Condron, Connoran - all versions of the one name as it appears in the 
Clonmore, County Wicklow, records.
Thanks in advance, Al.
... Anne Burgess

Hi Anne:

The only record I have is the burial of James Connoran at South Gloucester, died April 11, 
1897, aged 71.
On this stone is also the name of a Nicholas Connoran, aged 40, died January 8, 1896.
... Al

Thanks very much for looking, Al. That Nicholas is a great find: he certainly seems to fit 
the Nicholas Connerin on the CD page:

Fitzwilliam Tenants - Family Group 
	ID: 268 Parish Mullinacuff 
	Year Listed: 1854 
	Surname: Connerin 
	Reference No. 19 
Group Members: 
	Mick 30, Mary 22, Nicholas 2. Brothers Jno 28, Pat 24, Edward 20; sister Mary 26. 
	Voyage	Townland 
	Ship	As spelt in the Emigration 
Departure	Larragh 
	Arrival	Official 
	Other Information	Holding 
	Tenant to Joseph Hopkins. Cabin and 1 rood. 
Source: Companion CD to the book Surplus People by Jim Rees. 
But I'm stuck with the rest of them. And quite a lot of the Visitation records are hard to 
The couple, Michael and Mary Connerin on the CD, had a dtr Elizabeth in Jan. 1854 in 
Clonmore parish; she must have died before they left (or the FW record was completed before 
she was born).
There are errors on the CD/FW records: Jno. sometimes read for Jas. (with the superscript 
letters). James Connoran of S. Gloucester would fit the John on the attached CD page in 
terms of age.

A little discrepancy in the death dates between this and the stone. 
Still hopeful...Anne

Nicholas Connoran death record, Ottawa, Canada
Source: Ontario Deaths from ancestry.ca

Well, Al: here's the Visitation death record for Nicholas Conneran, and he was the son of James Connoran and Elizabeth Tallon. (Note: There is a Mary Tallon death record adjacent to the death record of Nicholas Conneran, above). So I can now tell you (Clonmore records) that James Connoran, buried in Visitation cemetery, was the s/o Nicholas Conran and Anne Redmond (another Redmond!) of Laragh. And so were those other Connerins on the FW emigration sheet I sent you earlier. But one new thing...according to the Ont. death cert. Nicholas was b. Ireland, which would seem to mean that James Connoran and Elizabeth Tallon were married in Ireland. ... Anne ____________________________ Thanks very much for the page, Al. I've transcribed these two marriage records, just in case there is still some family out there who might lead the way to the FW part of the family (from the CD): Visitation Church, South Gloucester [or was it St. Mary's then?] 26-5-1884 Lizzie Connoran, d/o James Connoran and Elisabeth Talon TO John Mulligan, s/o John Mulligan and Agnes Arnauld of ----- (Arcand ?) Wit: Edward Talon and Annie Conaran 25-4-1889 Alice Connoran, d/o James Connoran and Elizabeth Talon of South Gloucester TO Joseph Gilligan, s/o Bartholomew Gilligan and the late Mae Kiff / McNiff of South Gloucester Wit: Joseph Beland and Anne Connoran And here they are in the 1881 census: ...enumerated not too far from Edward and James Tallon (sons of Matthew Tallon and Mary Walker). Note the second son's name is Mathew - for Matthew Tallow? Household: Name Marital Gender Ethnic Age Birthplace Occupation Religion Status Origin James CONERON M Male Irish 50 Ireland Farmer Catholic Elizabeth CONERON M Female Irish 60 Ireland Catholic Nicholas CONERON Male Irish 28 Ontario Farmer Catholic Mathew CONERON Male Irish 26 Ontario Farmer Catholic Annie CONERON Female Irish 23 Ontario Catholic Lizabeth CONERON Female Irish 21 Ontario Catholic Allis CONERON Female Irish 14 Ontario Catholic -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Source Information: Census Place Gloucester, Russell, Ontario Family History Library Film 1375865 NA Film Number C-13229 District 104 Sub-district E Division 4 Page Number 16 Household Number 65 And about Mary Tallon (on the same Visitation page as Nicholas Connoran): that page shows her as wife of Patrick O'Neil, but when I checked the Visitation death record, it seemed to say O'LEARY, not O'Neil. And O'Leary seems to be right: here is her widower Patrick O'Leary's remarriage in 1894. Patrick O'Leary marriage in 1894 Source: Drouin records from ancestry.ca for Our Lady of the Visitation Church ... Anne names for search engine: Martin Quinn, John Bowes ______________________________

Hi Anne: Now it makes sense. Patrick O'Leary had a farm on the River Road, just south of Manotick. Oleary's Field was the scene of the great spectator gentleman's fight of c. 1895. Notice all the Quinn's, etc. on this Patrick O'Leary's marriage record. P. Oleary, wife of Ann Quinn is on the same tombstone at Our Lady of the Visitation as Martin Quinn, et. al. Too bad about the incorrect name of O'Neil on the civil registration! Good thing we have those Drouin records! ... Al
New February 9, 2010: Hi there, I was reading your notice on James Connoran and Elizabeth Tallon -- and ran across my great grandmother's name Alice Connoran. My was a Gorman and his mother (my grandmother) was Mabel Elizabeth Gilligan. She was the only child of Alice and her husband Joseph Gilligan – they were married April 25, 1889 and my grandmother Mabel was born May 4, 1889. Joseph was born 1858 and Died April 17, 1890. Cause of death was listed as “died of consumption” – can anyone tell me what that means? They had other children Miles, Phillipe, Edith and so on. (Consumption was the name for Tuberculosis ... Al). After Joseph died Alice then remarried November 24, 1893 David Sabourin who was born 1865 (Gloucester) Here’s a story from the Sabourin side: I never knew much about my father's side of the family. I always asked my mother questions about family history and it helped put all the puzzles together. I worked at Treasury Board / Finance for many years and we had a commissionaire on the floor named Bernie. I was stunned how much this fellow resembled my father and I often told him that. He walked, talked, shock, the similarities were amazing. One day Bernie answered the phone – "Sabourin" and it clicked - my mother had told me how my dad was related to Sabourin's. After Bernie hung up – I told him what my mother had told me - and he looked at me and said what is your father's name? I told him and he laughed telling me they were 1st cousins. Bernie was to bring me a picture of Alice Connoran but never had the chance. Now that Bernie and Alice have both passed on I plan to contact his son. I also have found information on Bartholomew Gilligan Bartholomew Gilligan M Mary Ann McNiff (there are many variations of her last name - McKeefe etc) B: 1818 B: 1837 ( Census 1891) Children: Bartholomew B: 1855 - married Bridget (?) and their children Hugh, James, Edward, William - but I haven’t finished. Sorry I can’t give more information - my sister currently has my many boxes of information as we are adding it into the computer. ... Melody ______________________________ Thanks to Taylor Kennedy for the following: Hello Just a small note there Al. Catherine Gilligan married John Cunningham, our Inn Keeper. Batharlomew Gilligan Jr was a store owner after the railroad came through, according to the 1881 census for South Gloucester. ... Taylor
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