Village of Clayton, Ramsay Township, Ontario, Canada
History and Genealogy
originally called Bellamy's Mills

New July 31, 2011:
Map Source: McGill University Digital County Atlas Project Lanark County, Ramsay Township Map of Clayton, Ontario, Canada (Bellamy Mills), in 1879
Photography by Lynne Wilson The Dam at Clayton, Ontario, Canada, Clayton Lake / Indian River, Ramsay Township, Ontario Clayton, Ontario, Canada Dam
Some Residents and Businessmen of Clayton in 1879 (Source: McGill University Digital County Atlas Project, Lanark County, Ramsay Township) Banning, Ozias, Postmaster of Clayton for 17 years, born at L'Orginal, Ontario, Bowland, John, Farmer Cleland, John W., Clayton School Teacher, born in Lanarkshire, Scotland Robertson, James, Farmer
Source for text below, Lanark Legacy: Nineteenth Century Glimpses of an Ontario County by Howard Morton Brown, page 127 Clayton, Ontario, Canada
More names for Search Engine: Indian River, Coulter, Edward Bellamy, Augusta, Gemmill, McNeill, Foley, Blair and Hunter (Huntersville), Native Canadians. Bellamy Mills Water Turbine (Clayton) Saw and Grist Mill Plaque at Clayton, Ontario, Canada (Bellamy Mills) Water Turbine at Clayton, Ontario, Canada (Bellamy Mills)

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