County Clare, Ireland - Emigrants to Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec, Canada in the 1800's

New December 19, 2019:

Map Source: This map is a portion of a widely-distributed black and white map showing Ireland in 1848. It appears in many books, for example, The Great Hunger, Ireland, 1845-1849, by Cecil Woodham-Smith, page 13. County Clare has been extracted from the digital version of the main map of Ireland and appears below.
In 1850, the ship Edmund was wrecked on the Duggerna Rocks off County Clare, Ireland. The worst year of the Great Hunger in Ireland was 1847 but some of the large landowners were still clearing out their tenants until the mid-1850's.
The following three men came to Bytown , from County Clare, in 1823 with Peter Robinson. 1. George Dooley 2. Thomas Stevenson 3. Thomas St. Leger (ML# 436) Michael (X) HAGARTY (may be Hegerty) from County Clare, Killaloe, O'Briens Bridge, was in Bytown in 1829. (Source: The McCabe List). His father Dennis with a family, resides at O'Brien's Bridge.

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