Robert Moir COCHRANE
A British Home Child from Glasgow, Scotland to Eastern Ontario, Canada

New November 12, 2013:

My grandfather was a British Home Child. He left Glasgow in March  1892 on the Buenos Ayrean and arrived in Halifax 
on April 5, 1892. His destination was Brockville. He was a Quarrier child. He was taken in by a family 
in the Ottawa Valley but I do not have their name. My grandfather’s name was Robert Moir Cochrane. 
He was 7 years old.


Yes you may add my email to your webpage. My grandfather grew up in the Ottawa Valley as far as I know 
but at some time he lived in the Stratford, Ontario area and eventually Mimico which is a suburb 
of Toronto. My mother was raised in Mimico. When he retired he moved to the Guelph area. My mother 
remembered meeting his farm family but she has dementia now and can't recall their name. My 
grandfather had an older brother, James Mackie Cochrane who eventually settled near Ottawa. 

Thank you for the census site (1901 and 1911) and I will certainly look into it. Good luck with your search also.

Keatha Bartlett

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