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March 13, 2002:
Lookup requested re: marriages in Huntley 1837+
Hi Al, 

I just got a link to your info from a helpful person on a rootsweb mailing list. 

This contains two marriages I would dearly love details on, if you are still 
offering lookups. 

1. Clyne, Louis married Margaret McDonald 8/5/1895 
2. Pinnett, Louis married Hannah McDonald 7/5/1892 
(Note: The two McDonald brides were sisters ... Al)

I am 100% sure the first couple are my direct ancestors. I am 80% sure the second groom 
is a descendent of another direct ancestor, Louis Pennett (the name was usually 
misspelled since it was very unusual). 

This would be terribly useful if you could provide me with the content and source 
of these two marriage records. 

Thanks so much, 

Hi Sarah:
Here are the records you asked for. There may be earlier records for these 
families at St. John the Evangelist in Perth and/or Notre Dame in Ottawa.
Maher, Daniel Benedict son of Maher, Daniel and McDonald, Ellen Theresa 
was born on 9/16/1911  
Witnesses were: Hunt, Peter & Clyne, Mrs. Denis (Margaret McDonald) (Denis could 
be Louis, hard to read)
Clyne, Louis son of Clyne, Edward and Penette, Catherine of Perth  
married 8/5/1895 
McDonald, Margaret daughter of McDonald, Alexander & Grace, Margaret (dec) 
Witnesses: Clyne, James & McDonald, Ellen 
Pinnett, Louis son of Pinnett, James and Murphy, Mary of Perth 
married 7/5/1892 
McDonald, Hannah daughter of McDonald, Alexander & Grace, Margaret 
no witnesses given 
Other children of Alexander McDonald (also sp. McDonnell) and Margaret Grace are listed. 
These records are from St. Michael's Church, village of Corkery, Township of Huntley, 
County of Carleton.
... Al Lewis
August 26, 2005: Hi I don't know if you're still on the lookout for info but Louis Pennett was my great great grandfather (I hope I've enough greats). ... Mary Jane ______________________ Hello Mary Jane and Sarah: Thanks, Mary Jane, for your e-mail. Here's another record, this one from Notre Dame in downtown Ottawa, which may relate to your ancestors: 16 Jul 1854 After dispensing with banns, marriage of Michael O'Boyle living in Bytown, adult son of the late Thomas O'Boyle and Mary Clyne, to Anastasia Grace living in Bytown, minor daughter of Pierce Grace and Julia Regan (born Newfoundland in 1833) Witnesses: Father of the bride, Mary Grace & Cornelius Morier (Maher?) Source: Ellen Paul (The village of Gracefield, just north of Ottawa, was named after the Grace family who came from Gracefield, County Kilkenny, Ireland. Pierce is a common first name in this specific locality in Ireland.) Do you mind if I add your e-mail to the web page on my site (www.bytown.net/clyne.htm) for other researchers? Please let me know. ... Al Lewis _____________________ I find Louis Pennett fascinating and Id love to hear from anyone who might be able to fill in the gaps! thanks ... Mary Jane ____________________ and more from Sarah: Hello, Yes, Mary Jane, I am also descended from Louis Pennett of Perth, ON. I have been working on my family history for many years, but right now I am taking a break from it due to time constraints. Here is a quick summary of what I know: My great-great grandmother was Catherine Pennett, daughter of Louis Pennett and Catherine Freeman. She married Edmund Clyne, also of Perth, son of Pierre Klein and Marie-Josephte Curonne dit St. Pierre. Louis Pennett and Pierre Klein (later went by Peter Clyne), who settled in Perth at the same time (abt. 1819) were European soldiers from the so-called "Swiss" deMeuron regiment (mostly Swiss, German, French, Belgian) who served together fighting for the British Army in the War of 1812. They were mostly stationed in Quebec. They were granted their Perth land upon being released from the service. Edward and Catherine's son married a woman from Huntley Twp area, and raised their family in Ottawa; their descendants mostly live there still. There are also still many Pennetts and Clynes in the Perth area; there was even a Clyne family reunion there a couple years ago. Al, I wouldn't mind if you posted my email, except that as I said, right now I have put away all my research for a little while in order to focus on more pressing tasks. When I get back into it, I will contact you, and then you could list me. Mary Jane, let me know if you have anything to add to what I know, or if you have any questions I could help with...how are you and I related, then? Thanks for your emails, ... Sarah Clyne-Sanchez
August 31, 2005: Hello, I was in Perth this week and was able to take some pictures at St John's Cemetery. See below. I would love any additional information these 2 ladies may have on the Clyne's, Grace's and O'Boyle lines. I am still trying to relate my O'Boyle's in to this line. I have been working with a lady in Utah who is related to the Grace line. This family has become a 4 year brick wall to us. Any and all information would be wonderful. ... Anne-Marie Ibell Descendants of Thomas O'Boyle (See the O'Boyle page) Generation No. 1 1. THOMAS O'BOYLE He married MARY CLYNE (SABINA?). Children of THOMAS O'BOYLE and MARY (SABINA?) are: 2. i. JOHN2 O'BOYLE, b. 1811; d. October 09, 1865, Osgoode, Ontario, Canada @54 Yrs Old. ii. REV. THOMAS O'BOYLE, b. May 29, 1820, County Mayo, Ireland; d. January 07, 1866, Osgoode, Ontario, Canada. 3. iii. MICHAEL O'BOYLE, b. 1834, County Mayo, Ireland; d. October 23, 1889. Generation No. 2 2. JOHN2 O'BOYLE (THOMAS1) was born 1811, and died October 09, 1865 in Osgoode, Ontario, Canada @54 Yrs Old. He married JULIA MCGREGOR November 21, 1854 in St Luc, Curran, Ontario, daughter of DUNCAN MCGREGOR and CATHERINE FRAZER. She was born 1828. Children of JOHN O'BOYLE and JULIA MCGREGOR are: i. THOMAS3 O'BOYLE, b. August 27, 1855; d. September 07, 1855, St John's Church Cemetery, Osgoode, Ontario, Canada. 4. ii. MARY O'BOYLE, b. 1858, Osgoode, Ontario, Canada; d. Montreal, Quebec, Canada. iii. JOHN RICHARD O'BOYLE, b. May 27, 1865, Osgoode, Ontario, Canada. 3. MICHAEL O'BOYLE (THOMAS1) was born 1834 in County Mayo, Ireland, and died October 23, 1889. He married ANASTASIA GRACE July 16, 1854 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, daughter of PIERCE GRACE and JULIA REGAN. She was born October 19, 1833 in St John's, Newfoundland, Canada, and died May 21, 1911. Child of MICHAEL O'BOYLE and ANASTASIA GRACE is: i. JULIA ANASTASIA GRACE3 O'BOYLE, b. July 21, 1856; d. November 25, 1920, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. ... Anne-Marie Ibell
Here are just two of Anne-Marie's photos:
also surnames McKittrick and Reynolds

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