Patrick CONLON and Anne CORRIGAN
Ireland to Osgoode Township, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

Thanks to David Nolan for the following:

Hi Al,
A couple of more pictures.
1 - The train station at Manotick Station, year unknown but probably in the early 1900's.
2- Pat Conlin, Robert Redmond, Paddy Conners. Taken circa 1916 - 1918 about one mile north of Manotick Station. Robert Redmond was the section foreman. 
David Nolan

RR Station at Manotick Station, Ontario, Canada  Pat Conlin, Robert Redmond and Paddy Conners, Manotick Station, c. 1916
February 24, 2009:

I am following the Conlon family history and stop at Patrick and Anne Conlon in Metcalfe 
who are the parents of your Thomas and his brother John, my grandfather.  Both married 
Calabogie area wives.  Do you have anything earlier?  
Thank you

Good afternoon, Mr. Conlon:
Thanks for your e-mail regarding your Conlon ancestors in the Ottawa, Canada area.
Here is a record from Notre Dame Cathedral in downtown Ottawa:
(Source for the following records is the Drouin collection at
25 Mar 1843
Baptism of Ann, born 28 January of the marriage of John Conlon and Mary Lowvan (Rowan?) of Osgoode Township
Godparents: Darby Rooney & Ellen McDermott 

Before about 1848 when St. Mary's church, (now called Our Lady of the Visitation), at 
South Gloucester was built, priests would often travel out from downtown for marriages, 
baptisms and funerals. 

Here's another one, probably yours: 

16 Jun 1844
Baptism of Eleanora, born 1 June of the marriage of Peter Logan (Hogan?) and Margaret 
Conlon of Osgoode
Godparents: Alexander Thompson & Eleanor Casserly


16 Jun 1844
Baptism of John, born 27 March, son of John Conlon and Mary Laven (Slaven or Rowan?) 
of Osgoode
John Keinan / Keenan? & Catherine Lenihan 

10 Nov 1845
Baptism of William, son of William Fitzsimmons (from County Armagh) and Elizabeth 
Fitzsimmons (nee Lawson or Dawson?)
John & Catherine Cunningham (see next) 

Nov 1845
Baptism of James, son of William Fitzsimmons and Elizabeth Fitzsimmons

Patrick Dunn & Catherine Conlon (see previous) 

1 Jan 1846
Baptism of Patrick, son of Patrick Britt and Anastasia Brine / O'Brien?
Patrick Brady & Mary Conlon 

24 Sep 1846
Baptism of Margaret, born the 15th at Gloucester, daughter of Matthew Power and Mary Power
John Doyle & Nancy Conlon 

There are more. These families were all related to each other in the 1800's and we have 
web pages for most of the families. 

I don't seem to have a web page specific to the Conlon family in Osgoode. Is it OK with 
you if I start a new page for them, based on your e-mail? Please let me know. 

... Al Lewis

Thank you for responding.

It was James Conlon who married Bridget Quilty.

I have a mixed bag file of everything and a good idea from early Census data that Patrick 
Conlon and Ann(e) Conlon (Corrigan) claim to be from Ireland but all children born in 
Canada which would place them here in 1870's or earlier as children.  On the Old Gloucester 
or Osgoode Map it is spelled P. Conlan near Metcalfe but fits very well.  The Rowan family 
features as godparents and such so they were close friends or related and lived close.  
Sister of James and John, Bridget, married a Michael Rowan.  Also it is spelled as Condlan.  

Yes start a page.
The Calabogie connection is Craig.  There is a good line on them from William (I have a 
picture) Craig.  My G. mother Ethel Swan Conlon (Craig) connects to the Swans as well. Can 
you accept a big messy poorly edited file? 
... Ron

February 26, 2009: Thanks to Sue for her quick reply: Hi Al; Here are a few dribs and drabs I've found re this family: 1881 Osgoode, Russell, Ont census Patrick CONLON, 50, born Ireland, farmer Ann, 44, born Ireland Bridget, 20, born Ontario Catherine 18, born Ontario William, 16, born Ontario Mary, 14, born Ontario James, 12, born Ontario Patrick, 10, born Ontario John, 5, born Ontario Maggie, 3, born Ontario __________________ 1891 Osgoode, Russell, Ont census Patrick, 55 Ann, 53 Bridget, 28 Mary, 24 James, 20 Patrick, 18 John, 12 Margaret, 14 Francis, J., 2 (son) __________________ 1901 Osgoode, Russell, Ont census Patrick, born 10 May 1832, widower, emigrated to Canada in 1850 (could be 1860, but looks like 1850) __________________ Ann Corrigan Conlon (registered as Ann Colin, informant was son James Conlon), of lot 3 concession 8, died 28 Oct 1899 at age 65 Patrick Conlon (informant was son John Conlon) of lot 3 concession 8, died 17 May 1911 and says he was born 1832 in Ireland. _________________ The following marriages of the children of Patrick and Ann were found (plus one death). NOTE the differing places of birth given by some of the children. Bridget - no records found for her after the 1881 census Catherine, born Osgoode, married 1886 John Keeney William, born Metcalfe, married 1889 Ellen Corcoran Mary, died unmarried 10 Jan 1935 (in 1901 census she was listed as being born 18 Aug 1874 (aged 14 in 1881 census) James, born Richmond, married 1908 Bridget Quilty Patrick, born Osgoode, married 1904, Lillian Morin / Moran John, married 1910, Ethel Craig, born 18 June 1878 in 1901 census (aged 5 1in 881 census) Maggie, no sign of her after the 1901 Osgoode census where she says she was born 6 July 1880 (aged 3 in 1881 census) Francis J., no sign of him after 1891 census and presume he died before 1901. _________________________ Unfortunately, the 1851/52 census for Osgoode no longer exists, so cannot verify if Patrick was in it. No mention anywhere of a son named Thomas (no birth, marriage, death or census which links him to a Patrick Conlon and Ann Corrigan). _______________________ Patrick Conlon is also in the 1871 Osgoode, Russell census, aged 38, born Ireland. He has been transcribed as Patrick CANLON. (Division 3, Page 28). If someone can look up the full census of this one, you will probably verify if there was a child named Thomas born to this couple. Hope this helps out a bit, ... Sue
February 27, 2009: Thank you Sue and Al: I will send my big file with some pictures. It is messy and a Word file following my progress. I mixed up names and Thomas was wrong. It was James who married Briget Quilty and connects the Conlons to Calabogie, ON with John as a witness. Also John married Ethel Craig from there and there is good info on that family as you will see. Spellings vary from Conlan to Condlan. My dad said Craig (likely Adam) was a cook on the old K&P railroad. I think the religions were different at some point and separate churches for the adults but kids and mother were RC. Dad summered in Calabogie by the lake. I ran a Carleton field camp there and met his cousin, Mary. So I know and love the area. Both Keaney's (Keeney) (my dad called them like Kenny) died leaving two young boys and the Conlon's raised them. Edmond was always my Dad's childhood friend. I will send the Craigs separately. Cheers ... Ron __________________________ #002001-89 (Carleton Co): William CONLON, 28, farmer, Metcalfe, same, s/o Patrick CONLON & Ann CORRIGAN, married Ellen CORCORAN, 26, Metcalfe, same, d/o Thomas CORCORAN & Honora DUFFY, witn: James CORCORAN & Bridget CONLON, 19 Nov 1889 at South Gloucester (Rom Cath) 19292-10 (Renfrew Co) John CONLON, 32, farmer, not given, Metcalfe, s/o Patrick CONLON, farmer & Ann CORRIGAN married Ethel CRAIG, 19, school teacher, not given, Calabogie, d/o Adam CRAIG, cook & Bridget LEE, witn: Edmund KENNY of Metcalfe & Edna CRAIG of Brightside, 23 Nov 1910, Calabogie #002001-89 (Carleton Co): William CONLON, 28, farmer, Metcalfe, same, s/o Patrick CONLON & Ann CORRIGAN, married Ellen CORCORAN, 26, Metcalfe, same, d/o Thomas CORCORAN & Honora DUFFY, witn: James CORCORAN & Bridget CONLON, 19 Nov 1889 at South Gloucester (Rom Cath) 17172-08 James CONLON, 37, farmer, Richmond, Richmond, s/o Patrick CONLON & Ann CORRIGAN married Bridget QUILTY, 24, domestic, Admaston, Admaston, d/o John QUILTY & Mary WINDLE / WINGLE, witn: John CONLON of Ottawa & Margaret QUILTY of Admaston, 5 May 1908, Mount St. Patrick ________________________________ Hi Al ,Sue ,& Ron, 30-35 years ago researching my mother side. the name Corrigan & Carrigan, and, Conlin & Conlan, , was confusing and as usual I found they were one and the same . ?? Tombstone in St. Catherine Cemetery (Metcalfe, Ontario, Canada) reads in memory of Anne Corrigan beloved wife of Patrick Conlin , died Oct 28 1899, age 69 years, Patrick died May 7 1911 , presumed to be a daughter " Mary, Conlin died Jan.10 1931 Age unknown . Another tombstone reads , ONOUGH Conlin age- born 1931- 1935 daughter of John and Ethel Conlin Another stone reads John Conlin age 49 years - died Jan,2 1861 his wife Mary Laven age 70 years may 19 1884. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Our LADY of the Visitation Cemetery tombstone reads William A Conlon died Sept 26 1936 age 65. his son Angus Ambrose died Sept.5 1898 age 1 year 11 months Ellen Cochrane wife of William Conlon died April 25 1947 age 80 years another tombstone reads ,in loving memory of Bridget Conlon wife of Michael Rowan died March 1st 1916 age 55 years another stone John Kenney (Kenny?) died nov 8 1892 age 39 years his wife Catherine Conlon died Oct .5 1893 age 31 years Patrick Conlon, reads 1872- 1951 his wife Lillian Morin 1881- 1950 1901 census of Osgoode William Conlon, born April 22, 1867 age 37 years, his wife His wife ELLEN born , April 17 1865, age 35 years, Patrick conlon born June 7 ,1871 age 29 years ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ CONLIN William born MARCH 25 1857 Osgoode farmer age 44 years his wife Sarah born Feb 10 1865 Vankleek Hill age 36 years, Alma born OCT.2 1891 Osgood age 10 Olive born march 20 1893 Osgoode age 9 Bertha born Jan 12 1895 age 6, Sadie born Nov, 22 1898 age 2 Question Could they be cousins, to CONLON above? ... Michael Daley
August 4, 2010: The wife of Patrick Conlon, Anne Corrigan buried in St. Catherine Cemetery Metcalfe ON. I am curious about the connection to Hugh Corrigan and Catherine Mchugh who are buried there as well as her possible parents. Thank you ... Ron ____________________________________________ Thanks, as usual, for Michael Daley's reply: Hi Ron, just a line, John Corrigan married RoseAnn McGuire daughter of Patrick McGuire & MaryAnn Nash ,daughter of Patrick Nash & Margaret Blanchfield [ my g,g,grandparent's ] John Corrigan is the son of Hugh Corrigan & Catherine [McCew] McHugh I stand to be corrected, I presume Anne [ Corrigan ] Conlon, is a daughter of Hugh Corrigan & Catherine McHugh, & sister to John above, If you check Church records, marriage etc, Question, Where do you fit into this vast Corrigan, Nash, McGuire clan etc. ... Michael Daley ____________________________________________ Michael: Thank you for responding. Like myself the connection is still a presumption. I hope to find some better clues. Patrick & Anne Conlon had a big family and farm in Metcalfe. It is all on A son John is my gr-father. His son is John, my dad. I am stalled at Patrick who claims Irish birth (not doubted by me) with no marriage records yet uncovered. I suspect he came to the Ottawa Valley through the USA and may have had some relation to other local Conlons. I was hoping for a clue or two from the Corrigan side. You see that there is a strong Calabogie area connection that might stem through Anne who also claimed Irish birth. Cheers ... Ron
March 9, 2011: Hi to Ron, Al Lewis, Sue and Michael Daley, I read your exchanges regarding Patrick Conlin and Anne Corrigan and reference to John and William. Below is my family through John Conlin and his wife Mary Lavin (b. 1812, 1814, respectively) Their son, James and his wife, along with their son Archibald and his son George, are buried at Springhill Cemetery. Glenn Porteous is the grandson of Archibald through his mother's side of the family. Could it be that your Patrick & John & William could be brothers of my great grandfather James who married Ellen Barbara Long? If so, I recently corresponded with a cousin, Anne Hayes, whose mother's father was William Conlin, brother of my great grandfather James. William married Sarah Hurley. If you think any of the following are related to your families, I would be interested in knowing who and how. I have attached a copy of what I have embedded below (some of us do not like to open attachments). The *, **, ***, show which persons I trace my family back through. Kind regards, ... Carole Conlin Conlin descendants from John Conlin b. 1812, m. Mary Lavin, b. 1814, both Ireland (Records show Conlan, Conlin, and Conlon for this family; they are both protestant and Catholic) *John Conlin, b. 1812, Ireland; m. Apr 18, 1842, Ottawa, to Mary Lavin, b. 1814, Ireland John died in Kenmore Ontario, 12 Jan 1861; Mary died May 2, 1884 in Kenmore, Ont. John received a land grant dated Apr 8, 1853. East l/2 of Lot 32 in the 9th Concession of Osgoode, Township, Carleton County, Ontario. (spelled Conlan and Conlin in the paper). On Sept. 24, 1866 his widow (Mary Conlin (spelled Conlan) sold 100 acres of land in Osgoode Township for $90. It lists all the children as Mary Jane (b. about 1843) (Glenn Porteous notes show family notes shows a daughter “Ann”); may have died young? Thomas Conlin B (b. About 1846) **James Conlin (b. 19 Aug 1847 in Kenmore Ontario) died April 1941 in Metcalfe, Ont. James married Ellen Barbara Long, b. March 1849 in Russell county, Ont. D. 1928 in Metcalfe, Osgoode Twp, M. August 29, 1871 in Embrun, Ontario Patrick Conlin (b. about 1854) William Conlin (b. 25 March 1857 in Osgoode Township, Ontario). **James Conlin & Ellen B. Long had the following children: Arthur Conlin (no info) John Robert Conlin b. 13 Dec 1873 in Kenmore, Ont. Lillian Conlin b. About 1874 Archibald Conlin b. 3 June 1875 in Kenmore, Ont. James Conlin b. About 1876 *** Frederick Conlin b. About 1879, Ottawa, m. Margaret McBain (He is RC, she Presbyterian and They marry in an RC Church and are buried at Notre Dame Cemetery, Ottawa) Jessie Conlin (female) b. about 1881 ***Frederick & Margaret had he following children John Archie Conlin James Conlin ****Donald Joseph Conlin b. Mar 9, 1910; m. Charlotte E. Wright b. Aug 1, 1916 (he was RC; she was Presbyterian; children raised RC though some do not have this religion now) Kenneth Conlin Mary Conlin (m. late in life, Dolan, no children) Jean Conlin (m. Grommol; died young, one child, Eileen) Alex Conlin (d. Victoria, BC. Jan 1, 2009) Donald & Charlotte Conlin are my parents & that is how I trace my family back. A cousin who may now be deceased, Glen Porteous (his mother was one of Archibald Conlin’s children so his grandfather and my grandfather were brothers) has information about your family at By changing the page number from 1284 to say 528 on the internet browser, you find other details of the family. This page 1284 shows: William Conlin B 25 Mar 1857, d. 5 Sept. 33, son on John Conlin & Mary Lavin Married Sarah Hurley b. 25 March 1865, m. 25 Sept. 1889. Their Children: Alma b. 2 Oct 1891 Olive b. 20 Mar 1893 Bertha b. 12 Jan 1895 Sadie b. 25 Nov 1898 ... Carole __________________________________ Carole: Nice to hear from you. My Patrick in Metcalfe seems to have settled on the Conlon spelling at by the time his children were born. Any connection with local Ottawa Conlon's is still a guess but possible. The Irish often seemed to get angry at relatives and break off friendships. You say Springhill Cemetery in Embrum (see below, from Michael Daley), and there is a Springhill (Springtown?) Cemetery near Calabogie ON with some of my Craig relatives. Spellings sometimes changed according to religious beliefs. I look for common first names, who were godparents and best man, close headstones and homesteads to try to connect. I also played with the Lavin name as Laverne or the like. Conlon farm was lot 3 concession 8 near Metcalfe ON. Ron ___________________________________

Hi all . for your info ,Springhill cemetery is situated on old HIGHWAY 31, NOW CALLED BANK STREET,IN THE FORMER OSGOODE TOWNSHIP , NOTE., GLEN PORTEOUS OF WHICH YOU WRITE, BORN ,MARCH 28 1950. DIED JANUARY 27 2009, IN OSGOODE ,. HIS MOTHER LAURA [ CONLON] PORTEOUS BORN NOVEMBER 10 ,1920 .RUSSELL ,DIED JANUARY 17 2010, IN OTTAWA ,INTERMENT.ELMVIEW CEMETERY , MICHAEL DALEY ____________________________________ Thank you Michael. The quest continues. I tripped over this and it is a slice of life in 1908 on page 548 on the Dominion Police Force for whom my g-father worked at the printing office. I found it fascinating. Cheers Ron
March 15, 2011: Thanks to Taylor Kennedy for the following: Ottawa Citizen - 26 September 1936 LATE WILLIAM A CONLON William A. Conlon, former farmer in Osgoode Township and resident in the Capital for the last six years, died at a local hospital this morning. He was in his 66th year. Born in Osgoode Township, he was the son of the later Patrick Conlon and Ann Corrigan, early settlers in the district. He had farmed in the district up until six years ago, when his advanced age forced him into retirement. Mr. Conlon attended the Blessed Sacrament Church (Fourth Avenue in the Glebe). He is survived by his widow, the former Ellen Corcoran, three brothers, James and John Conlon of Ottawa, and Patrick Conlon of Osgoode and one sister, Mrs. Hugh Wellington of Ottawa. The funeral will be held from the Brady & Harris Funeral Home, 375 Lisgar Street, on Monday morning at 7:40 o'clock to the Blessed Sacrament Church for requiem high mass at 8 o'clock. Interment will be in the South Gloucester Catholic Cemetery. Ottawa Citizen - 30 September 1959 John Conlon - picture in paper MAN DIES AFTER 2 CAR CRASH HERE John Conlon of 224 Somerset Street east died in hospital Tuesday morning from head injuries received in a two car collision the night before. He was 82. Native of Metcalfe, Mr. Conlon was with the Dominion Police, and for 37 years with the Department of Public Printing until retiring in 1945. He attended Canadian Martyrs Church, and was a member of the Association of Mary Immaculate, League of the Sacred Heart and The Holy Name Society. He was the son of the late Patrick Conlon and Ann Corrigan. His wife the former Mary Ethel Craig whom he married in 1910, died in 1952. He leaves five sons, John of Ottawa, Major Cleve of the GGFG (Governor General's Foot Guards) of Toronto, Rev. Lawrence Conlon, OMI, of Ottawa, Edmond (Ked) of Ottawa, Ross of Ottawa; five daughters Miss Dorothy of Ottawa, Mrs. A (Genevieve) Martin of Cornwall, Mrs. J.K. (Kathleen) Norton of Ottawa, Mrs. W.D. (Carmel) Regan of Garson and Mrs. F. (Carol) Rees of Aylmer; one sister Mrs. Hugh Wellington, of Ottawa; 30 grandchildren. The funeral will leave McEvoy Brothers Funeral Home Friday to Canadian Martyrs Church where Father Conlon will celebrate mass at 10 o'clock. Burial will be in Notre Dame Cemetery. Deaths (04/04/10) CONLON O.M.I. - Lawrence Joseph On Saturday, April 3rd, 2010 at Springhurst Residence, Father Lawrence Conlon, age 87, died peacefully. He was the son of the late John and Ethel Conlon. He is survived by his brother Cleve and his sister Carol Rees. He was predeceased by brothers John, Ked, Ross and by sisters Dorothy, Genevieve Martin, Kathleen Norton, Carmel Regan and Onough. Laurie entered the Oblate Novitiate in Orleans in 1941 and pronounced his final vows in 1945. He was ordained a priest June 26, 1949 and served in St. Joseph's Parish in Ottawa from 1949 to 1954. He obtained his PhD from the Angelicum in Rome in 1959. He subsequently served at Holy Rosary Scholasticate, St. Joseph's Parish, St. Lawrence in Halifax, Vicar General of the Ottawa Archdiocese, Our Lady in Labrador City, Mount St. Joseph in Peterborough, Canadian Martyrs Parish in Ottawa, Galilee Centre in Arnprior, Scannell House in Ottawa. He retired to Springhurst Residence in 2003. At Father Lawrence Conlon's request there will be visitation at Canadian Martyrs Church on Tuesday, April 6th from 3 to 5 p.m. and 7 to 9 p.m. A Vigil Service will be held at 7 p.m. Funeral Mass will be Celebrated at 11 a.m. Wednesday, April 7, 2010 at Canadian Martyrs Church, 100 Main St., Ottawa. Interment St. Catherine's Parish Cemetery, Metcalfe, Ontario. Deaths (08/29/02) NORTON, Kathleen (nee Conlon) Peacefully at the West End Villa on Wednesday August 28, 2002. Kathleen Mary Conlon widow of the late Kenneth Norton. Dear sister of Carmel (Mrs William Regan), John (Margaret), Cleve (Betty), Reverend Father Laurie Conlon O.M.I., Carol Rees (Frank) and predeceased by Dorothy, Genevieve Martin, Edmund Patrick (Winnifred), Ross (Doreen) and Onough. Friends may assemble for a Funeral Mass on Saturday at 10:00 a.m. in Holy Canadian Martyrs Church (100 Main Street) followed by cremation. Interment Notre Dame Cemetery at a later date. Funeral arrangements entrusted to McEvoy-Shields Funeral Home 232-5337. Deaths (08/24/03) HAY, Bessie (Betty) Eileen Peacefully on Friday, August 22, 2003, Bessie (Betty) E. (Goodfellow) of Russell in her 86th year. Beloved wife of the late Lloyd George Hay and dear companion of Cleve William Conlon. Loving mother of Suzanne (Dean Wasmund) of Russell and Virginia MacDonald (Bevis Tufts) of Perth. Much loved grandmother of Andrew and Ashley Wasmund of Russell and Marilee MacDonald of Calgary, and Jonathon MacDonald of Perth. Twin sister of Leona (Jack Rubin) of Portland, Oregon. Predeceased by sisters Pearl Morrow, Evelyn Scott and Myrtle Roberts and by brothers Milton, Griffith and John Goodfellow. Family and friends are invited to pay their respects at the Duncan Funeral Home, Chapel and Reception Centre, 6971 Bank Street, (formerly Highway 31, between Scrivens Drive and Metcalfe Corner) from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. Monday. Funeral Tuesday to Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Bearbrook, Ontario for service at 11 a.m. Interment Parish Cemetery. Donations to the Alzheimer's Society of Ottawa Carleton, 1750 Russell Road, Ottawa, Ontario K1G 5Z6 would be most appreciated. PROPERTY FOR SALE Ottawa Citizen - 21 February 1945 FARM - 100 acres, 95 acres tilled; 5 acres bush and pasture. Running water, 2 good wells, conveniently situated, winter roads plowed, well built. West ½ Lot 1, Concession 7, Township of Osgoode. Patrick Conlon, Billings Bridge, Ont., R.R. 1 __________________________________ Hi Al , Taylor has come up with a wealth of info , I always knew of the Conlons ,etc & Olive O'Brien that married Norman Rowan, she played the Organ at our Lady of the Visitation the day of my mother & Dads wedding, we always called her family. the Johnston Corner's O'Brien. but they were related to our Osgoode O'Brien's. We are keeping fair ,for an old couple ,and a "Happy St. Patrick's day" , to you all, Michael Daley
New July 19,2012:
Tombstone for Patrick Conlon and Lillian Morin
at Our Lady of the Visitation Church
South Gloucester, Ontario, Canada
Tombstone for Patrick Conlon, South Gloucester, Ontario, Canada

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