William CLEGG and Catharine McDUFF
also Jane CLEGG and Louis M. COUTLEE
and James BEATTY (Toronto)

Hi Al:  Just a bit of an update on my earlier query.  I have found some
Coutlee's to correspond with in Quebec and it looks like I'm getting
very warm to filling in a few more generations back.  One correction to
my earlier note to you is that Louis M. Coutlee was sherrif of Ottawa
(not Aylmer, Que.), as was his father, Capt. Louis-Pierre Coutlee.

Still can't find more detail on Wm. Clegg.  However, during my internet
searches, I have found on the Rideau Canal Waterway site, a Wm. Clegg
who did a lovely watercolour of Jones Falls in 1843.

Regards,  Julia Cameron

Don't know if you have a forum at all but I'm trying to fill in some blanks and thought you might like to add some names to your files. Attached are 2 pictures (the one with the hat is Catharine McDuff - the other one, Jane Clegg). Catharine died in Ottawa in 1859 and was married to William Clegg, born Ireland, March 16, 1706. They had 4 children -- one of which was my gggrandmother - Jane Clegg who died in Ottawa area October 9, 1902. She was married to Louis M. Coutlee, Sherrif of Aylmer (no dates). They also had 4 children as far as I know. Branches of both sides of my Grandmother's family mostly all in the Ottawa area. Julia Cameron, Ontario

Hello, My name is Grace Coutlee, My fathers name is Clement Lawrence and his brother is Alexis Cyril Coutlee. Their Fathers name is Ezra D Coutlee ,and his wife is Josephine D Bissonette. Died 1918 and 1919, buried in Morrisburg Ont. St. Marys Cementary. This all I have on my Grandparents. Hoping you might have something. Grace

February 6, 2002 Hi Julia.Just thought I would check to see if you found anything on the Coutlees. I have found some on my side but not much.I received a E-Mail form Betty Evans but the .info was on your side .Louis Coutlee married Marie Genevieve LaBossee in Montreal in 1741.their 6th child was Louis Coutlee (1750-1814)who married Elizabeth Leduc(1759-1837) in Cedars Quebec in 1778.Louis and Elizabeth had a child who was Lt.Col.Louis Pierre Coutlee(1780-1867) I am not very good a typing out things,so if you dont have this , I can send it to you. Thanks for any help .I think I might send this to you anyway. Grace
February 26, 2002: Hello Grace, Julia & Cameron, Your inquiry about Charles Coutlee's grandfather, Louis William Coutlee, Lt. Col. Coutlee (artillery), clerk of the supreme court, who fought in the Fenian Raids and the Reil Rebellion was the son of William T. Clegg, born in Lisburne, Ireland. William, my dad's great great grandfather, was Clerk of Works under Col. By (who built the Rideau Canel). Dad has much more information on the Coutlee's which you may be interested in. Please email Dad at this address if you wish to learn more. Dad would love to also learn more, if you have any pertinent information. Jennifer Coutlee
August 12, 2002: My own line is slightly different.... Francois Coutelet m Marie Rene Boursier August 10, 1696, Vitry-sur-Seine, France his son was the first in Canada.... 1. Louis Marcheterre Coutelet m Marie-Genevieve Labrosse (Labossee) September 03, 1742, Montreal, Quebec 2. Louis (dit Marcheterre) m Marie-Elizabeth Louise Leduc sometime after Jan 10, 1778 3. Their son, Louis Pierre Coutlee m Marie Rose (dit Lanoux) Watier Nov 12, 1810 in Les Cedres, Soulanges, Qc 4. Louis Pierre & M. Rose's son, Dominique Amable Coutlee (Member of Canadian Parliament for Soulanges before & after Confederation 1867) m Henriette Marie Chenier on Jan 22, 1844 in Les Cedres, Soulanges, Qc 5. Dominique Amable's son, David Dominique Coutlee m Maximilienne Fortier on July 11, 1870 in St. Clet, Quebec 6. Their daughter, Marie-Henriette Clara Coutlee was my great-grandmother I am very interested in this family - it appears to be one of the smaller of the Quebec Families and with one "uncle" going to the BC area generations ago, has spread out mainly over the Western States. My line mostly remained in Quebec and some are still around (or back in) Les Cedres!! Thank you Mary Ann E-Mail: auntiquema@hotmail.com ===================== also added to web site on August 12, 2002: My grandfather, Lt. Col. Louis William Coutlee (artillery) was a law reporter for the Supreme Court of Canada who fought in the Fenian Raids and the Reil Rebellion. He was the son-in-law of William T. Clegg, born in Lisbourne, Ireland. William Thompson Clegg, my great grandfather was Clerk of Cheque under Col. By (who built the Rideau Canal) and was the father of Jane Maria Clegg, married to Sheriff Louis Maurille Coutlee, my great grandfather and father of Lt. Louis Wm Coutlee. Note to Al Lewis re: your e-mail to Mary Ann of Aug. 02, 02. Coutlee is of French origin and was spelled Coutlee, Coutelet, Coutele, Coutlie, Coutlée, and Coutelais to name a few. The first Coutlee ( Louis Coutelet ou (or) Coutlée - born May 24, 1714 in St.-Germain de Vitry and married Marie Genevieve Labosseé in Montreal, Sept. 03, 1742) came to Canada from Vitry, France. 'Vitry' was the name my great grandfather, Sheriff Coutlee, gave his house on the Aylmer Rd. near Aylmer Quebec. Charles Martin Coutlee
October 5, 2002: Hello , My name is Blanchard Coutlee. I was just looking for where my last name originated. My grand father's name was Joseph Jesse Coutlee. Our family was one of the pioneering families in Merritt B.C.
December 8, 2002: Hi Al -- we've exchanged before (McDuff & Clegg). Can't seem to open your Byrne pages. However, just in case you might have something that fits here..... here it is..... An Elizabeth BYRNE (no dates) married a James MCKOWEN (no dates, born Dublin, Ireland). Their daughter, Anne McKowen (b.abt.1806, d.May 8, 1879, Toronto) married my G.G.Grandfather, James Beatty in Toronto, 1832(?). James was born in Ireland about 1792 and died (merchant) in Toronto in 1865. Of course I have much more as the Beatty's established themselves in the early history of Toronto, but this might be enough to see if Elizabeth BYRNE fits anywhere in your data. Since our last exchange, I've accomplished some, but don't seem to have much time to spend on this. Still working for a living!!!! Cheers! Julia Cameron P.S. I have received another picture to add to the McDuff and Clegg ones which I believe you posted. You might remember they were mother and daughter. I now have a picture of Jane Clegg's daughter, Gertrude Barbara (my G.Grandmother) Coutlee, kindly semt to me by Charles Martin Coutlee. With the lovely older pictures I have of my grandmother Breymann Malloch (Gertrude's daughter), my mother, myself, my daughter and her daughters -- I have a running photograph gallery of 8 generations of women - not bad.... eh!
also posted on December 8, 2002: Clegg Street in Ottawa East (formerly called Archville) runs from Main Street to the Rideau Canal. William Clegg Jr. was a lawyer. He lived briefly on land on Richmond Road (bought from James Skead). This was an era when many gentlemen from Ottawa were moving to small country estates in the "West end". Others included Stent and Laver, architects of the West Block and many other buildings, Thomas Fuller who designed and built the Parliamentary Library, W.F. Powell, William Hamilton and John Heney. See map on page 110 of Nepean: The City Beyond by Bruce Elliott.
August 4, 2006: Hello everyone, my name is Ian Furst and my great-great grandmother was Gertrude Barbara Coutlee. I'm trying to straigten out the lineage before her. Can anyone help me? I understand her parents were Louis Maurille Coutlee and Jane Maria Clegg I know Louis's father was Louis-Pierre but I know nothing else and I understnad this side of the family has quite a rich history. Jane Maria's parents were William Clegg and Catharine McDuff but I know nothing else. Any help is appreciated. I'm using Family Tree Maker if that helps. ... Thanks, Ian. PS If anyone is researching the Malloch lineage I've got most of that.
Here is a picture of Gertrude. It was handed down from my grandmother (Gertrude was her grandmother). It was labelled on the back and came with a similiar frame with her husband Edward Cruikshank Mallock, MD

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